Sissy Stories That Will Make You Horny For Sissy Mouth & Delicious Hole

Sissy stories that will make you horny for sissy mouth and delicious hole. Here are quick teasers, I quickly fell on my knees and took the large head of the dildo in my mouth and began to suck… I felt Ramon gently bend me over, apply a sticky goo to my ass and very gently enter me… She scooped up her own precum from her erect sissy cockette and fed that to her lover…

True Story First Crossdressing Experience with my Wife (Sissy Stories)
When I was a young man experimenting I used to love to slip into my moms huge silky panties suspenders and stockings and her multi layered nylon nightie...Part 1

Surprise Encounter with Lady Next Door (Sissy Stories)
I was alone working at home as my wife was at work and sometimes I like to dress in her lingerie as she is same size as me while I work, I was dressed...Part 1Part 2 

A very Humiliating and Degrading Thanksgiving (Sissy Stories)
I’m a 63 year old man who reads this website to jerk myself off. I have a lot of stories that I can put on the website but something happened on thanksgiving...

My Friends Lovely Mom (Sissy Stories)
I have a long friendship with a girl I grew up with but she is older than I but we still hang out now and then and she has a lovely mom who is always fun...Part 1

Tgirl Emily Slut (Sissy Stories)

Getting to Know my Neighbour (Sissy Stories)

Sexy Encounter with a Crossdresser: Part 1, Part 2 (Sissy Stories)

Hooked on Silk Panties (Sissy Stories)
My wife Sandy had a friend named Sue, they got together many times over the years. Sue would hit on me but I just ignored her. Then one day when Sue was...

Encounter on the Farm (Sissy Stories)
Home from college I needed some extra cash so I found a job on a local farm. I stated work initially Saturdays and Sunday mornings to see how I managed...Part 1Part 2Part 3

Humiliation (Sissy Stories)
Being slight in build and quite small I was always worried that I didn't compare to most of my contemporaries. Only 5'7'' blonde hair worn long...

Steered Sissy (Sissy Stories)
My name was John. I am a 28 yr old nerd that had inherited my parents fortune and their home. They lived in a rural area and I being a computer nerd had...

Got Caught in my Mom's Sexy Clothes and Playing with her Dildos (Sissy Stories)
I had been dressing up in my mom's sexy clothes for a long time now and playing with her dildos when I had the house to myself well I got all dressed up...

Joe Blow (Sissy Stories)
I used to work in a print shop in Eden Park Beckenham. I was very pretty at the time, for a man, well I was 18, hardly a man but I looked girly...

Mother In Law Helps While My Wife is Away (Sissy Stories)
Susan and I met during college and quickly fell in love. She being very much like me at 5’ 7” and 165lbs, along with her love of volleyball and swimming...Pt 1Pt 2

New Panties (Sissy Stories)
I'd bought some new pink lacey G-strings online and they'd arrived in the mail today. I tried them on and i looked so cute in front of the mirror...

Nobby (Sissy Stories)
I used to work in a post room in Crutched Friars in London. I was young and looked like a girl. I had longish auburn hair and petite features with a pouty...

My Sister's Husband's Mom (Sissy Stories)
My sister had an accident and was in hospital so I went with her husband to see her, she was not badly injured but needed an operation to repair her injury...Part 1Part 2Part 3

Continuation of Surprise at Grandmas (Sissy Stories)
Further to my surprise at grandmas my stay was extended to finish the rear garden and back yard. After a hard day on the garden, I showered and grandma...

Rerouted Boyfriend (Sissy Stories)
My name was Steve. I am 35. I met and started dating Michelle who is my age. We moved in together and for awhile all was fine. I am shorter than Michelle...

FIL Desired Me (Sissy Stories)
My wife and I live about an hour away from her parents. They are in their late 50s. Her mother is 5'7, about 145, size 10 dress, size 7 panty, size 38D...

My First Encounter with a man who Loves Crossdressers (Sissy Stories)
Joe was on the back Pages. He said he likes men who dress up like girls. I've been dressing in secret for years. Beginning when I was 10 or so...

Encounter at Hotel (Sissy Stories)
I was working away from home for a few weeks in the summer and one evening as I came into the reception area a guy in front dropped a folder he was carrying...

More Than Friends (Sissy Stories)
My best friend Bruce and I (Tony) have been having a gay affair for some time. My wife Beth and I had grown apart and never had sex anymore...

Encounter in the Park with another Man (Sissy Stories)
I was walking to a park I had never seen before and asked a guy that was walking his little dog if I was going the correct way, he asked if I was meeting...

True Story Second Encounter on the Farm (Sissy Stories)
Following my first week at my new summer job I go to sleep at night dreaming of my next time with Albert. The next week we get together some lunch hours...

True Story my First Time with a Man (Sissy Stories)
I needed to find a little job at the weekends and a friend told me the local farm was looking for a young man so I went to see them...

Permanent Stand In (Sissy Stories)
My wife Cindy had gotten tired of me being around constantly. Since being laid off during the pandemic we were on each others nerves. Until one day her...

Exposed as a Sissy by my Wife (Sissy Stories)
I told my wife about my dressing up as a woman while we were still dating. She had me dress up for her & model my outfits, which at that time out numbered...Part 1

Sissy Cherry Popped (Sissy Stories)
For weeks after work I would go home and get dressed up in my girl cloths. I couldn’t wait to put them on and watch sissy hypno porn...

Silky Pink Panties (Sissy Stories)
I was in Chicago for a few days. After cleaning up I went down to the bar to relax. I sat there drinking bourbon, when in came this attractive black woman...

Mom Tied me up with Nylons and Forced me (Sissy Stories)
Mom playing around when we were alone wanted to get a little kinky and use her used nylons to tie me to the bed in some gentle bondage play...

I Left my Sticky Wet Panties for my Horny Son's Pleasure (Sissy Stories)
My handsome son is in his prime. I’ve seen his young virile penis jettisoning ropes of sperm into my expensive victoria's secret panties time after time...

Mom's Little Sissy Mother's Wet Panties and Various Items Got me Hard (Sissy Stories)
I started in earnest going though mom's used panties among other delicious items at 18. I wasn't getting anything from the girls in school and was just...

Mom's Fashion Show Starring Her Pretty "Daughter" (Sissy Stories)
Ever since I was a youngster I had been a mama's boy. Clinging to her nylon clad legs and cuddling with her even when I get older. Mother didn't mind my...

My Mother's Needs are Finally Met (Sissy Stories)
I was a bit of a mama's boy covertly wearing mom's panties and pantyhose. Mom found out quickly and provided me with my own feminine wardrobe...

A Growing Time at Gran's (Sissy Stories)
I don’t remember the specific time I first fell in love with women’s panties but they totally control my life today! Every chance I get I search out a...Pt 1, Pt 2

Trashy Tgirl Samantha (Sissy Stories)
I hadn’t been dressing long but always had the urge to get dolled up in an outfit that consisted of stockings suspenders micro mini skirt bra slutty...

Change of Color (Sissy Stories)
My girlfriend brought an older black man to our apartment one night. I took it he was just a friend. After a couple drinks and some weed he became very...

Crossdressing Memories (Sissy Stories)
Brendan looked down at the eye shadow and makeup he had impulsively bought at the drugstore. He had been divorced for six months now and had been feeling...

Aunty asked me to do her a Favour (Sissy Stories)
I went to stay at my 70-year-old aunties bungalow for a weekend as my wife had gone to Scotland with her job as she likes me to visit. She is a very fit...

Aunty gives me Surprise Present (Sissy Stories)
It has been 3 weeks since my last weekend with my 70 yrs old aunty and I am going to stay bathers again as my wife has gone to Cornwall again...

Late Night Surprise (Sissy Stories)
My wife is out of town for this week. This morning I had nothing on my calendar. So last night I went and shower around 9pm, used my wife's electric razor...

I Told my Mother the Truth (Sissy Stories)
Last night I went out as I normally do on non-working nights, I take some of my mother's clothes with me, she doesn't know I do this. I get dressed up...

Aunty Uses me as Her Mannequin (Sissy Stories)
My old aunt ex seamstress uses me as her mannequin as we are the same size, it started a few months ago as we discovered she loves sex after living in...

Mom is Demented and I like it That Way (Sissy Stories)
Mom has been diagnosed with early onset dementia and is oversexed. Dad left and i have power of attorney over mom's estate. This provides me with...

Mom's Little Sissy Mother Fucker (Sissy Stories)
Mother dresses me up in frilly lingerie for the experience of having incest both dressed like hot lesbians. Long ago I told mom i enjoyed wearing her...

Caught, The Wife Story (Sissy Stories)
One day, just like any other day, I woke up in the mood. I was feeling sexy and in need to feel my legs covered in black nylons while wearing sexy panties...

Father's Choice (Sissy-Stories)
My 60 yr old father (Jack) and I (John) had not gotten along since my mother passed away. He always thought I was too feminine and a mother's boy...

Me and My Sexy Old Grandma (Sissy Stories)
I was at my old grandmas doing some decorating for her she had gone to the mall shopping for the day and I needed some more...

True Story my First Time with an Older Woman with a Difference (Sissy Stories)
Having finally left school I was in my first year as an apprentice and I had an accident at work and was sick for a while luckily it was summer...

Submit Like a Girl (Sissy Stories)
One nice summer day, my BFF and I were sitting around the house when he asked me if I would wanted to get dressed up? It would be fun...

First Time With Another Crossdresser (Sissy Stories)
I have been dressing since I was 14 but never indulged with another guy. One day I was looking at transliving and I came across an ad with a fairly inexperienced...

I was Introduced to Crossdressing (Sissy Stories)
I was at college and need some spare cash and I got chatting to a guy I knew from the pub I said I need a weekend job to earn some money to make life easier...

True Story my 70 yr old Aunty Discovers Sex for the First Time (Sissy Stories)
My dear very smart lean and very fit 70 yrs aunty always to me and in the summer she would be in her garden in the skimpy shorts and her blouse tied up...

Aunty Helped me to Crossdress (Sissy Stories)
It all started when I was 50 and my aunt who is 70 yrs very smart and very fit came to stay a few months after her husband died. My wife was working...

Mom Showed Me How (Sissy Stories)
My girlfriend was very pretty and undeniably not a virgin like me. I hadn't been with a girl before and all I knew was I very much had a naughty fetish...

Sissy Suck (Sissy-Stories)
My wife and I live in a nice house in a rural area. We are in our late 40's. I am Mike a small skinny man and always felt lucky to have found Karen...

I am a Sissy Faggot (Sissy Stories)
I used to dress up like a slut and my girlfriend would lift up my skirt and pull my panties to the side. And fuck me with a strap on dildo all night...

I wish I was a Girl (Sissy Stories)
I met the girl of my dreams and told her that I loved dressing up with full make up and fuck me boots. She was delighted and arranged a hotel room...

I Need Cock (Sissy Stories)
Hi my name's Jeremy. Ever since I was a teen Ive had thoughts of cock. It wasn't until I met my wife that I finally accepted I was at least bi...Continue reading

Downgraded (Sissy Stories)
My sister and her husband were killed in an aircraft accident returning from a vacation. She was 38 and I her brother am 40 years old. My name is Henry...Continue reading

Sissy Pantie Boy (Sissy Stories)
This is a true story, though I would share. I was going to live with my father in Houston. I was 19 very much into porn and smoking weed...Continue reading

Played Out (Sissy Stories)
I had married into money. My wife was beautiful and we lived in a large house in the country. I had never met her parents and they were against our marriage...Continue reading

Best to Just Submit (Sissy Stories)
When younger (in college) my best friend and I lived at opposite ends of our street. We would get into his father’s girly magazines and enjoy reading...Continue reading

Overtaken (Sissy Stories)
My brother in law and his wife had been trying to get their hands on my money for some time. This time their scheme worked. They all knew of my...Continue reading

She Was Soft Spoken (Sissy Stories)
I have been chatting with her for about a year now. She was about 145lbs with short black soft hair. Her breasts are a B cup and she is about...Continue reading

Grandmother's Sissy (Sissy Stories)
I am a life long sissy crossdresser. I had a Grandmother that I loved to visit every chance I got the opportunity. I began crossdressing at the age of...Continue reading

Outcast (Sissy-Stories)
Debbie and I had been dating for several months. We were both in our 20's and from upper middle-class families. Debbie's mother had passed away...Continue reading

Secrets of a Closet CD (Sissy Stories)
I had not dressed for many years, not since we had got married. I had wondered if I had actually grown out of it, but the desires had crept back in...Continue reading

Sissyfag at the Motel (Sissy Stories)
I checked into the motel put some gay shemale porn on the TV and then striped out of my clothes and put my lingerie on. A black push up bra with matching...Continue reading

Dressing With An Old Friend (Sissy Stories)
It was 1970s I was 18 and a bit of a loner. I had tried without success to find a girlfriend but always felt inhibited and awkward around girls...Continue reading

Made Me Do "CRISTAL" Then Turned Me Into A Girly Sissy Slut (Sissy Stories)
I was driving alone one day, and seen this car with its hood up..So I stopped to help...It was over heated...I told the guy if he wanted a ride somewhere...Continue reading

My New Employers (Sissy Stories)
Tired of our boring marriage my wife had started becoming interested in other men. I was short at 5' 7" and only 155 pounds. I was actually a bit smaller...Continue reading

Forced To Be A Girly Slut (Sissy Stories)
I answered an ad for work, this guy was looking for a hand packing his house..So we talked I went and met him the next day.. He was tall African American...Continue reading

Showing My Son About Being A True Mama's Girl (Sissy Stories)
At the start of high school my transitioning from Male to Female started in earnest. My psychiatrist started me on feminine hormones and I began dressing...Continue reading

Caught By My Wife While Sucking Cock And Dressed As A Slut (Sissy Stories)
I had been a life-long crossdresser and had finally given in to the desire to be with other men. I had never been attracted unless I was dressing as a...Continue reading

Maid For Good (Sissy Stories)
My girlfriend Joan has always known of my crossdressing and somewhat lets me dress on occassions. Her girlfriend Darlene also knows I dress but has never...Continue reading

Sordid Affair (Sissy Stories)
My wife was away for the week so I was free to indulge in my secret life. I brought the old suitcase down from the loft and laid out my female clothes...Part 1, Part 2

Taking Her Place (Sissy Stories)
It all started when my best friend Bruce caught me crossdressing. He was married to Tina and we all knew each other. I knew Bruce had a touch of bisexuality...Continue reading

Hot For Teacher (Sissy Stories)
School was a special education. Mommy taught us well. Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise. Home schooling became necessary as the corona virus pandemic...Continue reading

The Power Of Cross Dressing (Sissy Stories)
I started being interested in women's clothes at a very young age, like most cross dressers, I started out slowly with just pantyhose, over time this progressed...Continue reading

Derailed By Mother In Law (Sissy Stories) 
I am on the short side for a 40 year old man. 5'5" and barely 135#. I was always made fun of and people told my wife I looked more like her son...Continue reading

A Sissies Story (Sissy Stories)   
So for this story I'll jump right in after posting a few thing I would enjoy doing on a few adsites I finally got a responds from somebody that didn't...Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

My Best Friends Mom (Sissy Stories)
My best friend lived across the street and we spent the night at each other’s houses. His mom was always wearing a tight one piece swimsuit, they had...Continue reading

Trained Servant (Sissy Stories)
My wife and I were both retired. She still had a nice body and very outgoing. I was slim and actually smaller than my wife. I had always crossdressed...Continue reading

Carol Crossdresser (Sissy Stories)   
I am a closet crossdresser. Whenever I get the chance I love shedding my boring male clothes and slipping into panties and bras. Occasionally my wife...Part 1Part 2

Boy-Girl For A Summer (Sissy Stories)   
It was summer and that morning Ron’s mother was sitting out on the back patio in the shade painting her toenails. Ron walked out in his t-shirt and shorts...Continue reading

From Tight Ass King Of His Castle To His Servant (Sissy Stories)   
Up until about six months ago I would say I was pretty average really good looking sexy average height 5 960 lb closet crossdresser my most proudest and...Continue reading

The Summer Girls (Sissy Stories)   
Barry was very nervous. Just the thought of going out in public dressed as a girl was extraordinary. Dylan seemed much more confident about it...Continue reading

Luscious Lingerie From Mom (Sissy Stories)   
Mmmm. Luscious lingerie from mom. Mother knows exactly the effect smooth silky lingerie has on her sweet boy, her damp panties and pantyhose feft so...Continue reading

Incest Novels (Sissy Stories)   
Mother supplied us with lots of hot incest novels to better entice us into a "let's get mommy" scenario. Her wet panties conveniently strewn about...Continue reading

Girdle Fetish And Nylons (Sissy Stories)   
Mother has a nice selection of luscious lingerie, her little plan is to buy me sexy expensive girdles, nylons and associated silky smooth articles that...Continue reading

Fun Being A Slut At A Card Game (Sissy Stories)   
I have been dressing for many years. One day after work i was horny as hell and had decided to dress up and have some fun. I put my red garter on...Continue reading

Bill Mom's Waiting (Sissy Stories)   
Dear Bill, Mother is dressed to please! She’s wearing your favorite outfit along with those "fuck me" high heels. Her vagina is nice and wet...Continue reading

Sissy Loves Mommy (Sissy Stories)   
Darlings are inevitably mother's pride and joy. They need their mom's luscious breasts. Mom's need their babies lips. The instinct never...Continue reading

Miss Alice's Lingerie Shop (Sissy Stories)   
It's difficult to know where my story really begins. It was back in the mid 1960's when I became aware of my, shall we say, penchant for ladies underwear...Part 1

My Summer As A Girl (Sissy Stories)   
It was the beginning of summer and already I was feeling bored. That was usual and to be expected, of course. My mom had already left for work and I...Continue reading

Mother Made Me Do It! (Sissy Stories)   
Caught red handed wearing my mom's nylons and openly sniffing her womanhood from her pretty pink lace panties (good and wet) my mom intentionally barged...Continue reading

Jennifer's Dream (Sissy Stories)   
I was 18 when mother caught me wearing her girdle. I just loved the firm all around feel and how smooth the front panel and butt was. I didn't know mom...Continue reading

Mom's Best Intention (Sissy Stories)   
Poor mom. Her well intended ideas of being my tutor and showing her son the "errors of his ways" was her intent. She obviously was concerned about my curious...Continue reading

Straight Husband Road To Sissy (Sissy Stories)   
Our story starts some 25 years ago. A couple of years after my wife and I married, she expressed regret that she did not have more sexual experiences prior...Continue reading

Delicious Dainty Drawers (Sissy Stories)   
Mom got tired of her son's deliberate outright theft of her expensive undies. Knowing full well it wasn't about to stop anytime soon she simply devised...Continue reading

All In The Family (Sissy Stories)   
I had no idea my wife was so upset about my crossdressing. My wife is 12 years older than me but has very good looks. She had seen me dressed many times...Continue reading

Mom's Drawer Of Seductive Undies (Sissy Stories)   
All boys started with their mommy's panties and pantyhose, the mom's learning quickly would allow this behavior knowing full well it would lead to a nice...Continue reading

Mom Knew Her Son Was Now Hers (Sissy Stories)   
Convincingly my mom continued to tease me after finding me wearing her expensive lingerie. Son, these are your mom's best imported European undies...Continue reading

Mommy Wanted A Little Girl (Sissy Stories)   
Mommy, (she prefers this immature nickname) long ago told me she had always wanted a pretty girl instead of the little boy she had. I remember as a toddler...Continue reading

Moms Cum (Sissy Stories)   
Mom quickly found out about my curiosity for her pretty things. Her drawer began to expand extensively. Soon colorful silky nylon panties replaced cotton...Continue reading

Looks Like I'm Mommy's Boy (Sissy Stories)   
Mom was intentionally seductive, her needs were insatiable and unrelenting, mom's pretty attire was so attractive, her legs long in luxurious pantyhose...Continue reading

My Sister Helped Me Become A Gurl (Sissy Stories)   
Even while we both lived at home my older sister had caught me multiple times dressed up in her panties and bras or come into our only Bathroom catching...Pt 1Pt 2Pt 3

My Dream Of Being Pegged Finally Came True (Sissy Stories)   
I have been reading online Husband Pegging Sex Stories from multiple porn sites until I realized one day the only way to get this to happen to me, was...Continue reading

Pretty Panties And Pussy (Sissy Stories)   
My 'lil brother was caught by mom wearing her nylons and sniffing her panties while masturbating. She told me about it and to have a "talk" with him...Continue reading

New Job Physical Exam (Sissy Stories)   
I just turned 26 and very happy to be able to finally go to work after completing eight year service in the US Army. I knew applying for this new job...Pt 1Pt 2Pt 3

Give Anything To Be My Mother In Law's Daughter (Sissy Stories)   
I met my wife at college, as time went on and holidays were approaching she took me to her family's home. I met her family and grandparents, my wife's...Continue reading

Mothers Little Helper (Sissy Stories)   
Mom seemed to protect me from any adversity or perceived harm or unhappiness. Always coddling me, even at age 4 I was seemingly cuddling and mom's kisses...Continue reading

Nosey Boy (Sissy Stories)   
When I was 18 years old I was living with my aunt and she was gay and I got suspended from school and I was looking through my aunts VHS tapes and I saw...Continue reading

Submissive Husband Turned Sissy Boi (Sissy Stories)   
I 66 years old new and my wife has been the strong one in our marriage our entire time together! She is the real bread winner as she does software development...Continue reading

Heaven Found In Moms Top Drawer (Sissy Stories)   
I was 19 and always horny. I started noticing the clothes mom wore, short skirts, stockings (this was 1960 ) girdle with garters to hold up the stockings...Continue reading

Sissy Incest With Brother (Sissy Stories)   
Since I was wearing mom's panties and nightgown (my little brother was also wearing some of mom's nylons) my brother a little sissy himself...Continue reading

Lil Mother Fucker's Club (Sissy Stories)   
My Jr high buddies all had a club that turned into something extra special. We would get together for sleep overs at each other's homes. One friend Dennis...Continue reading

High Heels, Hosiery, "Family Time" (Sissy Stories)   
Mom runs a chic Boutique. She carries sizes for tall women. Mom is herself tall as am I. Mom's 6 ft 2 inches and I'm over 6 ft 7 inches. Occasionally...Continue reading

The Appointment (Sissy Stories)   
I woke up early, it was Saturday and I was going to be alone in the house when he called to keep secret arrangement. It had been going on for a few months...Continue reading

Dressing For My Neighbor's Wife (Sissy Stories)   
An interesting development in my ongoing sex only relationship with my neighbors wife occurred last week. For a year we’ve had about a dozen “quickies”...Continue reading

House Clearing And The Benefits (Sissy Stories)   
I love it when University splits for the summer holidays. My friend and I were hired by a local Landlord to clear out various of his properties vacated...Continue reading

Dressed For Glory Holes (Sissy Stories)   
Im a latin male smooth body and love to dress in womans clothes. I dress alone take photos and post on line i always loved to sit back and read comments...Continue reading

First Time In A Long Time (Sissy Stories)   
I had never fantasized about sex with another guy before it happened, it just happened. We were both very young. Starting innocently as watching each other...Continue reading 

Mommy's Sissy (Sissy Stories)   
MOTHER was very domineering and insisted upon strict adherence to her specific instructions. All males at birth were began upon a regimen of feminization...Continue reading    

Begging For Mommy's Attention (Sissy Stories)   
Mommy started out seducing us as adolescents. The Mr. Bubbles bath time was always our favorite time (except bedtime) Mommy always took time to carefully...Continue reading

Revenge On Ex-Girlfriend Goes South: A Spiral Down A World Of Hypnosis (Sissy Stories)   
So where to begin? A couple weeks ago the girl I fell in love with broke up with me by filming herself sucking another man and having her virginity...Continue reading

My Love (Sissy Stories)   
When I was 18 I watched my big sister have sex with our neighbor he was about 35 or so basket ball coach 6.7 265 lbs my God his cock was huge Rhonda was...Continue reading

Me And My Dad's Big Dick (Sissy Stories)   
I was 18 skinny boy my dad was a good looking in shape man my mom had left us a year before me and my dad got real close in that time he was lonely i use...Continue reading

Begging For Mommy's Attention (Sissy Stories)   
Mommy started out training me to be her little sissy lover about the time she caught me in her bedroom going through her intimate lingerie...Continue reading

Sissy Incest In Mommy's Lingerie (Sissy Stories)   
My mom wants something special. She always wanted a little girl. Instead, she got a little boy. A special little boy. A boy who was attached deeply to...Continue reading 

Mother's Sweet Baby Boy (Sissy Stories)   
My dearest mom loved me probably too much. Cuddling and often stating how cute, adorable and pretty I was. Everyone agreed with her of course...Continue reading

Messing Around With My Auntie And Got Her Pregnant, I Was 18 Years Old And Mom Knew About Us (Sissy Stories)   
When I'm home alone I'm Always Wearing a NYLON Nightgown, Matching PANTIES and Silk Stockings. Mom is Awesome because She Let me dress like a Woman...Continue reading

A Dream Realized (Sissy Stories)   
I was always a skinny kid in my pre teen years with no real interest in the games and sports played by other boys. I heard that a lot of the neighborhood...Continue reading

Brother Sex Because He Caught Me Bunning Mom While Dressed In Her Nylon Nightgown And Matching Panties (Sissy Stories)   
I had just Finished BUNNING Mom, Wearing Her PINK NYLON NIGHTGOWN and Her Matching PINK NYLON PANTIES, because I drank a pint of Peppermint Schnapps and...Continue reading

My Older Brother Caught Me Having Sex With Mom While I Was Wearing Mom's Nylon Panties And Nightgown (Sissy Stories)
I would Always pretend I was sick so Mom would let me stay home from school. Mom was drinking at the time too. Mom would go around the house Wearing just...Continue reading

Showing The Others About "Circle Jerking" (Sissy Stories)
Yeah, I found these bitchin panties all nice and wet. I got several pair of satin panties from my mom and sister and was wearing them, my cock all nice...Continue reading

I Told Mom "No" (Sissy Stories)
Mother relentlessly used every trick in the book to try and seduce me. She insisted on giving me bubble baths. Soaping my peter up good and hard. I scolded...Continue reading

My Girlfriend Kathy, Mom And Dad And Me... (Sissy Stories)
My girlfriend of 6 years Kathy and I were out of funds and needed a place to stay for awhile. You see my girlfriend loves me so much and does all she can...Continue reading

The Drugs Made Me Do It (Sissy Stories)
I never would have submitted to this looking back. The drugs made me do it I told myself later as mom sucked my cock, getting it hard again like so many...Continue reading

Sissy Incest Will Make Your Panties Cream (Sissy Stories)
Being a true little sissy who knows no limits, I know how perverted and taboo this unrestricted behavior truly is, I don't blame myself though. My...Continue reading

Obeying Mommy (Sissy Stories)
Now that "mommy" as she loves to be called, is used to me trying on her sexy things, we started shopping together as her "husband". We always make...Continue reading

Taught Well, Mother And Father And Sissy Knew Well (Sissy Stories)
My family long ago was in the porno biz. In the '70's porn was a hot item. Nothing was off limits. Sissy porno was especially popular and welcomed...Continue reading

Mom's Pussy, Her Pantyhose 'N' Pumps, My Penis (Sissy Stories)   
Mom was a scheming women always wanting more. More cock, more tongue, longer vibrators. She was a bit of a oversexed bitch who never took no for an answer...Continue reading

Brother In Laws Surprise (Sissy Stories)
It all happened innocently enough in April of this year. My wife & I learn that her brother (20) has a foot fetish. We both have them as well...Continue reading    

My First Live Broadcast (Sissy Stories)
Please know that this is my experience of my first official broadcast of myself getting off that i shared with the world.. it's just a recollection of...Continue reading

Disobeying Mom (Sissy Stories)
Mom consistently admonished me for dressing up in her attire and makeup as a child. I guess I started as a teen although I remember jerking off before...Continue reading      

I Guess I Was A Cocksucker All Along! (Sissy Stories)
I used to dream about wearing my mom's undies, you know, her nylons, her silky panties...then as a child I did. I wore them. Later on, it wasn't enough...Continue reading   

'Caught' In Moms Bedroom (Sissy Stories)
Introduction: This is a true story, with some literary license taken, from my childhood (about 12-13 years old) when I first started cross-dressing...Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16   

Dressing Up For All In The Family (Sissy Stories)
Throughout the decades our family shared similar interests. Fetishes for smooth sheer nylon, silks, satins, high heels, lingerie. You name it we tried...Continue reading 

Mommy Made Me Her Sissy (Sissy Stories)
“Suck my cock, sissy!” Mommy commanded, giggling a bit. I just froze, and Mommy began to caress my head, telling me that if the situation presented itself, I had to know how to satisfy a man. Slowly, with lots of coaching, I learned how to kiss and lick the shaft and balls…Continue reading
Sissy Princess Sperm Whore (Sissy Stories)
He wiped at the pre-cum and held his finger out before my face. “Do you want this?” he asked me. I nodded, unwilling take my attention from that glistening finger. “Please,” I whimpered, “I want your cum.” I shuddered with another orgasm. “I want it. I need it…Part 1, Part 2

My Girlfriend Made Me A Sissy (Sissy Stories)
“That’s just what you are isn’t it, kid, a little sissy” “Mmm yes”, I moaned “You want to be my sissy bitch don’t you?” “Oh God, please make me your bitch Kevin” I don’t even know why I said it, I just couldn’t resist. “Take off everything but those panties, slut…Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Mom Loves Her Daughters (Sissy-Stories)
“Now I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck your pussy,” she moaned. “I’m going to put my cock in you and make you cry your need for me until I fill your body.” I was still writhing with the excitement of her words and her body on me and the smell and taste of both our come…Continue reading

Aunty Made Me (Sissy Stories)
Having prepared me he positioned me on my back with my butt on a firm pillow and he greased my boy pussy with a lubricant and his penis. He picked up my legs and placed my heels on his shoulders, and guided that frightening cock to my boy pussy. I thought he was going to rip…Continue reading

Sissy Whorehouse (Sissy-Stories)
“Oh baby.” He said. “Oh you little girly girl you are good at that.” “Mmmmmmm” I said with a mouthful of his cock. “You horny little slut. You know you love it. Shake your head yes to tell this man you like sucking on his cock.” I nodded my head. I had a rock hard erection...Continue reading

Mom’s Favorite Toy (Sissy Stories)
“Oooh, Baby, your pussy is soooo tight. I’m so glad you’re letting Mommy be your first fuck.” She had two fingers deeply probing and moistening my pussy. Every time she touched my prostate, I twitched violently, and she laughed. “Mmmmm, isn’t the G-spot an amazing…Part 1, Part 2

Taking Of Linda (Sissy-Stories)
I had often fantasized about this and now it was really happening. I loved the taste and smell of his cock and I sucked on it greedily. My fingers closed around the base, massaging the shaft gently, my head bobbing up and down his length, hearing Adam making sounds of pleasure…Continue reading

Auntie’s Panties (Sissy Stories)
“Now, my Darling sissy boy...  give me the good fucking you’ve always wanted to! Give it to me Darling! Fuck me!” I knelt between Auntie’s legs and pulled my throbbing rod out of my white panties once again. Then I slowly slid my member inside her, hoping I wouldn’t come…Continue reading

Trapped In Panties (Sissy Stories)
He was ramming his meat into my mouth, choking me, making me gag, and, I’m sorry to report, actually sort or turning me on. Finally, the assault on my poor mouth was near the end. He jerked spasmodically, and shot a load of cum into my captive mouth. Since he didn’t pull out…Continue reading

My Sister’s Whore (Sissy Stories)
“Soft, and cover your teeth” Tammy said “Use your tongue along the shaft, and move your lips in and out slowly” The cock in my mouth was really silky feeling, and as I did what I was told, started to get firm, and then hard, and the cock head became pronounced...Continue reading

Sissy Girl (Sissy-Stories)
“Good, Good sweet girl. Doesn’t it feel so good? Don’t you want a cock up your ass forever? I’m going to cum now. Do you want to cum?” I could only nod my head and then I felt her hand on my cock again and quickly exploded on the lounge beneath me. “Oh, you’re my sweet…Continue reading

My Secret Life (Sissy Stories)
I remember getting up on all fours and pretending I was a girl getting fucked doggy style. I remember anchoring my hand on the ground, finger extended, and sliding myself up and down my digit as though it were a hard cock, my own erection slapping against my belly…Continue reading

Camp Sissy (Sissy-Stories)
“Do you like my sissy cock in your hand?” He nodded. “Are you sure you’re a sissy little queer boy?” Again he nodded without speaking. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have a nice juicy pussy under this skirt? Are you certain you want to be my little faggot lover…Continue reading

Wearing Mum’s Knickers (Sissy Stories)
“You’re as hard as a rock. I’m sorry but I just can’t resist it.” She slides the knickers down to the tops of my thighs, grips my cock at the base of my shaft and puts it in her mouth. Now most guys would shudder at the thought of being sexually molested by their mums…Continue reading

Sissy Boy (Sissy-Stories)
“Oh, yes! Oh, Bobby! Give it to me!” I whimpered. He was in total possession of my body, and it was utterly fantastic... my sexiest dreams becoming reality. “You’re my little slut, aren’t you baby? Your ass is mine, Christine, and I’m gonna give you a fuck to remember…Continue reading

Turned Sissy (Sissy Stories)
Steve trembled slightly as he let this man touch him in his panties. It was a total rush to be with someone in private this way. He was so turned on that he just moaned as Rick felt him up. Out of instinct, Steve reached for Rick in return and rubbed his hard cock. Both men found the sensation of touching a cock exciting...Continue reading

Sissy Girl (Sissy Stories)
“C'mon. Get on your knees and show my cock how much you missed him. That's what all sissy girls do.” I quickly fell on my knees and took the large head of the dildo in my mouth and began to suck and manipulate it with my tongue as she had taught me. “Oh, you look so sexy sucking on a big cock. You need the real thing…(Link Removed)

Sissy In The City (Sissy Stories)
I felt Ramon gently bend me over, apply a sticky goo to my ass and very gently enter me. At first the pain was unbearable and I thought he would split me in half. Then it began to ease and waves of pleasure overtook me. I could feel Ramon's balls slapping against my ass as he rode me and I tried to control my muscles…Continue reading

My Girlfriend’s A Guy
He guided me, encouraged me, nibbled my neck, wrapped his legs around me as I sought out his hole with my cock. I pressed against him. I thought that I'd never be able to do it. I worried I'd lose my erection but his kissing and his words and his moans kept me solid. And then I was in and he gasped and so did I…(Link Removed)

Sissy Wakeup (Sissy Stories)
She scooped up her own precum from her erect sissy cockette and fed that to her lover, letting him suck her. As he sucked her fingers, she started easing her entire hand into his anus. Slowly, meeting little resistance, but not rushing things, she now watched all of her fingers disappear into him up to the knuckles…Continue reading

Kara Cock Slut (Sissy Stories)
I opened my mouth and took the head in. “Suck on it baby girl” Mark said. He continued to push fingers into my back-twat until he had four in, then he started to really open me up, I felt cool air invade my love tunnel and sucked on the dong in my mouth harder than ever. Mark squeezed the base of the dildo and a load of…(Link Removed)

He Loved Me In Panties (Sissy Stories)
He surprised me my taking my cock into his mouth. I had been the gurl the whole time and forgot about my cock for him, but he began sucking my cock and was really great at it. It felt soothing, wonderful. I moaned and he said, “Oh, you have a nice small cock. I love this.” I laid down and he began sucking me more…Continue reading

Exploit As A Paid Whore
He takes it out and starts slapping my face with it which makes me crazy. I'm opening my mouth trying to get it back in and he’s teasing me by slapping and rubbing it all over my face. I can see pre-cum on it and I want to taste it and he finally shoves it back into me and down into my throat making me gag a little but I love it…(Link Removed)

In His Wife’s Panties
Soon he was pressing his face into my ass and I was loving it, knowing he was basking in my ass and the musky-sweet smell of his wife. He jerked them down and started eating me. His wet tongue felt so good at first I thought I would cry, but I let out a little moan and whimper instead. He was licking me hard and…Continue reading

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