I Told my Mother the Truth

by Francesca Vera (Forney, TX)

Last night I went out as I normally do on non-working nights, I take some of my mother's clothes with me, she doesn't know I do this. I get dressed up in restroom at a public park. Then I go to Cedar Springs and walk up and down the streets until someone pulls up and asks me to suck them off. I usually suck 3 to 4 guys in one night.

I just adore men's penises. The best part is swallowing their cum. When I am all dolled up I look just like my mother. And her clothes fit me perfectly a size 14 dress, 40C bra and a size 7 panty. Her shoes are too tight but I have my own, and I have 3 wigs to choose from.

But last night these 2 guys pulled over and they took turns on me using to suck them to let them fuck me. Then shot their cum in my mouth and in my ass. one of them pissed all over me. I didn't care it all felt so good. When they left me on a street corner I was a mess.

The dress was around waist exposing my panties. I fixed it up and went on to find my car then drove home didn't change back. I pulled in and walked in, my mother got up and looked at me. she didn't say a word just stood there. I finally opened my mouth and said Mom I like men. I like what they do to me, I like being their sex toy.

I have been wearing your clothes for years and going out to service men. And tonight I got so much cum in me it is leaking out into your panties right now. She finally spoke and said in a flat voice I have known for a very long time you were wearing my clothes, and I suspected you were having sex with men.

I enjoy having sex with men too. I like when their sperm is running down the inside of my legs after they have used me for their pleasure. And yes I blow them too swallowing their hot juice. I am not innocent.

With that she walked over and lifted the dress up looking at the panties, she lifted the waist band and lowered the panties to my knees. I bet you didn't get to cum did you. before I could answer she stood up and said well i haven't cum either in a few days.

She lifted her blouse over her and dropped it to the floor, then pushed down her shorts, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra then slipped it down her arms showing me her full breasts.

She took hold of her panties and shoved them down to her feet and kicked them off, i was like in shock as i see her full bush between her legs, she reached for my hand and lead me to her bedroom, she sat me down and pushed me back with my legs hanging over the side, she lifted up the dress and took off the panties leaving the heels on.

Then straddled me and moved her hand between us and started to stroke me I was getting hard once I was solid she pointed it into her pussy and slipped it in her, she bit her lip as it went in and started to rock back and forth she felt wonderful, It didn't take long for me to cum in her, she pushed down hard getting it all in her.

When she had gotten it all she lifted and moved around then sat on my face, placing her pussy and ass over my mouth, then she said open up, as she flexed her muscles, she started to ooze out my cum into my mouth, she lowered her, lifted my legs open and buried her face between my ass and used her fingers to open me then started lick my ass.

She stopped I taste different cum in you how many did you? I said 2. She went back to it. Once she was done she moved up and sucked me, you taste good. You mention i smell pee, i said yes one peed on me, with that she said open wide and she let her golden stream go into my mouth.

Once done she lifted up a bit and told me to lick her ass, as i did she told me to finger fuck her ass, now insert your tongue into me as deep as you can. She finally pulled up and got off me, she said now you know that i enjoy sex as much as you do. So next time you want to get down and dirty you don't need to sneak around anymore.

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