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  1. Fucking my Aunt in the back of her Shop

    Feb 01, 23 11:38 AM

    So my aunt owns a flower shop. She is 38 and has no kids and no husband. She is extremely hot, she is short with a fat ass and dd tits, she was a milf.
  2. Anne Chooses Dave As Her First Lover and Husband James Agrees

    Jan 27, 23 11:40 AM

    My name is Anne. I am 23, 5’4”, petite muscular, 34DD, bubble butt, long brunette curly hair and hazel eyes. I also have a Queen of Spades tattoo on my
  3. Sleeping Bag

    Jan 24, 23 10:44 AM

    We, two girls and three boys – all in the 20s, were on a mountain trail for rambling. We reached almost the top when we started to feel cold as the evening
  4. Loving Mom: Part 4

    Jan 23, 23 11:21 AM

    Mom gave birth to our second son while in the hospital mom grabbed my dick and said now we have to work on making our daughter. Mom said you know my
  5. African Fantasy

    Jan 23, 23 11:18 AM

    Hubby and I watched a porn movie from the 80’s. It was called Indiana Joan And The Temple Of Poon. It was about a family who went on a safari in Africa.
  6. What a Good Friend

    Jan 19, 23 10:43 AM

    Once Sam and I decided we were going to the same college, he offered to let me live with him off campus. His mother, Linda, spoiled Sam. She paid for an
  7. Sex With Strangers

    Jan 17, 23 10:45 AM

    I’ve never been a prude or embarrassed to let people see me naked. I’m pretty and have a body that was built for sex. I’ve had sex with a lot of men. My
  8. Loving Mom: Part 3

    Jan 11, 23 11:10 AM

    When I was 20 years old I started having sex with my mom. We fucked ate and sucked each other every night for 3 months. Nine months almost to the first
  9. Old Man Conrad Returns

    Jan 09, 23 12:08 PM

    It’s a gorgeous day here in Florida and I’ve had my coffee and taken a shower. I think I’ll do a little nude sunbathing. I grab my robe, a bottle of water
  10. Outside Looking In

    Jan 09, 23 12:06 PM

    When alarm would go off in the morning I would reach for a small vibrator that was in headboard and hold it to her clit until she was moving her hips and
  11. Camping

    Jan 09, 23 12:03 PM

    When we first got married we went camping in the fall one time, was hard to find a place because they were all closing for the season. We found one that
  12. True Story First Crossdressing Experience with my Wife: Part 1

    Jan 09, 23 12:00 PM

    When I was a young man experimenting I used to love to slip into my moms huge silky panties suspenders and stockings and her multi layered nylon nightie
  13. Loving Mom: Part 2

    Jan 09, 23 11:55 AM

    Here I am in bed with my mom fingering her slit and clit she is burning up, my dick is hardest it has ever been feeling like it was going to burst open
  14. Loving Mom: Part 1

    Jan 09, 23 11:52 AM

    I was living in Louisiana and mom moved to Texas after her divorce. I was working at a plant in Louisiana that shared labor with sister plants during
  15. Surprise Encounter with Lady Next Door: Part 2

    Jan 04, 23 11:34 AM

    Having had a surprise shock encounter with neighbour she invited me round when my wife went away to her mom's for the week to look after her. She said
  16. Three Weeks in Bed with a Work Friend: Part 2

    Jan 04, 23 11:31 AM

    After about three days I was getting use to Craigs big black dick and loving it more each night. We got good anal lube to take place of soap and we
  17. Three Weeks in Bed with a Work Friend: Part 1

    Jan 04, 23 11:29 AM

    About ten years ago I worked at a Mobil plant in Houston Texas. When working maintenance, you were not allowed to work alone so a work buddy was assigned
  18. Motherly Love: Part 3

    Jan 03, 23 12:25 PM

    I couldn't believe i was on my mom's bed with both of her beautiful boobs in my hands, she was loving it, rubbing her peachy butt up and down on my hard
  19. Motherly Love: Part 2

    Jan 03, 23 12:23 PM

    The best part happened a few weeks after moving into a unit with my very sexy mother. Apart from our normal shanigans of walking around in our underpants,
  20. Motherly Love: Part 1

    Jan 03, 23 12:22 PM

    When I was nineteen my mother decided to end her marriage with my alcoholic father who turned violent. My mother asked me months before if i wanted to
  21. Doing Threesome with my Son-in-Law and his Mom: Part 3

    Jan 03, 23 12:20 PM

    I arrived at the motel around 6:am waiting in the room naked for our third meeting. The sex with my son in law and his mom was great I was already
  22. Finding my Courage

    Dec 31, 22 01:22 PM

    After I finished school, I accepted a job in another state. I was doing well and visited home as much as I could. I was noticing that my mom was looking
  23. Doing Threesome with my Son-in-Law and his Mom: Part 2

    Dec 30, 22 12:15 PM

    I arrived at my reserved motel room around 6:am. In room I got undressed set on bed and waiting for son in law and his mom to arrive. At 6:15 my son
  24. New Beginning

    Dec 29, 22 12:36 PM

    My life changed in many ways when my husband died. Many for the better. Needing a new start, I talked with my son Brad and we decided to sell the house
  25. Lecturing my Daughter: Part 3

    Dec 29, 22 12:34 PM

    My daughter, Marie, came for a 10 day visit with her twins. These rascals were tremendous and had their grandmother hooked. The wife and grandkids went
  26. Doing Threesome with my Son-in-Law and his Mom

    Dec 29, 22 12:32 PM

    Back in 2007 my oldest granddaughter was graduating high school. While waiting for things to start I went outside to smoke even though there was
  27. Surprise Encounter with Lady Next Door: Part 1

    Dec 29, 22 12:29 PM

    I was alone working at home as my wife was at work and sometimes I like to dress in her lingerie as she is same size as me while I work, I was dressed
  28. Betty's Payback: Part 1

    Dec 29, 22 12:27 PM

    As the phone rang, I grinned and showed the caller ID to my son Jimmy. Hello Sue surprised to hear from you is everything ok I ask with a perverted grin
  29. My Sister/Wife Turns Whore

    Dec 29, 22 12:25 PM

    Now my sister/wife is 5'3, about 120 lbs, 34C, cute tight ass. Dark hair blue eyes. My boss (Ron) seem to like her. Ron was 46, 27 years older than me,
  30. I am Your Cocksucker

    Dec 29, 22 12:19 PM

    He was rooming with me. He was a big man who worked in construction. It was extra income for me. My bedroom was between his room in the upstairs back of
  31. I Created a Monster: Part 1

    Dec 26, 22 01:03 PM

    When Michelle and I first got together, we immediately were open and honest about all past relationships. Both of us were previously married. What I noticed
  32. My Second Time with my Neighbor John/My First Man Kiss: Part 2

    Dec 26, 22 01:01 PM

    The next day after my first time with my neighbor John it was early morning when my phone dinged with a text message from John. His text message said
  33. My First Time with my Neighbor John: Part 1

    Dec 23, 22 01:38 PM

    I met John about two weeks after moving to Missouri from Texas. I bought a place about quarter mile across road from John in the country that is what
  34. Lovely Moment at Aunties House: Part 1

    Dec 23, 22 01:32 PM

    I was sick leave for a month and I decided to call my favourite auntie Barabara that lived up by lake Michigan as we had not spoken for a few months, she
  35. OMG Breed Me

    Dec 09, 22 11:23 AM

    I can’t believe it’s been a week already. I found this beach that is very private. It’s about a ten-minute drive from my house. Last Wednesday was just
  36. My Second Job

    Dec 06, 22 10:34 AM

    As I stand in Jen's front room in complete darkness I hear Jens car pull into the driveway. I look at my watch and grin Jim was right to almost the second.
  37. Deserted Beach

    Dec 06, 22 10:31 AM

    I finally found what I was looking for, a beach that’s deserted. The beach has plants all around and little alcoves where it’s very private. I have a feeling
  38. Living with Aunt Jean and her Twins: Part 5

    Dec 03, 22 06:34 PM

    I had been living with Aunt Jean and her twins for a little over 3 months. I had been sleeping in aunt Jean's bed every night for a couple months now
  39. Two Pussy's are Better Than One

    Dec 03, 22 06:30 PM

    I have been living in this house since my wedding, my husband John passed away a few years ago. I always loved to sun tan in the raw, as the houses in
  40. I Broke Kim and her Daughter: Part 5

    Dec 03, 22 06:28 PM

    As Tammy passes by me, I stop her if only mommy could hear you like you heard her. I bet you you're a loud fuck just like your mommy, to my shock Tammy
  41. I Broke Kim and her Daughter: Part 4

    Dec 03, 22 06:21 PM

    I sit up against the headboard of Kim's bed and watched her finish dressing for work. I had to use vacation time, so I took this week off. Kim walks over
  42. My Mom Catches me Cumming in her Panties

    Dec 01, 22 12:49 PM

    So my mom and I never have really talked about sex or anything revolving sex or masterbation. So it was a Friday and I just got home. And I was really
  43. I Broke Kim and her Daughter: Part 3

    Dec 01, 22 12:45 PM

    Kim is more of a submissive slut than even I am shocked. Kim the office prude, the shy innocent Kim is a submissive slut. Durning the month before Tammy
  44. I Broke Kim and her Daughter: Part 2

    Nov 30, 22 12:15 PM

    Hello, Kim cheerfully spoke as she answered her phone as she walks past Tammy. Your one tight cunt for a 45-year-old I laugh, you want me to stretch it
  45. Keep Going

    Nov 29, 22 01:58 PM

    As usual, after dinner, we sat watching a soccer match, sipping red wine. We used to exchange kisses and foreplay, then he unbuttoned my shirt, and kissed
  46. Psychologist Loving Daughter: Part 1

    Nov 29, 22 01:55 PM

    My name is Emma and I just turned 19. I have natural tan looking skin year round and have black hair and grey-blue eyes. My father is a psychologist and
  47. I Broke Kim and her Daughter: Part 1

    Nov 29, 22 01:53 PM

    I stood on Kim's porch snickering to myself as I watched her fumble with her own house keys. Kim finally opened the door and snapped on the lights. My
  48. Living with Aunt Jean and her Twins: Part 4

    Nov 29, 22 01:50 PM

    End of part 3 I left off with my twin cousin the boy coming back to the barn at 5 for sex. I was so horny for his HOT ASS that I am thinking he going
  49. Living with Aunt Jean and her Twins: Part 3

    Nov 29, 22 01:48 PM

    I had been having sex with aunt Jean and her daughter Peachie for a few months. Aunt Jean been teaching me all about sex and what women want she been
  50. Living with Aunt Jean and her Twins: Part 2

    Nov 29, 22 01:46 PM

    When we left part 1 aunt Jean visited me in my bedroom upstairs but my bedroom is down hall from her twins bedrooms privacy not near as good as downstairs

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At the age of nineteen, I joined the army and was sent overseas for two years. I was hurt in a roadside bombing. I lost part of my right hand and lost…

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I had always loved my older sister.Well yeah aren't you suppose to love your sister. But I didn't love her as a sister/brother relationship. I loved her…

The Biggest And The Best
Jane has been working too hard lately and she knew it. She had no other choice, being that she is a manager of a successful company. It was late one night…

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