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  1. My First Taste Of Cock

    Feb 16, 19 11:26 AM

    My mom's boyfriend took me fishing we were at a spot at the lake no one could see us he said let's get comfortable and took off his clothes. We had been

  2. The Master And The Sex Slave (Chapter 3 of 3)

    Feb 15, 19 12:44 PM

    I walked in the room feeling apprehensive, which was a new feeling for me when it came to sex. I felt vulnerable in a way because my wife knows all my

  3. The Master And The Sex Slave (Chapter 2 of 3)

    Feb 14, 19 05:41 PM

    I sit in the recliner, the room is softly lit, a small towel covers my cock and balls, otherwise I am nude. My wife enters wearing a lacy bra and matching

  4. The Master And The Sex Slave (chapter 1 of 3)

    Feb 14, 19 05:36 PM

    My wife was a prude and I hated it. She was raised by stern religious parents who kept her sheltered, in fear and under the impression that sex was evil.

  5. My Older Brother Caught Me Having Sex With Mom While I Was Wearing Mom's Nylon Panties And Nightgown

    Feb 14, 19 03:59 PM

    I would Always pretend I was sick so Mom would let me stay home from school. Mom was drinking at the time too. Mom would go around the house Wearing just

  6. Show Us How You Beat Off And Get Ass Fucked

    Feb 14, 19 12:51 PM

    I know my sister is gay. Her and her partner have been together for years. She asked if I would beat off and let her and her partner Sue watch. I was excited

  7. Growing Up Their Was Me With Mom And Sis

    Feb 14, 19 12:47 PM

    I grew up in a small town it was just mom sis and me, dad had died at a young age and mom never remarried. We had a small apartment and mom and I shared

  8. Our Long Bus Ride Gets Wild

    Feb 14, 19 12:43 PM

    We were on a long bus trip coming home from relatives. Susan and I had just been married a few months, and were quite sexually active. We'd do it just

  9. My Wife's Affair

    Feb 14, 19 12:34 PM

    My wife Gwen and I had been married a little over 10 years. We had done a lot of travelling over the years and met lots of people. We were in Ontario

  10. I Stuck My Dick In My Cousins Big Black Ass

    Feb 13, 19 01:45 PM

    I always dreamed of shoving my 10 inch penis in my cousins big jiggly round dark skin booty. She always wore tights and jeans that made me go crazy.

  11. Saint Cum Slut Mom

    Feb 13, 19 01:40 PM

    As I left my teens I left my studies too and started working. Those were very hard times as My dad left me and mom without a warning and financially weak.

  12. Horny Nephew

    Feb 10, 19 11:42 AM

    I am now 25 but story started when I was becoming an adult (18). I had three siblings, who were all younger to me. Next to me was a sister younger to me

  13. Laundry Day With My Daughter

    Feb 04, 19 02:32 PM

    This is a true story it happened on a Friday morning my 24 year old daughter was living with me after a bad breakup with a jerk BF, on Friday morning she

  14. Hugging Mom

    Feb 03, 19 11:22 AM

    This story is about me and my mom but it is more about a romance then about sex. I was her only son so I received her extra attention always. Our relation

  15. Barn Loft Camp Out With Horny Teen Guys

    Jan 31, 19 02:29 PM

    When i was about 19 I lived in upstate NY, on the Hudson River so far North its called the North River! We were wild, mountain kids. The neighbors house

  16. A Fortunate Mistake

    Jan 28, 19 03:36 PM

    My sister Diane has always been beautiful. In fact there are many words that describe her somewhat, but none are enough to describe whatever it is about

  17. The Best Rape

    Jan 27, 19 10:58 AM

    I was 18 years old back then and I don’t know why but always had sex on my mind. I was thinking of being fucked in the pussy and the ass, my finger going

  18. Showing The Others About "Circle Jerking"

    Jan 26, 19 12:32 PM

    Yeah, I found these bitchin panties all nice and wet. I got several pair of satin panties from my mom and sister and was wearing them, my cock all nice

  19. I Told Mom "No"

    Jan 26, 19 12:28 PM

    Mother relentlessly used every trick in the book to try and seduce me. She insisted on giving me bubble baths. Soaping my peter up good and hard. I scolded

  20. My Girlfriend Kathy, Mom and Dad and Me...

    Jan 26, 19 12:25 PM

    My girlfriend of 6 years Kathy and I were out of funds and needed a place to stay for awhile. You see my girlfriend loves me so much and does all she can

  21. The Drugs Made Me Do It

    Jan 26, 19 12:10 PM

    I never would have submitted to this looking back. The drugs made me do it I told myself later as mom sucked my cock, getting it hard again like so many

  22. Sissy Incest Will Make your Panties Cream

    Jan 26, 19 12:09 PM

    Being a true little sissy who knows no limits, I know how perverted and taboo this unrestricted behavior truly is, I don't blame myself though. My mom

  23. A Great Discovery

    Jan 25, 19 12:34 PM

    Alice. Are you busy? No Fran, why. Can you come over, I have something for you to see? Sure, I'll be there in a few minutes. They both hung up the

  24. Mom Is Huge

    Jan 19, 19 01:03 PM

    I was sexual at birth, my first memories are sexual. I looked at my first female teachers and wondered what it looked like between her legs. I constantly

  25. Sister's Visit

    Jan 19, 19 12:55 PM

    I was in my senior year in college and had talked my 18 year old sister to come visit me. She came down on a Friday. I had told my frat brothers my hot

  26. Obeying Mommy

    Jan 19, 19 12:49 PM

    Now that mommy as she loves to be called, is used to me trying on her sexy things, we started shopping together as her husband. We always make appointments

  27. My New Favorite Turn On

    Jan 16, 19 02:43 PM

    All people on earth know exactly how great it feels to just do what you want to make it better, when you get horny. Most wont admit it but we all love

  28. Finding A Huge Cock

    Jan 14, 19 01:17 PM

    Together with 2 other couples we rented out a luxury villa in Greece for 2 weeks. One couple could only stay for one week and for the first week we all

  29. Quickies In The Car

    Jan 10, 19 01:24 PM

    I had a date with my boyfriend. So I got ready had a shower shaved my pussy completely so it was absolutely bare put on a thong and a balcony bra, short

  30. Extreme Orgasm With My Sweaty Boyfriend

    Jan 09, 19 02:46 PM

    Let me introduce you David, a special boy who was 2.5 year my boyfriend. It was long time ago, I was 25 at that time and David was 20. He was a cute blond

  31. A Day With My Mom

    Jan 08, 19 10:23 PM

    I was 19 years old and was just getting ready to move out of my parents house. I lived alone with my mom for a lot of my life due to my dad having to work

  32. 20 Babies For My Daughter

    Jan 06, 19 10:45 AM

    My daughter Sarah was going to turn 19 in 9 months on September 20, it was 2 weeks after her last period she came into my home office and said Daddy, I

  33. Taught Well, Mother And Father And Sissy Knew Well

    Jan 06, 19 10:39 AM

    My family long ago was in the porno biz. In the '70's porn was a hot item. Nothing was off limits. Sissy porno was especially popular and welcomed by

  34. Learning Sex From Daddy

    Jan 05, 19 05:07 PM

    I was 18, I believed I was home alone. My mother was at work and my father has ran to get dinner for that night. As I was getting out ready to go wank

  35. Mom's Pussy, Her Pantyhose 'N' Pumps, My Penis

    Jan 04, 19 03:08 PM

    Mom was a scheming women always wanting more. More cock, more tongue, longer vibrators. She was a bit of a oversexed bitch who never took no for a answer.

  36. A Sissies Story: Part 1

    Jan 03, 19 11:42 AM

    So for this story I'll jump right in after posting a few thing I would enjoy doing on a few adsites I finally got a responds from somebody that didn't

  37. The Neighbor’s Doggie Urges

    Jan 01, 19 11:42 AM

    Two months ago after I’d turned eighteen I accidently saw my neighbor Charlesetta getting fuck by a large German Shepherd dog. She’s in her fifties and

  38. Mom, Meth And My First Taste Of Pussy Covered In Cum

    Dec 31, 18 04:39 PM

    When I was 18, I would act sick to stay home from school alone all day and jerk off. My mom had a regular job as a waitress and frequently used meth to

  39. Fucking My Grandma’s New Tits

    Dec 28, 18 11:43 AM

    Since this website prefers stories to be about 18 and older, I will say this happened when I was “18.” My grandmother was blessed with extremely large

  40. My Baby Sister And I The First Time: Part 1

    Dec 27, 18 12:51 PM

    It was the summer of 98 there was a bunch of us drinking a couple half gallons of 100 proof vodka and a couple half gallons of crown Royal. We were sitting

  41. Masturbation

    Dec 24, 18 02:45 PM

    My wife had know Kerry for a long time and she had told my wife she had only been with Ron her husband. She told my wife that he is all she wanted. I

  42. Incest Magazine

    Dec 21, 18 01:09 PM

    Sam and I grew very close friends. During high school we began talking about our lust for each other’s mother. My mom is very attractive, thin with an

  43. My Relief

    Dec 20, 18 11:39 AM

    My wife and I have been married for ten years now. And we love each other dearly. Our marriage couldn't be better, except for one thing. Jenny has a very

  44. Helping My Son Urinate

    Dec 19, 18 01:27 PM

    Marcus was a senior in high school. He was an excellent soccer player and his team was playing in a large tournament. The tournament was about six hours

  45. Moms The Best

    Dec 17, 18 06:01 PM

    Not much on writing but will do my best. At a very ripe age I got my first erection. Didn't knowing what was happening I ran to mom. She explained what

  46. Wrestlemania

    Dec 16, 18 11:16 AM

    My story starts by me lying in bed and my girlfriend’s daughter jumping on the bed bugging me. I always found her beautiful but I didn't know that I

  47. My One Night Stand Or Is It

    Dec 12, 18 11:52 AM

    I am 30, married to a lovely husband with 2 young children, in order to earn some pocket money I work in a local pub 3 sessions per week. One of the sessions

  48. Fun In The Car

    Dec 10, 18 09:09 PM

    My wife and I go to this beautiful beach in our caravan each year, there are lots of nice walks and secluded little spots one of which I have been using

  49. Two Cocks One Pussy

    Dec 10, 18 09:04 PM

    Myself and a friend used to play soccer for a local team we used to go out and have a great time at the pub chatting up females, I had just broken off

  50. Anal Sex With My Ex-wife’s Husband

    Dec 08, 18 11:06 AM

    I have been having anal sex with an old school friend for several years and I recently told my ex wife Barbara. She told her husband about me and it made

  51. Father And Daughter

    Dec 07, 18 11:33 AM

    It was my 18th birthday. I ran down the stairs in the morning with nothing but a flimsy top and pants on. My father was sitting down eating breakfast,

  52. Wifes Work Friend

    Dec 06, 18 12:27 PM

    My ex wife worked at a hospital and through the hospital I got to know a few of her friends, one day when she got home from work she had one of her friends

  53. My Old Mother In Law

    Dec 03, 18 11:25 AM

    I was 45 years old and considered myself to be a randy sort of guy, I was married to a woman who thought sex was something you organized on a calendar

Truth About Me
Today I just learned that one of my friends has passed away which makes my day a little bit sad, but I have learned valuable lesson not to get too attached…

School Love Of My Life
The fact is getting pussy is not that easy, so it takes lots of efforts, patience, charms, and being a well known fucker in your village, and that’s where…

My Sex Affair With My Friend’s Mother
I come from a small village, in a small country during 1965-66 which was prosperous due to the two companies mainly agricultural one producing by products…

Fucking My Cousin
I was a teen boy still going through puberty, masturbating without reason or motivation it would just come to my mind and provided that I am not seen by…

Two Friends Fucking My Mother And My Teacher Part 2
We all forgot who we are having sex with; that lady was my mother. Even she could not care less that I was her son. There are no limits what she would…

Two Friends Fucking My Mother In Front Of Me
Two friends, me and my teacher having sex parties happened few more times, each time better than the previous. In my little perverted mind the idea was…

Two Guys A Boy And Teacher
With two men masturbating each other and having sex with whatever comes along I stayed in contact but rarely would I attend their sessions but not participating…

Sex, Sex And More Sex
From early childhood to adulthood one of the most important occupations you can be good at and more than just good is to be a ‘GOOD FUCKER’. You have to…

Taking Two Cocks In Exchange For Watching One Of Them Fuck His Wife
Growing up in small village was lot of fun, where technology would come last, kids would play outside kicking made up ball all day long on dusty ground…

Fucking My Wife And Her Sister: Group Sex With Wife Her Sister And Her Husband (Part 3) 
In 1967 I was called to serve a compulsory army service. The time to serve was 18 months, far too long for a young man in his prime, plus married. I knew…

Watching Mother Double Stacked
VOYEUR: WATCHING MOTHER BEING FUCKED I was a young boy living with my mother in a very small and narrow room that could fit only two single beds on…

Fuck Me Daddy
I was very young and knew more about sex than most other girls my age I was gossip with my friends and tell them how I play with myself using a hair brush…

Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law (Part 2)
If you have read the first part you would probably wonder after all that I witnessed myself, could marry Ana. Our first sex was awkward. I could not get…

When Mom Is Gone (Step-Father And Step-Daughter)
It was a hot summer night, the only sound in the air was cicadas and repetitive sound of squelching as I penetrated myself with my fingers. Tonight was…

Our Little Encounter 
I’m Tangey and this is my story... I was taking a hot shower and I started thinking of the boy I have a crush on, it was my brothers friend and his name…

Incest From Childhood To Adulthood
I was the youngest child of 5 children, and only child of one man that according to church record or Church birth certificate it states that my father…

Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law
I am now 70 years old man, and this is a true story. It all begin in 1966 in a small village. I was an 18 years old boy, already employed and at every…

Daddy's Little Girl
I am going to be writing this story as if I were the girl. Get ready for the most amazing sex story ever. I was only 12 years old and that is when my…

She Knows Not What She's Doing
I admit it. I am a pervert. My wife of forty-five years is slowly slipping into dementia. I will do anything for her. Not uncommonly, she mixes up reality…

Teaching My Sister The In's And Out's
At the age of nineteen, I joined the army and was sent overseas for two years. I was hurt in a roadside bombing. I lost part of my right hand and lost…

Horny Sister
I had always loved my older sister.Well yeah aren't you suppose to love your sister. But I didn't love her as a sister/brother relationship. I loved her…

The Biggest And The Best
Jane has been working too hard lately and she knew it. She had no other choice, being that she is a manager of a successful company. It was late one night…

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