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  1. The Awkward Question: Part 2

    Aug 20, 19 12:35 PM

    I swung off the recliner and took my daughter by the hand, looked at her intently and asked her once only...... Right hon, now, are you sure you want

  2. The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-9

    Aug 20, 19 12:32 PM

    Satabdi’s mind was in turmoil. Though Rituparna assured her, there must be something disturbing she wanted to share. Satabdi had no doubt that it was

  3. The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-8

    Aug 19, 19 12:56 PM

    “Where are you going so early in the morning?” the famous Bengalee film-queen Rituparna asked her son-in-law Vijay as she brought two cups of steaming

  4. The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-7

    Aug 19, 19 12:51 PM

    I am sorry, Aunty….” Noel was apologizing as he was withdrawing his flaccid cock from Rituparna’s pussy. Rituparna hugged him and told him” Noel , that

  5. The Awkward Question

    Aug 18, 19 11:39 AM

    I was sitting watching the football on the TV when my daughter came home from a day with her friends, we said hello and she sat by me. I asked her to get

  6. Saturday Matinee: Part 4

    Aug 18, 19 11:24 AM

    Henry was really probing my deeply with his hot tongue and I got a feeling that he wanted to prepare me for him to stick his cock in me, which terrified

  7. The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-6

    Aug 18, 19 11:22 AM

    When Rohit came from school, he was as impatient as a horny bull during mating season. “Mamoni, should we have to wait till 8 pm? Is there any muhurat

  8. The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-5

    Aug 18, 19 11:20 AM

    After that Rohit and his elder sister Payel went, had dinner, switched off lights and fucked once more. As he lay on her breast and sucking her boob as

  9. Saturday Matinee: Part 3

    Aug 17, 19 11:40 AM

    Still nervous I let Henry continue with me. He was so tender, caring and gentle as though not wanting be to get up and get dressed and flee, but his light

  10. A Barn Full Of Horny Minis: Part 2

    Aug 17, 19 11:37 AM

    It's the morning after playing in the barn. I still can’t believe I really had awesome sex with a mini mare. I fed all the other animals and fed the

  11. The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-4

    Aug 17, 19 11:34 AM

    After couple of hours, Rupadevi gently shook her up. Rituparna had excellent sleep, she smiled at her Mom who kissed her and asked her to sit up. Rituparna

  12. The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-3

    Aug 17, 19 11:31 AM

    Rituparna was glowing like a fresh pearl,she put a gorgeous saree and jewellery and was surprised “Mom, Isn’t it your wedding saree? The jewellery also?”

  13. The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-2

    Aug 17, 19 11:29 AM

    Rituparna’s fingers were moving with lightning speed between her thighs, in her love hole and her eyes were glued to the Laptop screen. She was not watching

  14. The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family: Ch-1

    Aug 17, 19 11:26 AM

    Characters: 1.Smt.Debasree Mitra : Bengalee film-actress cum dancer cum politician, 45 yrs, 38-32-36. 2.Ranjit Mitra : Bengalee film-actor,49 yrs, Husband

  15. Saturday Matinee: Part 2

    Aug 16, 19 10:46 AM

    Outside the cinema the man introduced himself as Henry then hailed a Taxi. After a short ride to a part of the town I knew well, we stopped outside a townhouse

  16. Giving A Hot Black Girl (I thought) A Ride

    Aug 16, 19 10:42 AM

    I was in my teens and one day going down the road I see this tall black girl walking on the side of the highway just as you were out of the city. There

  17. Vixen, Man Eaters In Paradise: Part 1

    Aug 15, 19 11:36 AM

    My mother’s private plane, an Airbus A380, landed on Hamilton Island, in the Whitsundays off Australia conveying my sexy mummy and myself for a weekend

  18. Sharing My Hot Teen Wife

    Aug 15, 19 11:27 AM

    My wife and I got married at an early age and I knew she loved to fuck and suck dick before we got married. We lived in a small town where everyone knew

  19. Mom Introduces Me To Her Friends

    Aug 15, 19 11:23 AM

    Mom said her friends want to have a male join them for the first time and she told them to come over and I do them both. I was up for it mom said she wanted

  20. Our Secret

    Aug 14, 19 12:01 PM

    I was about twelve when I got a laptop for Christmas. (It was way before Google edited content in any way and parental controls had been developed) By

  21. Saturday Matinee

    Aug 14, 19 11:57 AM

    When I was younger in my later teens I sometimes went to the cinema on a miserable Saturday afternoon and so it was that nearing my eighteenth birthday

  22. Her Next Door: Part 3

    Aug 14, 19 11:52 AM

    Berl's pussy was bare, not hair in sight, plump a deep slit, pink lips poking out, shiny wet, inviting. Exposed like that I bent to seize the moment but

  23. Her Next Door: Part 2

    Aug 13, 19 11:24 AM

    We are not the most agile of people due to our age, but there was a sense of urgency that had us scrabbling at each other, Beryl was feverishly groping

  24. Vixen: Daddy Goes To Therapy

    Aug 12, 19 11:18 AM

    Under protest Daddy took me out to ‘Man Hunt’, a high class male for hire club. He waited outside in the car as I went into the building in what was a

  25. Her Next Door

    Aug 12, 19 11:13 AM

    I never would have suspected that my neighbour was anything other than an extremely respectable lady, widowed, retired, fairly well off, comfortable in

  26. For Angela, The Struggle

    Aug 11, 19 11:06 AM

    Part 1 Well Angela, if you liked the story of my teenage MMF 3-way, here’s one that always makes my toes curl when I remember my 22nd summer. Working

  27. Learning To Swim: Part 2

    Aug 10, 19 11:21 AM

    I was stunned at what Mum said but she was looking fixedly at me as if waiting for a reply, I stuttered stupidly for a few seconds before asking her nervously

  28. Vixen: Sex For Dinner

    Aug 10, 19 11:04 AM

    It was just after midnight when my mother was woken from her sleep. My step-father had been away on business and now he returned early and burst into the

  29. Can't Get Enough Of My Step Daughter

    Aug 09, 19 11:31 AM

    I married a beautiful younger lady four years ago with eighteen year old daughter. And everything went well the first couple of years until my wife started

  30. Learning To Swim: Part 1

    Aug 09, 19 11:26 AM

    My mum was a non swimmer and did not like the idea of taking swimming lessons with a stranger and it was while on a family holiday in Corfu that she asked

  31. Mike's Story: Part 2

    Aug 08, 19 11:51 AM

    We pick up where Part I left off... His lips moving now to a bare breast, then to a hard nipple, Mike groaned out. “Notice you? ‘m going to devour you!”

  32. Mike's Story: Part 1

    Aug 08, 19 11:46 AM

    At 37 years old Mike was on his last tour of duty. In just over two years’ time, he would be ready to retire from the U.S. Army and this last sweet assignment

  33. Knitted Willy Warmer

    Aug 08, 19 11:41 AM

    In high school, when I would drink alcohol, my inhibitions would decrease. The thing I was known to do, was whip out my cock. The flaccid length was 8.5

  34. Doubling Up

    Aug 06, 19 11:39 AM

    Gigi, my ex, was from the Philippines and stood 5 foot 3 inches and weighed 120 pounds. After we were married for about 10 years (and 5 years after our

  35. The Surprise Between Linda’s Legs: Part 2

    Aug 05, 19 12:25 PM

    It had been several days since Linda and I kissed in my room. Jules had friends stopping by and hanging out from morning until night. Wanting to talk with

  36. VIXEN: A Guest For Dinner

    Aug 05, 19 12:22 PM

    My name is Candy Von Krupp and I am the daughter of the world’s richest woman Wanda Von Krupp. I am 18 years old with blonde hair, 5 foot 7 inches high

  37. Stepdaughters Likes It Too: Part 2

    Aug 05, 19 12:18 PM

    After Mandy's brother left... Night one when I went upstairs to tell Mandy I had dinner ready I saw the light on in the upstairs bathroom and the shower

  38. Stepdaughters Likes It Too: Part 1

    Aug 05, 19 12:15 PM

    Stepdaughters Likes It Too Who knew my second marriage would lead me to a sexual discovery? I certainly didn’t; but now I know stepdaughters love it too.

  39. Shemale Surprise

    Aug 04, 19 11:00 AM

    I work at a large financial company in the city, our company uses five floors in a large building, the worker bees working in the bottom two floors, middle

  40. First Time Lesbian

    Aug 04, 19 10:57 AM

    I am a former college swimmer, not Olympic category but a very good swimmer in my smaller college. As my competition swimming days are over I still swim

  41. Dirty, Filthy, But So Fucking Exciting

    Aug 03, 19 11:41 AM

    I have big tits, when I starts playing with them i get instantly wet-cunt. We were on holiday, i was wearing a see-thru blouse with no bra. In the bar

  42. Two Cocks At Doctors appointment

    Aug 03, 19 11:38 AM

    I was at my annual doctors appointment and my Doctor had a intern in training. So he asks me to undress and he examines my Breast and told me to sit to

  43. The Surprise Between Linda’s Legs: Part 1

    Aug 02, 19 12:34 PM

    Shooting baskets on the driveway, I heard a car tires screech and a small collision. A half block away I see the car. When I went after the ball just a

  44. Blind Dating: Part 3

    Jul 31, 19 04:17 PM

    Mum got us to sit on the sofa together, she idly fondled my throbbing cock while I helped myself to her ample soft white tits and the big dark nipples,

  45. My Daughters Teammate

    Jul 31, 19 04:14 PM

    My daughter played water polo during her years attending high school. As a single parent I went to as many games as possible. Now as a single dad it is

  46. My First Milf Experience: Part 4

    Jul 30, 19 11:48 AM

    After two amazing nights of absolutely incredible sex with Jennifer, we awoke the next morning feeling a bit drained. My cock was sore, my abs were sore,

  47. Heaven Found In Moms Top Drawer

    Jul 29, 19 12:48 PM

    I was 19 and always horny. I started noticing the clothes mom wore, short skirts, stockings (this was 1960 ) girdle with garters to hold up the stockings

  48. Blind Dating: Part 2

    Jul 28, 19 11:23 AM

    But mum, I never in my wildest dream........ I know son, me neither, all that stuff I wrote..Oh God, so bloody embarrassing what must you think of me,

  49. Blind Dating

    Jul 28, 19 11:19 AM

    The best thing about blind dating is that you never know who or what is going to show up. I had my own flat after branching out from home and leaving my

  50. New Life For Ruth: Part 10

    Jul 27, 19 11:28 AM

    Ten minutes had passed and after pulling back until he was almost falling from her body, he pushed back firmly and them he was fucking her arse for real

  51. New Life For Ruth: Part 9

    Jul 27, 19 11:25 AM

    The dildo was being removed slowly from her sopping cunt, and Jacob Rees was pushing her legs back and wide the mushroom head of his eight inch prick was

  52. New Life For Ruth: Part 8

    Jul 27, 19 11:11 AM

    “Come in my dear let us have a good look at that delicious body” the men parted to allow her to approach her master, their eyes drooling over her slutty

  53. New Life For Ruth: Part 7

    Jul 27, 19 11:09 AM

    While Ruth was sorting things out in the changing room, she heard the women talking, “must like her to spend this much money on her mind you he’s always

Truth About Me
Today I just learned that one of my friends has passed away which makes my day a little bit sad, but I have learned valuable lesson not to get too attached…

School Love Of My Life
The fact is getting pussy is not that easy, so it takes lots of efforts, patience, charms, and being a well known fucker in your village, and that’s where…

My Sex Affair With My Friend’s Mother
I come from a small village, in a small country during 1965-66 which was prosperous due to the two companies mainly agricultural one producing by products…

Fucking My Cousin
I was a teen boy still going through puberty, masturbating without reason or motivation it would just come to my mind and provided that I am not seen by…

Two Friends Fucking My Mother And My Teacher Part 2
We all forgot who we are having sex with; that lady was my mother. Even she could not care less that I was her son. There are no limits what she would…

Two Friends Fucking My Mother In Front Of Me
Two friends, me and my teacher having sex parties happened few more times, each time better than the previous. In my little perverted mind the idea was…

Two Guys A Boy And Teacher
With two men masturbating each other and having sex with whatever comes along I stayed in contact but rarely would I attend their sessions but not participating…

Sex, Sex And More Sex
From early childhood to adulthood one of the most important occupations you can be good at and more than just good is to be a ‘GOOD FUCKER’. You have to…

Taking Two Cocks In Exchange For Watching One Of Them Fuck His Wife
Growing up in small village was lot of fun, where technology would come last, kids would play outside kicking made up ball all day long on dusty ground…

Fucking My Wife And Her Sister: Group Sex With Wife Her Sister And Her Husband (Part 3) 
In 1967 I was called to serve a compulsory army service. The time to serve was 18 months, far too long for a young man in his prime, plus married. I knew…

Watching Mother Double Stacked
VOYEUR: WATCHING MOTHER BEING FUCKED I was a young boy living with my mother in a very small and narrow room that could fit only two single beds on…

Fuck Me Daddy
I was very young and knew more about sex than most other girls my age I was gossip with my friends and tell them how I play with myself using a hair brush…

Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law (Part 2)
If you have read the first part you would probably wonder after all that I witnessed myself, could marry Ana. Our first sex was awkward. I could not get…

When Mom Is Gone (Step-Father And Step-Daughter)
It was a hot summer night, the only sound in the air was cicadas and repetitive sound of squelching as I penetrated myself with my fingers. Tonight was…

Our Little Encounter 
I’m Tangey and this is my story... I was taking a hot shower and I started thinking of the boy I have a crush on, it was my brothers friend and his name…

Incest From Childhood To Adulthood
I was the youngest child of 5 children, and only child of one man that according to church record or Church birth certificate it states that my father…

Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law
I am now 70 years old man, and this is a true story. It all begin in 1966 in a small village. I was an 18 years old boy, already employed and at every…

Daddy's Little Girl
I am going to be writing this story as if I were the girl. Get ready for the most amazing sex story ever. I was only 12 years old and that is when my…

She Knows Not What She's Doing
I admit it. I am a pervert. My wife of forty-five years is slowly slipping into dementia. I will do anything for her. Not uncommonly, she mixes up reality…

Teaching My Sister The In's And Out's
At the age of nineteen, I joined the army and was sent overseas for two years. I was hurt in a roadside bombing. I lost part of my right hand and lost…

Horny Sister
I had always loved my older sister.Well yeah aren't you suppose to love your sister. But I didn't love her as a sister/brother relationship. I loved her…

The Biggest And The Best
Jane has been working too hard lately and she knew it. She had no other choice, being that she is a manager of a successful company. It was late one night…

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