Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law (Part 2)

by Poslednji

If you have read the first part you would probably wonder after all that I witnessed myself, could marry Ana. Our first sex was awkward. I could not get rid of the images of her ass being high in the air and her pussy filled with cum oozing from her cunt of her brother-in-law. Remember asking her did the man that she lived with for 6 months had a bigger cock than mine, she said "twice bigger."

And she asked me something that only prostitutes would ask is my pussy too wide. What's more troubling me is the fact that her affair really never stopped. I would not know that until my mother told me. Nine months after our wedding (mind you it was in a catholic church) of course that has nothing to do with our marriage and what was going on.

Not long after we got married we were invited by her brother to his wedding in the same village where I got to know her. We accepted invitation and at the given day we went to wedding. It was winter time December and in Europe it could be very cold.

As we arrived the only place we could find to spend two nights of course was with her sister and brother-in-law. Now, knowing what I know, I was on guard. I was observing and studying their faces, their movement’s and body language. Of course there were more than I could wish for signs that they are looking at opportunity to do it again.

Two of us, Ana and me were sleeping on the sofa in the kitchen while her sister and brother-in-law in their bedroom. After a little bit after lights turned off I have insisted on having sex. She was not happy saying "they going to hear us" I said so what. She could not resist and without excuse she submitted. I finished in her as we were not using any contraceptives. I rolled on the other side towards the wall as I insisted to sleep inside facing the wall. I pretended that I have fallen asleep I snoring.

I do not know how long it took, more than one hour when I heard a bedroom door opening. Could not see who was but next I heard a kitchen door leading outside is opening and closing but not all the way as I felt sudden cold air coming from outside. Somebody went out as the toilet was the primitive one in the yard. I waited. Some time passed, I could hear my wife started breathing heavier.

She moved. She slowly put her legs down on the floor, waited few seconds to see if I am moving, then she got up from bed. On her tiptoes she put her dressing gown on, tiptoeing to the door gently opening it and slowly quietly going outside and closing the door behind but not all the way. As the door closes I slowly got up come to the door waited minute or two gently opened the door and walked out as I could not see any of two in the moonlight.

I made few more steps towards the toilet, and on the back of the house was an empty barn. Door was opened as they knew that if they try to close it would squeak. I could hear well known noises coming from inside the barn. I could hear moaning, hard breathing I could even hear noise of air coming out of pussy when pumped and it sounded like farting. I come close to the door not caring any more if they hear me.

They have heard nothing. I decided if they see me I would confront them. But they have not paid attention to anything I could come all the way and stand next to them they would not noticed me. I was watching again my wife being fucked from behind like a cow. Her gown was on the floor her breasts were clearly visible while were squeezed so hard that I thought they going to be pulled out of her body.

Their position, in relation to the door where I was peeping, slightly side way so I could see her bended naked body with her boobs firmly in his hands. He was pumping her so fast and hard that she could barely take breath. I could see her legs shaking. I knew that it is going to be all over soon so I have returned back to bed.

Luckily I have had time to warm up a bit when after about 10 minutes she comes back first, 5 minutes after he walked in. I do think that he fucked her at least 3 times. Now my sperm was in her before his. She laid back to bed, breathing heavily, I pretended that I just wake up and curled up to her ass. Of course I could feel her wetness, but she must have took something with her to wipe her pussy. I was turned on and wanted to fuck her. She resisted but I think that she knew I was outside because she asked me why I am cold. I fucked her twice must say enjoying wet pussy, and as strange as it sound I enjoyed sex more than ever.

Part 3

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