Erotica Stories That Will Make Your Cock Dripping Wet

Erotica stories that will make your cock dripping wet.  Here are quick teasers, Evie’s legs shot up in the air as if she couldn’t wait to have his face stuck between them… While sliding up on top of him in the tub I pressed my breasts to his chest, gave him a tongue-penetrating kiss… His cock was huge, his stomach was wet from the tip of his cock being so wet...

It's What Friends Are For (Erotica Stories)
I was pottering around in my big garden shed when I heard my neighbour, Mai, calling my name so I came outside and went across the big lawn to see...Continue reading

Mom and Son Deciding (Erotica Stories)
My mom and I had started doing it together mostly just for fun and because it was a daring thing to do. After about a month, though, it started to become...Continue reading

Mike's Story (Erotica Stories)   
At 37 years old Mike was on his last tour of duty. In just over two years’ time, he would be ready to retire from the U.S. Army and this last sweet assignment...Part 1Part 2

The Learning Years For Erotic Pleasure (Erotica Stories)   
I was very hard on a lot and would talk to the cousin I had that lived down the road. He was my age also and he was hard on a lot also. We would read his...Continue reading

Seduced By The "Fragrance" (Erotica Stories)   
I was a young teenager, innocent and not knowing anything about women. Women were a mystery to me as a teenager, girls in particular had an attraction...Continue reading

Fingered To Orgasm (Erotica Stories)   
I had to walk five blocks to catch the bus, at every corner while I am waiting to cross the street and as I am waiting to cross I feel a hand going up...Continue reading  

Finger My Pussy (Erotica Stories)   
You know how that I enjoy walking around naked both inside and outside my house. I enjoy going outside in my yard and take a sunbath, on this day I...Continue reading

Greatest Birthday Gift (Erotica Stories)   
I had this most wonderful dream for the entire week, I dreamed that I went down on a seven day six night bus trip to Memphis, Tennessee. It was the...Part 1Part 2

Younger Sister's Beautiful Breasts (Erotica Stories)  
My younger sister started developing breast when she was twelve. She was very proud of them and wore things that showed them off. She would often go around...Continue reading

Uncles Fuck You Good (Erotica Stories)  
I’m 20 and love to fuck. I have numerous men fucking me and I’m still not satisfied. We had a family reunion at my grandparents house and I dreaded going...Continue reading   

A True And Very Sexy Night (Erotica Stories)  
I guess we all have sexual experiences that we can never forget this is a very sexy story about an unexpected situation. My wife and I were quite interested...Continue reading

Fucked By Two Strangers    
I get very restless so I go bar hopping. I like to go to bars where the people are a little wild. I’m 24 and think I look ok. I work out and my body looks...Continue reading    

Jenna Wants Sex Badly (Erotica Stories)
Jenna’s POV I was with my boyfriend, Kyle for 5 months and he still hadn’t put out! Like come on! We were both 17 so it shouldn’t be a big deal! Apparently...Continue reading

More Than Friends (Erotica Stories)  
It's been 2 months since I moved into college, and I love it. There are really hot guys. But before I start let me introduce myself. I am Sally little...Continue reading  

Seducing Mom
“I want it inside me Danny,” I gasped out of breath. “I want you inside me son.” “Oh god mother,” Danny said as he reached down and grabbed a hold of his thick monster. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” Like a pro my son guided his big pole between my legs…Continue reading

Mom’s New Love (Erotica Stories)
“Ooooh God!” Mom moaned, trembling with passion. “Oooooh God! That’s good honey! Ooooh ummmmm that’s soooo good!” If you’ve never had your hands on your mother’s cunt or your face against her bare tits, you have never had the ultimate in sexual delight…Continue reading

A Tale Of Forbidden Love
She couldn’t believe how far he was going into her and he couldn’t believe how incredible she felt. Every nerve ending in David’s cock was submersed in his Mother’s boiling juices. Hard stiff cock blending with soft warm pussy. All ten inches of David was now safely lodged within…Continue reading

Big Sister Is Horny (Erotica Stories)
Mindy slid a hand down her sleek little body and over the soft fur of her bush. She snaked a finger between her thighs and touched the fiery-hot slit of her pussy. The flesh was swollen, throbbing and wet. She was achingly horny, and even her lightest touch felt fantastic…Continue reading

Seducing Mom With Kisses
She spread her legs wider, presenting her mound freely to me. I rubbed the moist swollen lips of her cunt, then thrust a finger tentatively inside. Mom pushed her hips forward, forcing my finger farther inside. I began finger fucking her, as she responded with her belly, humping her pussy…Continue reading

Danny’s Mom Makes Him A Motherfucker (Erotica Stories)
Mom smiled and said, “Good Danny. I love you very much my darling son. As you grow into a man Danny, you will learn that many women, including me, love the taste of a man’s sperm and it’s not unusual for them to want to suck it out of a man’s penis. There is nothing wrong…Continue reading

Caught With My Young Daughter (Erotica Stories)
“Oh, daddy. I want this so bad. I want your big thing in me.” She started to whisper to me, not knowing I was fully awake. Every time she would whisper to me, her hand would go that much faster over her own hairless pussy. I could tell it was very sensuous to her to feel my cock…Continue reading

Little Kisses (Father Seduces Daughter)
I kissed her lips now without abandon. She reciprocated her mouth open her lips moist and hot. I pushed my tongue into her mouth teaching her to French kiss and she learned quickly. My fingers found her clit and very wet pussy. She was soaked. I began to rub her clit…Continue reading

Stepmother Love (Erotica Stories)
“You may find this hard to believe, but I have had some incredibly sexy thoughts about the possibly of our fucking. Not making love, that can come later… right now I need you to satisfy my hot pussy with your hard cock.” Her hand slid down between my legs and grasped…Continue reading

Aunt Sheila And I
She had one of the prettiest pussies I had ever seen! As I examined it I noticed immediately she had a large clit which begged to be licked and sucked on. Her lips were pink and soft and stuck out a little from the rest of her body. Her opening was very wet and juices trickled down…Continue reading

I Seduced My Dad At Fourteen (Erotica Stories)
“Honey, please don’t do this... pleeese.” He sounded sort of pitiful. “It’s alright, daddy, I want this and so do you.” I said, trying to sound grown-up and calm with what was happening. I reached down and put my hand on the bulge in daddy’s shorts and he moaned…Continue reading

Seduction Of Holly
“Jim... be gentle with me. I’ve never had anything that big inside me,” she said softly, her voice quavering with desire. The pressure of his cock rubbing against her clitoris created new sensations of arousal, and she found herself opening her legs wider to admit…Continue reading

Sexting Gets Us Really Hot and Horny (Erotica Stories)
(Shelly) I’m wet just thinking about how incredibly sexy you are and how much I want to bury my face in your body and inhale the aroma that is all yours and suck the sweet nectar from your cock...Continue reading

Mom Falls From Grace (Erotica Stories)
“Oh, God, Brad, oh, God. You’re so big, so big. You’re like a horse. Ohh easy, honey, easy.” She moved to adjust to the monster cock slipping into her. “Ohh, baby, that’s it, easy, honey, push it into mommy easy. Ohh, God, Brad your cock is so good, I need it so much. Mommy really needs you to ride her good and hard…
Continue reading

Horny Housewife Seduces Young Babysitter (Erotic Video)
Horny housewife lift the babysitter up on her lap as she kisses tenderly on her young soft lips and lower her head kissing, licking, and taking mouthful of her young tender breast into her hungry mouth making loud sucking sound as a show she’s really enjoying her ripe flesh…
View video

Irresistible Me ! (Erotica Stories)
Evie’s legs shot up in the air as if she couldn’t wait to have his face stuck between them. He licked and he sucked her pink petals until she came and she almost went into hysterics...Continue reading

18Yr Old Teen Screaming In Furious Fuck (Erotic Video)
She slides her delicate flesh over his hard meat and began riding him slowly picking up pace gradually rocking his still body back and forth. He can’t contain his excitement from her undertaking and began thrusting up furiously ravishing her fiercely making her scream out in pure lust…View video

Son Creampie Stepmom (Erotic Video)
Stepmom feels deliciously naughty as she engulfs every inch of his length greedily and continues riding his hot flesh moving up and down in slow rhythm until he explodes huge load inside her that is now dripping out as he withdrew his spent cock...

Cumming Events (Erotica Stories)
He moved his hand slowly down her tummy and very gently touched her groove. Tracie jumped, then grabbing his finger she guided in to her moist, warm...Continue reading

Gaping Pink Pussy Dripping So Wet (Erotic Video)
Lying on her back legs wide open exposing her beautiful gaping pink pussy she plays with her horny clit rubbing small circle teasing her hot flesh and already she’s dripping so wet, as she starts to cum her tight asshole expand and contract deliciously…View video

Fingered On The Ferris Wheel (Erotica Stories)
His fingers slide underneath my panties, he feels my wet slit. He opens up my lips and finds my swelling, moist clit in between two of his...Continue reading

A Very Hot & Sensual MILF (Erotic Video)
She teases taking him very softly inside her hungry mouth drooling spit all over as she withdrew, she licks his length gently making him so wet with spit before taking him back inside. She’s now on top teasing sliding her gaping pussy lips back and forth along his length before putting him inside her and sighing out loud…View video

Anal Oral Penetration Asphyxiation
His cock was huge, his stomach was wet from the tip of his cock being so wet, Angel grinned knowing he was wet for her she soon got to work sucking his thick large...Continue reading

College Performance Enhanced
“Oh fuck me yeah...deeper...deeper bitch” went Marsha instantly...Oh it had got better...way better...Briony had her finger in Marsha’s arse...then two digits...then easing in the strap on cock...Continue reading

Seduced By...My Personal Trainer? (Erotica Stories)
He spread her lips with his tongue, demanding entry, and she opened her mouth willingly as she pressed her bare skin against his. Her soft breasts mashing against his hard...

My Princess GG! Part 2
Gina opened her legs wider, giving me a full view of her beautiful bush. We made eye contact and we both smiled as I began to gently stroke her sweet...Continue reading

Dying for a Good Fuck
She blew a little air with her lips thinking she was going to have trouble getting it into her mouth. However, she dropped to her knees and gave it a try. It stretched her lips to the limit but...Continue reading

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