Greatest Birthday Gift

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I had this most wonderful dream for the entire week, I dreamed that I went down on a seven day six night bus trip to Memphis, Tennessee.

It was the bus trip toured a lot of where items that belonged to the late Elvis Presley, the king of rock n roll.

Well I was really enjoying getting to see everything that was owned by my idol, we went every where in Memphis, we even went to where he enjoyed going to eat.

I was able to touch many of the outfits that he wore during his concert tours, I got to touch the leather jacket that Elvis wore in his 68 comeback special, I was able to sit inside the pink Cadillac that he had purchased for his mother.

Went on board his airplane the Lisa Marie (named after his daughter) of course, finally we toured Graceland the home of Elvis Presley, we were touring his home when I somehow got separated from the rest of the group.

Well as I was wondering around I happened to find this beautiful diamond pendant that was owned by my idol Elvis. I said to myself that I sure could wish I was given this by Elvis as a birthday gift.

If that happened nobody else would ever get their hands on it, suddenly I thought I was hearing things, maybe his spirit is still in Graceland because I heard him say to me, happy birthday Margaret this is for you.

Elvis placed that diamond pendant around my neck, he said don't let anyone see it, Elvis also gave me a big kiss right on my lips, once again saying happy birthday Margaret.

I then heard him asking if I would allow him to touch my breasts and other parts of my body as a birthday present from him. I told him that he could touch any part of my body he wanted to.

While I’m standing there I feel him placing a hand up inside my blouse and inside my bra, I felt his hand touching my breasts and then lifting one out of my bra and touching the nipple.

He touched the nipple on my other breast too, then he placed my breast back in my bra, next I felt as he puts a hand down inside my pants and inside my panties, Elvis was playing with my pussy.

He even entered two of his fingers inside my pussy lips and began rubbing my clit, last I felt as he entered his fingers in my pussy hole, I was standing there in Graceland being fingered by my idol.

He gave me a final kiss and telling me happy birthday just before the rest of the group caught up. The real diamond pendant was around my neck and when I looked into the case it was there too.

I woke up from my dream and I was still in my bed, but something felt funny around my neck. I touched my neck only to discover I had the same diamond pendant that Elvis gave to me in my dream.

I never let anyone know where and how I got it, this is my secret that I am keeping with Elvis.

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