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  1. A Sisters Passion: Part 1

    Oct 20, 21 10:09 AM

    I was always an adventurous girl when I was younger. Always watching porn but never touching myself I had never had an orgasm until 19 and I was watching

  2. Handy Man

    Oct 16, 21 01:10 PM

    Handy Man Suzy here, of course my Dad calls me Suzy-Q, first day after college ending I laid on bed no hurry to get up, Dad knocked on my door. A carpenter

  3. Sara and Jason Begin

    Oct 16, 21 01:05 PM

    Sara leaned back pulling her tone legs up and curling her toes inwards. She aimed the camera and snapped one photo then adjust and snapped a second. MISS

  4. Caught Playing with myself by my Favorite Aunt

    Oct 16, 21 12:57 PM

    She was a friend of my mom that I called my aunt. She’s incredibly sexy and when she was young she did a lot of modeling for sexy bras and panties and

  5. Morning Shower

    Oct 16, 21 12:55 PM

    Sara looked from her bed as Jason showered watching him deep in thought about the fucking he had just given her. Like always it was magnificent. Sara

  6. Permanent Stand In

    Oct 15, 21 10:08 AM

    My wife Cindy had gotten tired of me being around constantly. Since being laid off during the pandemic we were on each others nerves. Until one day her

  7. High Tech

    Oct 14, 21 10:12 AM

    High Tech A woman of my early forties I have to use computers at work and have a Smart Phone but still amazed at how the younger generation is so tuned

  8. Tightly Handcuffing Wifes Small Titties

    Oct 14, 21 10:08 AM

    This happened several years ago I had gotten my wife a little drunk and removed her top. She was braless so her small titties were on display and looking

  9. Home Nursing

    Oct 11, 21 12:29 PM

    Home Nursing Finishing nursing school and deciding to enter Home Healthcare, I accepted the highest offer, now you may think all Home Healthcare Companies

  10. Exposed as a Sissy by my Wife: Part 1

    Oct 11, 21 12:24 PM

    I told my wife about my dressing up as a woman while we were still dating. She had me dress up for her & model my outfits, which at that time out numbered

  11. Early Winter

    Oct 10, 21 12:11 PM

    It was middle October and there was an early snow storm. Going to need a snow plow this time there was a lot of snow. Searching the internet I found

  12. My Sexy 70 Year Old Aunty

    Oct 10, 21 12:08 PM

    My Old Aunty Gets sexier all the time, I called in last weekend she opened the door to me in a sheer nightie and stockings and drew me in she picked up

  13. Home Coming

    Oct 09, 21 12:41 PM

    Home Coming Hello my name is Bess and I have some things I need to get off my chest or on my chest. My older brother Jake, by four years joined the Navy

  14. The Little One in Bangkok

    Oct 09, 21 12:39 PM

    This time my taxi-driver helped me out with this fantasy of mine. He took me to a hotel of his choice. And this girl - as soon as she entered my room I

  15. My First Gay Encounter

    Oct 09, 21 12:36 PM

    It all started out when I accidentally opened up a gay video while I was watching lesbian porn and almost immediately I got turned on and when I jacked

  16. Submitting to their Friendship

    Oct 09, 21 12:35 PM

    Submitting to their friendship After Jennifer and I had become girlfriend and boyfriend we moved in together in a small 2-bedroom cottage style home on

  17. The Perfect Size

    Oct 05, 21 01:13 PM

    The Perfect Size “How did it go,” I’d heard his car pull into the drive, at the sink I stood when Ted came in through the kitchen door. “About like all

  18. Sissy Cherry Popped

    Oct 05, 21 10:28 AM

    For weeks after work I would go home and get dressed up in my girl cloths. I couldn’t wait to put them on and watch sissy hypno porn. I could fell that

  19. David and Sue's Free Spirit

    Oct 05, 21 10:24 AM

    My name is David and I was her only son , and 23 years old with a 55 year old natural birth mother Sue . I am blond blue eyed , tall skinny 135 pounds

  20. Palm Springs Unexpected Events: Pt 2

    Oct 03, 21 11:49 AM

    The next morning at breakfast he heard about a Swinger Convention in town at the Holiday Inn. They were to also have a large sales display with about

  21. Palm Springs Unexpected Events: Pt 1

    Oct 02, 21 12:45 PM

    Susan and I traveled to many cities during our year in California and Palm Springs was one of our favorites! We would always get reservations at the Desert

  22. Girls Night Out

    Oct 02, 21 12:42 PM

    Girls Night out My mom Sue and her girlfriend Wanda from work went out to one of those places where the girls drinks, are free. I overheard Mom’s friend

  23. Naughty Mum

    Oct 02, 21 12:38 PM

    One night late I was alone in the house with my 60 yr old mother, I was 18 I walked past her bedroom to the toilet as I walked back I heard her say could

  24. Sister, Brother Room Mates

    Sep 30, 21 10:14 AM

    My Brother and I grew up close. We are only 18 months apart in age. As teenagers our bedrooms were in the basement with a shared full restroom and a walkout

  25. Sucking My First Cock

    Sep 29, 21 10:53 AM

    I was drinking at home one Friday evening, when the phone rang. Hey Al want to come over. I asked who is this, he replied your kidding right. I said I

  26. Dancing Queen

    Sep 26, 21 11:50 AM

    A few years ago now when Ballroom Dancing was popular my Mum asked me to partner her at our Dance Hal as I was not too bad a dancer. We were not competitive

  27. I Agreed To Become a Hot Wife For My Husband

    Sep 26, 21 11:47 AM

    My name is Anne. I am 23, 5’4”, petite muscular, 34DD, bubble butt, brunette long curly hair and hazel eyes. My husband James likes my bubble butt.

  28. I Need It

    Sep 25, 21 12:56 PM

    It’s a hot September day here in Florida. I’m by my pool, nude sunbathing. My phone rings and it’s my girlfriend Val. She asks Carol what are you doing.

  29. My Sexy Stepdaughter

    Sep 25, 21 12:53 PM

    My stepdaughter Sandy moved in with her mother and I permanently at the age of 18. Her mother, Gina and I wore little to nothing in the house and that

  30. Me Her and Then Him

    Sep 25, 21 12:51 PM

    My new neighbours moved in and I introduced myself to them. Hi I am Bert. Hello we are Sara and Derek. Remember guys if you need anything let me know.

  31. Three Orgasm Fucker

    Sep 25, 21 12:49 PM

    I’m nineteen and my girlfriend Serena is eighteen. She came over to my house and I caught her naked while she was changing. She gasped. “Michael!” She

  32. Drugged Mom: Pt 2

    Sep 20, 21 10:05 AM

    “You guys stay for dinner and you won’t believe what I am going to show you!” I told them. Quickly after supper I told mom she should get a head start

  33. By Mail

    Sep 19, 21 01:08 PM

    Dear Gwenny, I’m going to be away for a year or so, you know that I will miss you and that I love you very much, our last night together was astonishing

  34. Drugged Mom: Pt 1

    Sep 18, 21 12:46 PM

    I remember always helping my mom and many times she was complaining of her sore back. I did some research and found some Muscle Relaxing Pills that warned

  35. Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 10

    Sep 18, 21 12:42 PM

    Nurse Mom Horrible accident of an eighteen wheeler slamming my pick up into a concrete wall, Mom a highly skilled trauma nurse had me moved home after

  36. Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 9

    Sep 18, 21 12:37 PM

    Morning After No steady girl and no hook up I decided to go home early, much earlier than I had told Mom I’d be in. As quiet as I could be knowing Mom

  37. Drunken Brother gets it All

    Sep 18, 21 12:35 PM

    Mom and dad were gone for a couple days, so my brother and I were left alone, he was a ladies man. He and his best friend were out crushing for chicks,

  38. I Did it a New Way

    Sep 17, 21 10:05 AM

    I was walking around when I decided to step into this bar. I went over to the bar, sat down and ordered my drink. About ten minutes later a guy came in

  39. From Tip to Tip

    Sep 16, 21 10:10 AM

    I was working out at the gym when this guy said you really have a nice form. I was bench pressing and looked over. What did you say. He said I really like

  40. The Night I Took 3 Big Cocks

    Sep 16, 21 10:08 AM

    It was my first time at a gay bar that I had never been in before over half of the men in there were black I got a drink and sat down in a corner booth

  41. Silky Pink Panties

    Sep 15, 21 01:42 PM

    I was in Chicago for a few days. After cleaning up I went down to the bar to relax. I sat there drinking bourbon, when in came this attractive black woman.

  42. At The Barbers

    Sep 15, 21 01:40 PM

    This happened a long time ago. I was just 18 at the time I'm an only child and my parents moved house to live in a little market town ,village in England.

  43. Black and White Mutual Masturbation

    Sep 15, 21 01:38 PM

    I was looking forward to my semester ahead and roommate. On arrival I took my things and went to my room. I walked in meeting my roommate . Hi I am Al

  44. From a Fantasy to Reality

    Sep 12, 21 12:13 PM

    We were going out of town, about a five hour drive, go to and watch a car race. It was exciting as our turn came up to buy tickets. Hotel was booked at

  45. Fucking My Brothers Best Friend

    Sep 12, 21 12:11 PM

    I’m 18 slim 5’2 a blonde with green eyes. My brother’s best friend would always be at my house for my brother. He’s muscular and 6’3 and whenever i would

  46. Submitting at a Family Reunion: Part 4

    Sep 11, 21 12:20 PM

    The Drive Home On the last morning of our Reunion trip at the condo, we all were at the dining table for our last breakfast before we headed home. During

  47. Mom Tied me up with Nylons and Forced me

    Sep 11, 21 12:17 PM

    Mom playing around when we were alone wanted to get a little kinky and use her used nylons to tie me to the bed in some gentle bondage play. I agreed

  48. Son Marries Mother after She Gets Pregnant with His Baby

    Sep 11, 21 12:14 PM

    I was spread totally nude before my son Ron. Thick pussy juice oozed from my clean shaven pussy soaking my asshole. My son Ron was standing fully naked

  49. Loving Cock, Never Knew How Much Fun it Could be to Love All the Way

    Sep 10, 21 10:04 AM

    I used to visit this guy at his house, I knew him for many years. Jim seemed always friendly and comfortable to be with. One late day that I was over Jim

  50. German Foreign Exchange Student: Pt 2

    Sep 09, 21 10:48 AM

    Yes I hurt but at the same time it felt wonderful! I had never had anal sex before . . . I mean never had another man fuck me before with his cock! I

  51. German Foreign Exchange Student: Pt 1 (True Story)

    Sep 09, 21 10:45 AM

    When my wife and I were living in St. Louis we found an ad in the paper about Family’s Taking In Exchange Students. “This might be interesting Bob,” Susan

  52. Submitting at a Family Reunion: Part 3

    Sep 07, 21 05:06 PM

    I awoke in the arms of my cousin. I laid there for a few minutes thinking of what all happened last night. I did remember that my wife, my sister and my

  53. Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 8

    Sep 05, 21 12:08 PM

    The Sex Talk Stock market crash of the 1930’s many people was left without homes. Pap, my dad as many others gathered what they could find building a

Truth About Me
Today I just learned that one of my friends has passed away which makes my day a little bit sad, but I have learned valuable lesson not to get too attached…

School Love Of My Life
The fact is getting pussy is not that easy, so it takes lots of efforts, patience, charms, and being a well known fucker in your village, and that’s where…

My Sex Affair With My Friend’s Mother
I come from a small village, in a small country during 1965-66 which was prosperous due to the two companies mainly agricultural one producing by products…

Fucking My Cousin
I was a teen boy still going through puberty, masturbating without reason or motivation it would just come to my mind and provided that I am not seen by…

Two Friends Fucking My Mother And My Teacher Part 2
We all forgot who we are having sex with; that lady was my mother. Even she could not care less that I was her son. There are no limits what she would…

Two Friends Fucking My Mother In Front Of Me
Two friends, me and my teacher having sex parties happened few more times, each time better than the previous. In my little perverted mind the idea was…

Two Guys A Boy And Teacher
With two men masturbating each other and having sex with whatever comes along I stayed in contact but rarely would I attend their sessions but not participating…

Sex, Sex And More Sex
From early childhood to adulthood one of the most important occupations you can be good at and more than just good is to be a ‘GOOD FUCKER’. You have to…

Taking Two Cocks In Exchange For Watching One Of Them Fuck His Wife
Growing up in small village was lot of fun, where technology would come last, kids would play outside kicking made up ball all day long on dusty ground…

Fucking My Wife And Her Sister: Group Sex With Wife Her Sister And Her Husband (Part 3) 
In 1967 I was called to serve a compulsory army service. The time to serve was 18 months, far too long for a young man in his prime, plus married. I knew…

Watching Mother Double Stacked
VOYEUR: WATCHING MOTHER BEING FUCKED I was a young boy living with my mother in a very small and narrow room that could fit only two single beds on…

Fuck Me Daddy
I was very young and knew more about sex than most other girls my age I was gossip with my friends and tell them how I play with myself using a hair brush…

Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law (Part 2)
If you have read the first part you would probably wonder after all that I witnessed myself, could marry Ana. Our first sex was awkward. I could not get…

When Mom Is Gone (Step-Father And Step-Daughter)
It was a hot summer night, the only sound in the air was cicadas and repetitive sound of squelching as I penetrated myself with my fingers. Tonight was…

Our Little Encounter 
I’m Tangey and this is my story... I was taking a hot shower and I started thinking of the boy I have a crush on, it was my brothers friend and his name…

Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law
I am now 70 years old man, and this is a true story. It all begin in 1966 in a small village. I was an 18 years old boy, already employed and at every…

Daddy's Little Girl
I am going to be writing this story as if I were the girl. Get ready for the most amazing sex story ever. I was only 12 years old and that is when my…

She Knows Not What She's Doing
I admit it. I am a pervert. My wife of forty-five years is slowly slipping into dementia. I will do anything for her. Not uncommonly, she mixes up reality…

Teaching My Sister The In's And Out's
At the age of nineteen, I joined the army and was sent overseas for two years. I was hurt in a roadside bombing. I lost part of my right hand and lost…

Horny Sister
I had always loved my older sister.Well yeah aren't you suppose to love your sister. But I didn't love her as a sister/brother relationship. I loved her…

The Biggest And The Best
Jane has been working too hard lately and she knew it. She had no other choice, being that she is a manager of a successful company. It was late one night…

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