School Love Of My Life

by Poslednji

The fact is getting pussy is not that easy, so it takes lots of efforts, patience, charms, and being a well known fucker in your village, and that’s where the key lies. The village is a closely knit community where you get to know all the girls, widows, divorced women, and even married women that are known to easily and ready to jump in bed with you when opportunity knocks.

The best way to gather the information is by going to confession. Just say to the priest “Sorry father for I have sinned with a married woman.” That is sufficient for now. The priest would not be able to contain his curiosity with which woman you slept with.

So he is going to ask, “Son you must tell me the name of the woman in question so I know if she is lying to God about her sins.” “Yes father,” you say and spit out any name that comes to mind. Any lady that rejected your good intention to fuck and you know that she has fucked one of your friends.

The priest might not know that particular woman is fucking around and he might give you a tip by saying something like “Oh, her, I thought it was a butcher’s wife.” So you walk out of the confession with one more lady that you can develop strategy to get to and fuck her.

One of my friends had a very pretty sister. She was about my age, but untouchable by any men as far as I knew. I have watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady. All the boys in the village wanted to go out with her. She was the daughter of a village blacksmith.

Two of us attended our last year of school, separated by two classes one held in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Coincidentally both of us were sitting at the same table made out of bench and table as one single unit with a small pocket under, where you place your bag.

One day when the class finished and we were just about to go home, as I was getting the bag out under the table pocket, a little neatly folded paper fell on the floor. I pick it up and put in my pocket deciding to look at it after, I come home almost forgetting folded paper in my pocket I unfolded and noticed it was very nicely and neatly written. I started to read;

“Dear S (my name) I have made a difficult decision to write this note to you, secretly hoping you are not going to find as I feel embarrassed writing it. I know as I have been watching you that you have feelings for me by the way you looked at me, taking every opportunity to be close to me and I have been doing the same. Please leave the note under the desk as I have and let it be our way of communicating if you wish…XXX Signed L.”

Of course I immediately wrote back with a little note. I said, “I am totally taken by surprise, of course I fell in love with you but because of my family status as being poor I would never have the courage to tell you about my feelings for you.”

From then on every day there was a note waiting for me under my desk, with one of mine in place. Unfortunately for both of us there was no opportunity to be alone together for fear of being seen and the problems we would have to deal with if students know about our secret “relationship”.

We finished school and sadly went our way without touching each other and yet being madly in love. I was sent by my company to work in another state. I would come home at every opportunity I get and one of the visits was the most memorable. I arrived by train to visit one of my stepsister. I was surprised to see them all getting dressed up only to be told that they were going to the wedding of my stepsister’s brother-in-law. She said, “You coming with us and you do not need invitation as you are family.”

That afternoon at the reception was my love, the girl from school. She looked more mature, with her body more prominent showing her feminine side the one that I have not seen before. Our eyes met, we just stood looking at each other with emotions running wild. She winked going to my sister and whispered something to her.

After few minutes my sister came to me, she spoke softly on my ear saying that L would like to see me later alone.

The wedding party started, the first dance with bride and groom was over and the floor was opened to all who want to dance. Not having a partner I was dancing with my sister. Not noticing L approaching us, I noticed my sister’s hand was leaving mine and a new hand was touching me. I look and it was L swapping with my sister. My God, looking directly at her and being so close to her was indescribable. She smiled seeing my surprised and excitement.

During the dance I was holding her hand up with one hand and with the other hand holding around her waist. That was the first time I could get close to her. Almost touching faces she whispered to my ear, “After this dance wait one more then come out to the garden I will be waiting for you.”

I waited until next the dance was nearly over, I walked towards the door grabbing a drink from the tray on the way out and walked into the garden. At first I could not see anyone until I felt two hands grabbing me from behind around the waist. Without a word I turned around face to face with L.

Our heads came together, our lips met with each other, we kissed passionately. She pulled me into the shades of the garden. With her long silky dress she looked like an angel in white. “Oh S I have waited so long to be with you alone and here we are, I have been missing you so much.” I whispered to my sweet heart.

My hands went low around her bottom, pulling her closer as if I want her to join my body into one. She didn’t resist even pushing her lower body towards me. I could feel the outlines of her fine body and every curve with my hands and fingers on her ass slit.

I whispered in her ear, “I want to be with you.” “You mean you want to fuck me?” she asked. “Yes” I whispered, almost out of breath.

“No, we can’t do it here. If we are away for too long, they are going to look for us. Look I am sleeping alone in my room with the window facing the street. When we leave the wedding it is going to be well after midnight, come to my house I would open the window. You can climb in. I will be waiting for you.” She left me in the garden for few minutes as she returned to the wedding party. I returned to the party after five minutes.

I could not wait for the wedding party to end. It was well after midnight, people started to go home. I looked towards L and she gave me sign that she is going home. She left saying good night to some people, approached newlywed couple wishing them all the best then walked out.

Looking back she knew that I am watching and made a show to me this is what you going to get as she moved her bottom left and right to the music that was still playing. To me it was intentional teasing but to others it appeared as if she made a last few dancing steps. It was all too sexy and cheeky.

I waited another twenty minutes and started to move slowly towards the exit. My sister met me at the door asking if I am going home. I said, “I was going to sleep in your house but I have made…” “I know, I know!” She stopped me in half sentence. She winked and said, “Good luck, my brother.”

I went to the street saying goodnight to everyone. I decided not to walk down the street towards L house, but I started walking on the opposite side, walking around the block coming to the house from opposite side. As I approached her window I pulled myself up and I was in her room. She helped by sliding the curtain on the side. As soon as I stepped on the floor she wrapped her hands around my neck kissing me everywhere. She was wearing nighty which was soft and fluffy. She started removing my clothing and dropping them on the floor in a rush. She pushed me on the bed and jumped on top of me.

I told her how much I love her, she said, “I know, I knew that long before the first note I left for you.” We kissed passionately not having enough of each other, caressing, kissing and touching every part of our bodies. I did not count how many times we had sex, after 3 hours of intensive love making it was time for me to go.

She whispered, “I want you to stay with me. When am I going to see you again?” “I can’t stay I have job that I must return to. Please write to me, at least keep in touch,” I said. It was already early morning. I dressed up while she was sobbing. I just could not let go of her.

“I am staying one more day, do you want me to come tomorrow night?” I asked. “Yes please. Come the same way I will be waiting for you.” She replied and I left. We have been together one more night, repeating all from previous night. We parted with much tears and sadness. I have never seen her again.

I left the country and returned 43 years later. I asked about her and was told that she got married and had bad marriage, and for whatever reason she jumped to her death, committing suicide. After hearing the devastating news I almost died myself. For weeks I was not eating and it was my friend who helped me to get through this ordeal.

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