She Knows Not What She's Doing

by Tim

I admit it. I am a pervert. My wife of forty-five years is slowly slipping into dementia. I will do anything for her. Not uncommonly, she mixes up reality with her fantasy world. It's sad but true. She comes out with all kinds of things. Especially about her sex life.

Stories of her sex life before we were married. At first I was hurt and angry. I realized after a while, it was just in her head. Things would level out for awhile and then she'd spin downward to a new level.

Always very attractive and well groomed, to look at her you would never know she was having problems. At 70, she was as beautiful as ever. After supper she would go put on her nightgown and we'd watch TV before bed time. I couldn't help noticing she had stopped wearing her underwear.

I loved it. I looked as much as I wanted and she didn't care. I told her how pretty her pussy is, as she just smiled. I asked her if she would spread her legs for me. She said, no problem honey. Spreading her legs, showing her pussy seemed to make her happy too.

I asked if she remembered shaving her pussy when she was younger. She never did but I wanted to see where this could lead. She said, of course she did. It felt good honey. You remember me showing your friends. She never did that either.

But, the next night she was as bald as the day she was born. Now I got to watch her bare pussy to my heart's content. I eventually asked her to finger her pussy while she was sitting there. As always, she said no problem honey and finger fucked her pussy openly in front of me all night.

I never fingered her asshole before either. So I asked her one night if she remembered me fingering her asshole and how much we both enjoyed it so much. She said, did we, I can't seem to remember. Go get the lube and get to it. She said it felt great and was glad we hadn't forgotten.

I did both holes at the same time. Making sure to be gentle and bring her to orgasm. She always was a great cock sucker so I became obsessed with getting head whenever I wanted it. I started fucking her face like her pussy. If I felt like a blow job while playing with her, I just had to ask.

In my evil mind, I came up with all kinds of things I wanted to do with her. Anal sex, two on one sex, and toy sex were all part of her final days before placing her in a home. I miss her I miss getting my cock off too.

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