The Biggest And The Best

by Jess
(New York City )

Jane has been working too hard lately and she knew it. She had no other choice, being that she is a manager of a successful company. It was late one night as she walked through the door, kicking off her heels while locking the door behind her. It's been too long since she had a man in her life but after all she's been through, she was better off this way. She walked past the kitchen and into the bathroom, filling up the bath tub with hot water, just the way she liked it. She unbuttoned her blouse and stripped slowly, feeling her nice and tender breasts right before removing her black lace bra. Slowly entering the hot bath, she finally found her stress melting away in the hot water, when that thought she tried pushing away all day came crashing through her mind again.

Eric, her best employee out there standing shirtless in her mind, staring at her as though he wants to taste every bit of her so bad. Jane opened her eyes and Eric disappeared, knowing very well how far from reality that dream will ever be. Eric was a married man, who was always kind and sweet to her, having a personality only a manager can wish for. But she wanted much more. Her body ached for his touch and for his gorgeous smile to meet her lips. She didn't realize how bad she wanted him right then and there, that she found herself fingering herself deep.

She closed her eyes again. There he was again, shirtless with his jeans buttons open. She saw herself coming closer to him, feeling his rock hard cock right underneath his half open jeans. She pulled it down and then his blue tight boxers. To her disbelief she saw his huge round cock pointing straight to her face, and all she could think of doing is licking it up as her mouth watered. Eric grabbed her hair lightly bringing her face closer to his rock hard penis. He's been wishing for that for too long now and all he wanted was for Jane to lick him down and swallow his hot cum down to the last drop. And so she did.

But still her wet pussy started aching for his huge and round cock to pound her pussy until it hurts so bad. She leaned back onto the floor stretching her sexy legs apart, showing off her pink and wet tiny pussy. Eric came closer without thinking twice, rested his cock on her wet pussy, hitting it twice, and without warning, jammed his way in. Janes eyes grew big, as she had never felt such a big cock in her tight pussy, not even with her ex boyfriends or ex husband. Eric didn't seem to care. All he wanted was to rip that pussy apart and pounded her dripping wet pussy until he couldn't take no more.

His cum shot up her vagina but then he started going again. As he was fucking her so hard, cum came dripping out on her sweet tiny ass, dripping onto the floor. Jane felt like she couldn't breath anymore and begged for him to stop, while wishing for him to continue to fuck her little pussy as hard as he could. Jane felt her body shiver as she came. Her eyelids flew open and another shiver came tingling down her body as the water in the tub got cooler, too cool for a hot bath. She had an awesome moment with Eric in her mind and kissed his sweet lips before getting out of the bath. After all, Eric is a married man, but nothing stops her from having a little affair in her mind.

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