Teaching My Sister The In's And Out's

by Sam
(Elk city Oklahoma)

At the age of nineteen, I joined the army and was sent overseas for two years. I was hurt in a roadside bombing. I lost part of my right hand and lost the movement of my right leg. Having extensive surgery on both I had to be released from the core.

After returning home my parents took care of me for a few months. Then my sister knows twenty-two came to see me. She lives in the next town over and works at a local law office. We haven't seen each other since I left on deployment.

Susan is about five foot five very pretty with long blond hair and for my sister has a nice body. Susan invited me to come stay with her for a while and give mom and dad a break. Susan and I have always got along. Always had a good time telling jokes and talking about our lives.

After settling in at Susan's place we began to talk about all the good time that we had. I still needed help getting around and even needed help getting in and out of the tub at times. Susan did not seem to mind even though it was embarrassing to me at times.

One day I was really hurting and needed to soak in the tub. Susan helped me in and tried to soothe me by talking about old times. That didn't seem to work so she began giving me a very soft sponge bath.

"Does that feel better J?"

James is my name but sis always called me J. I do not know why but it just stuck. She continued washing my shoulders and neck with the warm water. My eyes were closed trying to relax and forget about the pain.

"So how many girls did you sleep with over there?"

"None sis we were too busy fighting."

"So you haven't had any for two years?"

"Sis I have never had any I am still a virgin."

Susan kissed me on the forehead and then on the cheek. I did not think anything of it till her hand made its way to my inner thigh.

"I'm fine down there it's my back muscles and shoulder sis."

"Well, I think I have the solution to help everything."

She stood up and removed her clothes and climbed in the tub with me. She looked amazing my shaft got hard in just a few seconds. Susan grabbed my hard shaft and began sucking on the head.

"I never knew you were so big J."

Her warm mouth engulfed my swollen head again it was no time that I was thrusting into her throat. Susan Gagged on it a couple of times before I shot my load for the first time in a girls mouth. Susan placed herself over my face asking me to lick her clit. As my tongue flicked her clit she began to moan forcing my face deeper into her mound.

Susan tasted so good her juices running down my chin as she came. She helped me out of the tub and to the bed. I laid there on my back as she mounted my erect cock and began to ride it. She pounced on it like a jack rabbit our flesh slapping against each other. Susan thrust her head back in another orgasm. My balls pulled up tight my eyes rolled back into my head and I released another load deep inside her.

We laid there trying to catch our breath I could not believed my sister just gave me my first piece of ass.

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