Two Guys A Boy And Teacher

by Poslednji

With two men masturbating each other and having sex with whatever comes along I stayed in contact but rarely would I attend their sessions but not participating. I guess that my presence and watching them was turning them on.

After the session we would talk mainly about sex, girls, schoolgirls and woman that they knew they could fuck any time they want. I was curious about younger girls that they get to fuck. “Where do you have sex with them?” I asked. Here in this room, it makes a bit harder to talk them into coming to the house but it does happen.

“Next time you get a girl would you tell me I would like to watch what you do with her?” In my mind I could imagine a young girl wanting to have sex with two older men that by their age old enough to be her father. Just thinking of how two men exploit young school girl made me cum. I could not wait to witness that.

Not waiting long, I was told to come this evening. I was excited, turned on and wanted to know who is the girl agreed to have sex. I come early, pour myself a drink, the man laughed and I could tell they are looking forward to as much as I do see who the girl is to be fucked.

We heard a gentle knock on the door. The person who walked through the door left me with mouth opened and my eyes almost popping out! My heart jumping to my throat, as the young lady walked in and stopping half way closing the door after seeing me. “What is he doing here?” she asks looking at me. One of the men stood up walked closer to her and almost whispering in her ear saying, “It is OK, you can trust him, please just come in.”

Her beautiful blue eyes gazed at me she said, “I am not so sure it is OK. For God sake I am his teacher. How am I supposed to look in his eyes after this?” Both man come closer and started convincing. No, no she was saying I just can’t. “Why didn’t you tell me that he is going to be here I would not have come?” They were begging her; we have promised him that he could watch. She was blushing, extremely uncomfortable with my presence.

I need to talk to two of you without him. I opened my mouth and the words could barely come out my mouth, “Do you want me to go?” “No don’t go just stay at the door, for me it is embarrassing as it is because you know as much as they do and it makes no difference now.” It took couple of minutes and they called me back in.

“Ok,” she said, “I need you to know that if you tell anyone what you are about to witness I could and I will be severely punished and even expelled from teaching.” I become more confident knowing now that I am holding strong card in my hand. Once she agree to stay and take part in whatever is to take place, which I could not even began to imagine what they are going to do.

She sat down and said that she needed a drink, strong. She turned to me and asked me something that made me blush, “Did you have sex?” I could not open my mouth just nodded. One of the man started explaining to her saying, “He is more mature than his age, smarter than most of the boys in the village,” at which she nodded saying “Yes I know that as he did come to my attention with his intelligence,” “Thank you,” I thought.

I could smell her perfume, the soap that she probably just used having shower before coming. I knew that she was single and came to the village straight from college. That was her first job.

God she have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. Again she turned to me saying my name, telling me to come closer to her. Closer she repeated. She stretched out both palms of her soft hands placing them on my cheeks and with no warning she put her lips on mine. My God I was kissed on the mouth by my teacher. I could feel her well developed breast poking my chest. The two men just watched. She said she feel hot and started undressing. My eyes were glued on her.

She said my name again and apologetically said to me, “This is not what I wanted, not with my student present but now that you are here I have no way of walking out of this, I just need a good fucking once in a while. I just can’t find a good fucker in the village this is the best I could find, and those two old fuckers are good.”

Hearing her saying dirty words made my little cock jump in my pant. She stood up crossing over to the two fuckers and sat in between them. The game started. They started by kissing her massaging her boobs and then they come out. Both men kneeled on the floor in front of her, one of them starting to work on her blouse until it comes off. Soon her well develop breasts comes out. Both men took each of the breasts in the mouth almost all the way as if they swallowed. I could see her head falling backward with her eyes closed.

One of the men stood up in front of her his big cock standing up in line with her mouth. She took his cock in her hands and stuffed her mouth with it. I could see her tongue licking his shiny cock head swirling her tongue over his pissing hole. The other men stood up and she took his big cock in her mouth. She allows them while taking the rest of her clothes off. Totally naked they asked her to sit on the couch, one of them stepping up on the couch started to fuck her mouth. The other man was stretching her legs wide open and he stuck his tongue in her pussy.

I could not blink. Suddenly I saw one of her hands pointing at me her index finger folding calling me over. Approaching them just for a second she stopped the man pumping her mouth saying, “I want you to kiss me and put your face next to mine, I want to see your mouth fucked in turns.” Oh God.

With two mouths opened mine and hers the man started stabbing his cock in turns in my mouth and hers. She said we are all going on the floor. “I want our face opposite each other at the bottom and I want us get fuck in turns. You and I are going to be fucked good looking at me.” This is turning me on.

She bends over and went on her hands and knees, do the same telling me before I knew I could feel a huge cock in my little ass. She moved forward a bit so I could see her ass and stretched pussy. Her bottom was up and one of the men slowly was pushing his cock in her ass. She let out a scream. As our asses become wet the cocks slide easily in and out.

Teacher and I were getting fucked well in the asses, and it was time to change position. She was the conductor of the team. She told one of the men to sit on the sofa, she come up on top of his cock slowly guiding the huge rod in her pussy. She called me over and ordered, “I want you to lick my clitoris while the cock is in my pussy.” Oh God. She sat completely on the cock and bends his upper body backward exposing her pussy with his cock deep inside her vagina.

I come in between her legs and started licking with my tongue a sultry sticky clitoris spreading her pussy lips as wide as I could. My tongue was touching the men’s cock inside and I found room between his cock in her vagina and I stuck my tongue in her pussy next to the cock.

“You doing that well, now I want you to fuck me at the same time. Find a room and push your cock next to the one already in.” MY GOD it is more than I can asked for. It felt heavenly. The man at the bottom stopped pumping her leaving me to do it myself. I ejaculated. She said, “Pull it out and called the other man to enter my pussy.” Two cocks in one pussy were more than I could comprehend. I am going to lose my mind I thought.

One man pulls out his cock and finished in her mouth. “Come here,” she called me. I did, “Kiss me,” she said, with sperm all over her mouth we kissed. The other man said he is going to come. She took his sperm too in her mouth half way then she passed his cock into my mouth. She was so excited by that she started kissing me with her tongue deep in my mouth. We all enjoyed group sex that it continued for the next few months until the end of school year.

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