Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law

by Poslednji

I am now 70 years old man, and this is a true story. It all begin in 1966 in a small village. I was an 18 years old boy, already employed and at every opportunity during the long weekends would come home where mother and older sister lived. I have a close friend who is alive and we do talk about the subject as he was present when I have saw the girl for the first time and fell in love with.

The girl walked out from the house with a friend that I did know but was not interested in her, few houses down from where two of us standing. The girl I knew and the new girl stared walking toward us and soon four of us met introducing to me the new girl that I straight away have favored over the other girl I knew.

I have invited them into the house, we had couple of glasses of beer and my relationship with Ana that was her name stared. As I become more and more drawn to Ana, we, after few outings to cinema and local lake, and few kisses, holding hands in the cinema during the movie, I asked her would she come with me as I have to return to work Monday.

She said that she must tell something and what she admitted to me shocked me. She said before I give answer to go with you I must tell you something. "I was married and living with a man for 6 months." I looked at her pretty face in disbelief thinking "how could that be when she is so young - not even 18?" She saw my shock and surprise but said, you see I had to tell you as I know that you are going to find out.

"I ask her why she left the husband. Because she was so attached to his mother and paying attention to her more than me." I have decided that because I love her I could get over that and that I am old enough to accept the fact that she was with another man. We talked about some other thing and she said that she would have to go to the man’s house to pick up her stuff clothing and some other things.

I told her that I would go with her at what she agrees. Because it was summer, we agree to go earlier as we have to walk 12 km to the ferry and decided to leave at 6 am next morning. I said I would be at your home 15 min earlier. Next morning, very impatient to see her and not paying attention to the exact time I went to her house half an hour earlier.

I walked into the front yard as her sister must have just left for work and walked to the door leading into the kitchen. The door was locked. I called her name no answer. There was a small kitchen, bedroom with a small window. I approached the window and looked through. The bed straight on the opposite side and not very far from the window as the room was relatively small.

What I have seen made my heart jump into my throat. From behind and not being visible to either of them my future wife was on her back with her bottom and legs up on the shoulders of her brother-in-law, his ass was looking straight towards the window. His cock was all the way in her pussy while his balls where bouncing on her ass.

I could see sperm coming out of her pussy and spilling over her ass hole. I could not move paralyzed and my cock was jumping and I have ejaculated at the same time in my pants. He whispered something and she rolled over on her tummy, while he pull out a biggest cock I have ever seen, smudged in sperm all the way to his balls. Not for a second do they looked at the window.

At one moment while Ana was rolling over I have a glimpse of her wide open pussy. He entered her pussy again from the back while her legs were pulled slightly apart. From where I was I could clearly see his cock coming all the way out and going in, smudged in sperm. Oh God that man could fuck. He was pumping her for about 10 min without stopping. I felt sorry for Ana.

I must admit that I have never seen real fucking and not that up close. Seeing that he has ejaculated again, and in fear that I would be seen I hate to go out of that house. I walked silently on the street. Calm down, collecting together myself, entered the yard again as it was just about the time we agreed to leave to another town. I started whistling and called her name. She answered saying to give her 10 min just to put a bit of make up on her face.

I was surely red in my face but I decided not show that I have seen what just happened at any cost. Finally she walked out and we went on our way. God I have had urge to fuck her myself knowing that she is full of cum and still hot being just fucked so hard. She must have put her menstrual nappy between legs to prevent sperm leaking down her legs. Of course knowing what I have witnessed made our conversation awkward and I would avoid looking her in the face.

Arriving at Danube ferry she told me not to cross over as it would be embarrassing to bring new boyfriend to the home of her ex. I returned home, she told me that she won’t take long there just pickup few things. I come back home and waited for her return. My older sister was home and talked. My sister asked me do I have serious intentions with Ana, I said that I do and I want to marry her. My sister nodded with her head and told me a story.

Ana's sister, my sister and mother where working together in a small factory. During hot summer months they would start working early to avoid summer heat. That was the reason that Ana's sister already left home before 6 when I arrived and witnessed what took place at her sister’s place watching through the window. I was not saying anything what I saw to my sister that morning.

But my sister told me: One morning Ana's sister come to work sobbing and crying. The co-workers mostly ladies come around her asking what happened after bit of hesitation Ana's sister said "I just walked in on my husband and my sister in bed having sex". My heart jumped to my throat, I started shaking, my head spinning. I could not take it anymore. I walked out of the house and walked for while headless. Thinking what do I do? How do I deal with this? Do I divorce before marrying her?

On the other hand must admit all of that has happened that day is turning me on, making me love and wanting her even more. All of that took place over just 3 days. Monday I have to be back at work. Not much time to make decision. Ana's returned home not until dusk which added to my agony. Why, where was she, what was she doing all day? I imagined her being last fucked with her former "husband". I MADE DECISION. SHE IS COMING WITH ME AND I WOULD MARRY HER. The story does not end here. If I have more time I would continue if requested.

Part 2

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