Truth About Me

by Poslednji

Today I just learned that one of my friends has passed away which makes my day a little bit sad, but I have learned valuable lesson not to get too attached to anything or anyone as eventually all comes to a squeaking halt sooner or later and you are done. No doubt about that.

When you get older, your cock stops going up, your heart is wanting pussy desperately, any pussy would do, big, small or any in between. But women are looking at you with pity thinking ‘look at this old fart.’

Ok that’s what I am I admit it, but it is in our blood to think of pussy from the day you get some, and you keep thinking about pussy for the rest of your life until you get old and can barely stand on your shaky legs with old man stick in one hand, you know what I mean.

Not far from being 70 years old fart, all you have left, provided you don’t suffer from dementia, is your fucking memories. I do thank the publisher of this site who is willing to approve my stories. They are all true.

I have four beautiful kids with my first and only wife Ana, three daughters and a son. I know if you have read my stories that despite all the fucking that went on with my wife and her brother-in-law, I loved her, my love for her was stronger than all the fucking.

I decided long time ago that I must accept everything or divorce her. Lots of men in my shoes would divorce her or even not marry her as I know all about from second day after we met that she is fucking her sister’s husband.

We got married in 1966 and in 1969 we had daughter, in 1970 we immigrated to Australia. And that is what saved our marriage, taking her away from her fucker. Sadly, four years ago Ana passed away, after long illness.

My last fucking affair was almost two years ago, I know you are nodding your heads saying, “you wish old fart…” but I met a married lady in one of the chats, and decided we are going to meet and fuck.

I was very worried as I knew that I have lost my status as a good fucker long time ago…but I decided to give it a try. I told the lady about my fears and she encouraged me saying, “don’t worry I am not young myself what we have to lose.”

At the time she was 63 and I was 68. We book a hotel room and as soon as we closed the door we hugged and kissed, of course not like brother and sister, you perverts, but for real.

I am not going into details as it might dishearten some of you whims…but I can tell you at 63 her legs did went up on my shoulders. I even managed to fuck her in the ass, I told her that fucking lady in the ass turns me on and she obliged.

First week we spend two nights in the motel and we parted. After I returned home, the following week she called me back. I went back the second time and we fuck some more, and I returned home. To boost my manhood pride, she called me third time for a fuck. So there you are. Old farts do fuck.

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