Mike's Story: Part 2

by Writerme (USA)

We pick up where Part I left off...

His lips moving now to a bare breast, then to a hard nipple, Mike groaned out. “Notice you? ‘m going to devour you!”

The smallish living room, coupled with the unbridled and sudden needful passion and desire for relief in them, left no room on the pillow strewn couch. They didn’t need or want a place to fulfill the need of the animal passion that had erupted in them. All that was left in them was the primal need to couple.

Mike, his mind lost to rational thought, only felt. Felt the body under his lips and hands. Felt the firm smallish breasts his lips were suckling feverishly at, the cheeks of her ass, his throbbing cock and now the scent of this woman calling to him to take her.

His fingers finding the band of material that was the thing she wore, aggressively pulled it to the side and stroked her wetness, found the opening that would soon devour his throbbing cock and inserted a finger deep inside her while his thumb found and put pressure on her clit.

At his touch, Alice moaned, “Now Mike, take me now!” As she did, she spread her legs with her hands feverishly ripping open the pants he wore, ripping them open and shoving them down to slide her hand inside his boxers and find him, to grasp his hardness and stroke it, pull at it and locking her lips to his once again, she stepped back and pressed her back against the wall.

Mike, unwilling an unable to release her, kissed her, nibbled at her lower lip and pressed her against the wall. Removing his finger from her now impossibly wet channel, he grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her up, keeping her against the wall. “Put me in” he groaned.

Their minds, if not rational thought, and their desires now in sync, had Alice as she was lifted from her feet, arching her back against the wall and thrusting her pelvis forward to give him access to her.

Mike, bending slightly at the knees, slid his hands down her ass to her upper thighs spreading her legs open. And pulled them closed to wrap her around and to him.

With his cock dripping pre-cum, her hand firmly holding it and their eyes locked, she gasped, “Now Mike, fuck me, take me” and as she demanded he fill her, she placed the swollen head of his cock at her wet opening.

Mike felt his cock touch her, his mind seemed to explode and with a primal growl he thrust forward with his hips not sliding his cock gently into her into her wet cunt, but forcefully and deeply impaling her.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed, “Yes! Harder Mike, harder!” Alice too was lost, lost in the feeling of fullness, and the sensations centered at her core – his hard thrusts felt as if she would split her apart even as she contracted her muscles to tighten her grip on his cock, as he groaned and thrust deep inside her, sensations she would later be unable to explain even to herself, took control and drove her towards a quickly approaching explosion and intense release.

Mike knew at first contact, at the very moment he was fully sheathed inside her, that he wouldn’t last, that an intense explosion was imminent. Trying hard to hold it back, wanting the feeling of his cock inside of her to last, wanting to stay coupled in this primal need, he trust again and again.

Still feeling his seed rise and wanting this moment to be for her as intense as it was for him, he moved his hands from her hips to the cheeks of her ass, spread them as he thrust and using a single finger, began to rim the tight opening of her ass. As he did, she began to shake, almost vibrate and she gasped yet again. “More please, more, now! I’m ready!”

Hearing this and knowing he was ready, Mike broke contact with her now closed eyes and bent his head, his lips finding a hard nipple, he raked his tee3th over them and as he did, he pushed against her sphincter muscle, the tip of his finger entered her and the intensity of his stimulating her in multiple places all at once drove her immediately over the edge.

Alice screamed loudly, “I’m cumming!” and that was it, Mike too, as he thrust deeply inside her and held himself motionless, exploded filling her with wet roped streams of semen. “Alice! Fuuuucccck! I’m cumming!” he added to her words almost simultaneously. Flashing through their minds at the same time came the thought… “no protection!”

That thought gone in an instant, they shuddered against one another, their breathing erratic and heavy, their minds empty of all but the intensity of the shared intimacy and of the release of what and so instantly flamed inside them.

Alice was the first to crumble, her muscles all but collapsing… Mike, not far behind pulled her to him, stepped to the couch and slowly lower himself, Alice still wrapped around him and he still inside her, to the warmth and softness of the pillows covering the couch.

They each instinctively knew words could not speak of what they had shared and so together, still clinging and coupled, they lay on the couch together and let the calmness, the spent feeling overcome them until the drifted into a semi-slumber… sleep could not come, they wanted what they were feeling to last. Words too would come later… now they were meaningless.

After some time had passed Mike felt himself smiling, felt himself slip from her and gathering her in his arms, he softly chuckled and whispered into her ear “Any more deals like that available?”

Alice, never one to be caught short, chuckled and responded. “Think you can handle another deal like that?”

That’s it, Mike has awakened… want to hear more of the couple’s journey? Let me know by comments or ratings.

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