It's What Friends Are For

by Annon (England)

I was pottering around in my big garden shed when I heard my neighbour, Mai, calling my name so I came outside and went across the big lawn to see what she wanted.

Mai is a really nice lady, very respectable, very proper. She is a widow, her husband Joe being last at sea some years back, but she was happy enough it seemed.

"Hey Mai, what can I do you for??"

"Cheeky. If you have any of those small batteries to hand, do you suppose you could let me have a couple"? she said, blushing a little.

"Yeah sure love, vibro on the blink!?

Mai blushed even more and couldn't meet my eyes....

"Excuse me!"

She sounded outraged and indignant, but I soldiered on, twitting her that like many ladies on their own a few little pleasure toys must always be welcome in a bedside cabinet.

"Really!? must you be so certain that I would entertain such.......implements. I'm cross with you that you could think of me in that manner. Good day to you Robert"

With that Mai flounced away in a head tossing humph, leaving me smiling to myself and guessing I was right. It was an hour or so later that I did in fact pick up a couple of batteries and hopped over our fence and knocked on Mai's kitchen door which she answered after a minute or so and looked at me sour faced...

" Yes Robert"?

" Oh, Mai, look err, I'm sorry if I offended you earlier I really am, I wouldn't annoy you in any way."

" All right Robert, now what can I do for you."

I held out my hand and the two batteries, I saw her blush slightly......

" Oh! errr! tha...thank you Robert, thank you very much"

Mai met my gaze, we simply stood looking deeply into each other's eyes, there was chemistry beginning to brew.

" Anything more you need, Mai"?

" No..that is..Yes in fact there is something more, Come inside, Robert"

I followed her into her lounge and waited while she rummaged briefly in the pullout drawer of her sofa.

"Can you fix this....Implement, Robert."

I stood transfixed staring bug eyed at the most realistically sculpted figure of an erect penis, big, girthy, blunt mushroom headed flesh coloured dildo.

" I can't get it to work."

Her blushes were no longer there as she handed me her toy. I twisted the case off and shook out the two batteries....

" These are in the wrong way, my dear"?

" Oh! two weeks or so ago. Can you fix it Robert"?

" Of course, Mai..........I can be more use to you than this though if you prefer."

I said, holding up the object of her need.

" Robert! What naughty train of thought, are you seriously hinting that and I...that is that I might....Goodness me what a disgusting........"

"Mai! do you fancy a good stiff shagging, you remember....a man between your spread legs, sniffing and licking your itchy burning pussy, sucking and licking your clit, stuffing you full of hard cock, good solid throbbing man meat, burrowing deep inside your hot wet velvety cunt....."

"Stop it stop it Robert, Oh GOD!...what are saying, what do you think I am that I should allow such filth and debauchery to be performed on my person, you are outrageous Robert......"

There was a long silence, I moved close to Mai, she was visibly trembling, slowly I took her in my arms and kissed her. Without another word she led me upstairs. I threw the dildo on the sofa.

For her age, the good side of Seventy, Mai still sported a really terrific body, full figured and curvaceous, large heavy undrooping breasts, big brown nipples, beautifully slightly curved belly supported by a prominent vulva, legs stunningly turned and shapely with thick thighs topped off with a fabulously cock stiffening bottom, twin cheeked and split by a deep cleft. No stranger to men though, Mai deftly got my clothes off then stepped back to survey me, as I did her.

" A fine figure of a man Robert...Oh, and rousing yourself it seems"

She stood back and giggled girlishly as my erection grew and boasted in its full Eight and a half inch beating glory, its urgency transmitting itself to its feminine subject. Mai fingered the catch on her bra, the twin cups fell away, her big white brown peaked tits bobbled free.

" I think, Robert darling, you had better remove my knickers, they feel a little bit uncomfortable now."

In a flash I was at her feet and looking straight at her tight bulging crotch. Mai had said she was feeling uncomfortable in her knickers, the reason was not hard to figure, her gusset was a bit soggy. Slowly I rolled the soiled garment down her full white thighs, she shivered, I could feel her heat on my face, her feminine smell in my nose, my cock raged the beat wildly. But it was her naked hairless pussy that drove me wild. I never imagined a woman of her age shaving her pubes.

Mai looked down as I looked up and as our eyes locked on she reached to clasp my head and gently but firmly pull it into her crotch, the madness overwhelmed us both then.

End of Part 1

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