Greatest Birthday Gift: Part 2

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

After I had this dream about going on a bus tour down to Memphis Tennessee where Graceland is, down in Memphis I toured through everything and saw and even was able to touch everything that was owned by my idol Elvis Aaron Presley.

In Memphis I touched every outfit Elvis wore on his concert tours including the black leather outfit Elvis wore in his 68 comeback special, of course my two favorite things was WHEN Elvis placed hi diamond pendant around my neck and had my entire body including my breasts and my pussy touched by the hands of Elvis.

I also received A huge kiss by Elvis, he said HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGARET he told me to never allow anyone know that his diamond pendant was around my neck, to this day nobody knows about my having a huge very expensive diamond pendant owned by Elvis Presley and I had awakened from my dream to find the same diamond pendant around my neck.

Elvis must have known that I had this dream of going on a bus trip to Memphis to tour everything owned and wore, now that I have had this dream and having a very expensive diamond pendant appear hanging around my neck, well I guess can really say that sometimes dreams really can come true.

Now I am back to living my life walking around both inside and outside my house completely naked, to me that is the way we should be living and that is walking around completely naked, as I was doing my dusting and vacuuming my house in my birthday suit as I call the only clothes I wear, there was a knock on my front door.

I opened the front door to find Elvis standing on my front porch, his spirit must have followed me home in my dream, Elvis loves how my body looked, I asked Elvis if he would love to enter my house, he answered yes, he entered my beautiful house, he loved seeing my naked body.

Elvis then removed all of his clothes and come over and sat down on the sofa beside me, this was the very first time that I had seen Elvis naked, Elvis even years after his death still had a gorgeous body, ELVIS HAD AWESOME LOOKING 10 INCH COCK, now here I am sitting on my sofa with Elvis and WE ARE BOTH COMPLETELY NAKED.

Elvis didn't have to ask me if he was allowed to touch my entire body, Elvis and I are now sitting there and he begins squeezing my huge breasts and has my nipples in between his fingers, pinching them, then Elvis starts to suck my nipples, he sucked both nipples for about two hours on each nipple.

I was feeling really wonderful and I felt as my pussy was becoming extremely soaking wet, after about five or six hours Elvis slowly moves down my body, he asked me if we could lay on the floor. both of us are now laying on the floor, he gently spreads my legs apart.

Now Elvis begins by placing his head down between my legs, I am now getting my pussy eaten and sucked by Elvis Presley, he then begins flick and fuck me using his tongue, being as I am laying naked with Elvis, I am calling my pussy hole my sex hole, I also renamed his cock to his 10 inch sex toy.

First he enters his fingers deeply up in my sex hole, going in as deep even deeper and wiggles his fingers while extremely deep fucking my sex hole with his very long fingers, last but not least he enters his big 10 inch long sex toy up in my sex hole.

I am having the most wonderful time of my life laying on the floor of my house with my idol ELVIS PRESLEY and we are both completely naked, ELVIS enters his entire 10 inch sex toy completely in my sex hole.. what a treat is it for me because I am having sex with ELVIS, he is very gentle with me not being rough.

I was having sex with ELVIS AND WE DID FOR FOR AT LEAST SIX HOURS, by the time he had finally pulled his big sex toy out of my sex hole after the enjoyment by having sex with the king I had fifty massive orgasms, but we were not finished with enjoying one anther we took a break for about two hours.

We began all over from my nipples bring sucked to ending with another five hours of enjoying having his big 10 inch sex toy all the way in my sex hole, sex with Elvis that night ended with me having another fifty massive orgasms, then ELVIS and I went to bed, neither one of us got up until about one in the afternoon, I really enjoyed having SEX WITH ELVIS FOR TEN TO TWELVE HOURS, I will never forget it.

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