More Than Friends

by Someone (New York)

It's been 2 months since I moved into college, and I love it. There are really hot guys. But before I start let me introduce myself. I am Sally little and I am 18 a virgin, and I have huge boobs and a big booty.

I live across from my best friend, John Gobb. He has brown hair and piercing green eyes. I myself have long flowing black hair that's wavy and I have blue eyes. It's the summer break and we are both staying.

I was standing in the main wing saying bye to my friends and boyfriend Dwain. Then I noticed John coming over when Dwain left. "Hi John." I said. "Hi Sal do you want to go to the club tonight at 8:00," he asked. "Ok" I said, we have no drinking limit where I live, well we do, but it's 17.


I am wearing a dress going about 5 inches over my knees and a v-line, so it really shows my boobs. I heard a knock on my door. It was John. He was wearing a shirt and jeans. By the look on his face I saw that he thought I looked good, but maybe he wanted more, we'll have to see what the night does to us.

"Let's go" I said. When we arrived it was not very crowded. Only half. All the boys were staring at my boobs and booty then stared at John. One guy came up to John and said "can I borrow her for a private room, you can come, it will be me and my boys."

John looked at me and I nodded "sure but he's coming" I said. John looked surprised as I took him by the hand and lead him to a private room with a pole. "We have 10 minutes hurry." One guy said. "What should I do?" I asked "strip or I punch him," the man said gesturing toward John.

I stripped my dress of. I felt embarrassed because I was grown out of my bra. John was trying to be casual but I saw the grin forming on his face. I was surprised on what John said next "give me a lap dance naked" he said. I was surprised and slowly took of my bra and panties. I sat on his lap and grinder on him.

After a couple of lap dances the time was up. John came up to me and whispered "come we are renting a room in a hotel." He pulled up his car and I rushed in because I was still naked. We drove to a hotel and rented a room. The guests and workers were shocked when they saw me.

I was biting my lip now and fingering me self. We arrived in our room and I threw myself onto the bed. "John, I can't I have a boy." I said. "Ok" he said, but let me get us drinks. I'll get some wine. Shortly the wine arrived.

I had to hide because the worker was Dwains best friend. He also showed John my dress and asked if it was his. John said he'll take it because it is his sisters. We drank and talked. He layed down next to me and undressed. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

"Happy birthday" he said. Tomorrow was my birthday, It was also his "I have a present for you," I said, I sucked his cock and we had lots of sex that night. After summer I broke up with Dwain. He complained and he needed me to pay rent. Instead of falling for that fucking shit I married John and lived happily ever after with two boys and two girls named, Lilly(girl), Joe (girl), Rocky(boy), Lev (boy), and lulls our dog.

The End

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