Fucked By Two Strangers

by Shelly (Silver Spring, MD)

I get very restless so I go bar hopping. I like to go to bars where the people are a little wild. I’m 24 and think I look ok. I work out and my body looks good so I wear tight sexy clothes. I admit I wear hardly anything to get men’s attention.

And I don’t wear panties because you never know when you meet someone who you want to fuck. I start drinking and dancing and I’m having a great time. But, I’m horny as hell and want a cock really bad.

I’m watching these two guys at the bar watching me dance and I’m turned on knowing they are talking about me. I go over to the bar and ask them to dance with me. The lights are low and we start grinding to the music. One is in front and the other guy is behind me.

They feel good moving their bodies close to mine and I feel their hard cocks pressing against me. Both are good looking and I’m feeling good. I’m really tipsy and horny and I don’t stop them when they take me outside to a van.

They put me inside and one of them gets in with me in the back and the other one drives off. I don’t know their names but the one in the back with me is kissing me and starts taking my clothes off. He wants me to straddle him and he puts his cock in me and tells me to ride it.

I fuck him slowly and it feels so good. He tells me my pussy is so wet and tight and he’s going to make me cum hard. I’m fucking him faster and tell him his cock feels so good in my pussy. It’s big and thick and my pussy is feeling so good.

I scream that I’m cumming and he turns me over on my back and grabs my legs while he pumps his cock in me hard. I can’t believe how good it feels and I cum again. He shoots his load in me and whispers in my ear. He tells me he is going to fuck me all night after his friend fucks me.

Then his friend gets in the back and puts his head between my legs. He licks my pussy while he puts his finger in my ass and I’m loving it. He’s sucking on my clit and I’m moaning and begging him not to stop. He gets on top of me and puts his huge cock in my pussy and I moan to him to fuck me hard.

He is really rough but I love it. He is pumping in and out and I’m going crazy with pleasure. He grabs my ass and fucks me harder and I scream again as I cum hard. I feel him cumming and he fills my pussy with his love juice. I’m so tired but so happy I found these two men who were giving me all this pleasure.

After a while they both decided to put both their cocks in me. The one with the bigger cock fucked my Pussy while the other one fucked my ass. We fucked for a long time so we could enjoy it. Of course I was the one to cum first and I never had so much pleasure in my life. After we finished they dropped me off at my car and I went home. I was sore but satisfied. Until next time.

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