Seduced By The "Fragrance"

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I was a young teenager, innocent and not knowing anything about women.

Women were a mystery to me as a teenager, girls in particular had an attraction but I was so painfully shy I would stammer and end up so hesitantly when trying to get a date that I usually ended up fantasising and wankng franticaly while imagining fucking a girl.

That changed when Bella, my Mum's best friend appeared on the scene and became a regular overnighter at our house. She was company for my Mum while my Dad was away at sea for months on end and the two of the were more like sisters than friends. We lived in a street of terraced Victorian houses and like most other around were still posessed of the old fashioned outside toilet, a brick built affair with a thick slate roof and wooden bench seat, and damned cold on a winters day or night.

I think I was the only one who used that toilet, I generally did so whilst out with my mates and I could get into our backyard via the rear passageway between the rows of houses. It was this kind of situation that started my education about women of a certain age and outlook.

I'd been hanging out with my mates and as we dispersed I found I needed urgently to have a piss, our yard was the nearest place and made my way there, going through the back gate and going over to the toilet. The sight that greeted me when I pulled open the door stunned me.

Sitting on the wooden bench seat, skirt bunched around her waist, her once white kickers around her ankles, her white rounded beefy thighs spread wide sat Bella, head back eyes screwed tight shut, mouth hanging open and with a hand between her legs and doing something in the luxuriant forest of brown hair that grew there.

Panic ensued, in a flash she snapped her legs together while trying to pull up her kickers and pull her skirt down to cover herself. She glared at me, "Shit!, Shit! Fuck off you little perv, go on, fuck off". Needless to say I shot away as fast as I could but what I had seen fuelled my brain and nightly had me wanking myself off and fantasizing about what Bella had been doing, besides having a piss or taking a dump.

The fact that Bell was in our house made thing awkward in the week that followed the incident,but my curiosity about the was women ere built and how they were "engineered" dwelt persistently in my brain. Then came "Der Tag" the day that changed everything I had ever imagined. I came home from school, meeting my Mum doing her shopping, she passed her doorkry saying she would be some time before coming home. I was surprised to find Bella in the house but she must have had her own key but there she was in the kitchen, sitting t he table,

"Oh, hello pervy spy, had a good day...."

"Oh err, Yes, not bad, didn't think anyone would be here" I managed to stutter,embarrassed at meeting her alone because nothing had been said or hinted at regarding what had transpired previously. That was to change................

"About last week, what exactly did you think you saw in the toilet?"

I went weak, I trembled, what could I say.

" I bet you wanked off after seeing me didn't you, I bet you wanked off and shot loads of spunk thinking about it......"

She was smiling wickedly at my confusion.

"I saw...I saw, Errrmm! nnnothing, only, err, some, errm hair" I managed to stammer.

"Hmm! I reckon you've been thinking about it ever since have'nt you, you've been wondering what it looks like down there, down there where my Mary Ellen is". I thought..her Mary Ellen? what was that? she soon showed me.

"Tell you what young man, would you like to see again what you caught a flash of?"

I nearly fainted, Bella was offering to actually expose herself to me, to let me see her hairy "Mary Ellen" as she called it. In spite of my shock, my tummy tumbled with excitement and my groin heated thrillingly. All I could do was to nod dumbly and lean on a chair for support, I was shaking so much with rising sexual arousal. Bella was smiling at me as she leaned against the sink unit and standing legs akinbo, slowly hoisted her black skirt, Higher and higher, slowly exposing her man crushing white thighs, higher until the Vee where her knicker crotch vanished underneath, higher until her cunt mound was prominently displayed. Brown hairy tendrils were trailing from her knicker legs, the thigh pelt clearly outlined through the tight off whiteness of her knickers and showing where they dug into her cunt cleft.

I watched bug eyes as Bella slowly pulled the grotch of her knickers aside until I feasted my eyes on her untidy hairy carpet, my hand moving to cup my swollen trousers, my cock now painfully hard and playing havoc in my underpants. Things became even more sexually stressful as she delved her fingers into the hairy forest to part her pussy lips and thrust her hips forward so that I could see Pink flesh.

Things became more bizzare when Bella whispered for me to come and have a close look. I had to kneel down and shuffle over to her because she was standing about ten feet way from me. Closer and closer I neared until my face was barely inches away from her crotch, I distinctly felt felt radiating from her body and i felt dizzy, my poor imprisoned cock was now throbbing and beating furiously....

"Look closer darling, get a real close look at Mary Ellen,get close and say Hello.

I did as she bid until my face was only inches away, her heat was more palpable but it was the odor that emanated from her cunt that imprinted itself on my brain forever that I experienced, Astringent in my nostrils, eye watering in its strength, a cocktail of Ammonia, Vinegar, dried Urine, Sweat and any other exhumations and leaks women had. I tore my trouser open and fished my rampant dick out, gasping and groaning as I grasped it blood engorged shaft and the sticky wet mushroom helmet. Above me I heard Bella laughing softly as she fingered her slit, now glistening wet.

"Get closer, have a nice loooooong look young fellow, say hello to Mary Ellen, she glad to see you."Bellas voice was a husky whisper as she gently pushed her hairy groin forwards. I felt emboldened by now and I had reached out to grasp the backs of Bells soft warm white thighs. Her skin was incredibly smooth and I stroked it as I stared at her glistening gaping maw, her pussy lips were meaty butterfly wings, the hairy oter ones were of course hidden by her luxuriant hairy growth, but above all was her smell, the heady strong woman smell that became anaphrodisiac to me for the rest of my life, as it was burned into my brain.

"Thats it darling, feast your eyes on her, does she look nice, does she smell delicious....would you like to taste her....would you?"

I looked up along her well up holstered body, wishing we were both naked, my teenage body alive, humming with insane desire, my dick pointing vertically skyward and seemingly straining and aching. Then suddenly Bella held my head in both hands and pulled it hard right into her groin.

If Bella had planned this then it was perfect, my face was firmly pulled into her hot velvety wetness her odor permeated the whole of my senses and automatically I stuck out my tongue to taste her, the effect was overwhelming and I erupted, my cock jerking madly and spraying spunk everywhere while Bella ground her freely oozing cunt on my face and moaning in her passion

I don't know if Bella actually came, I had no knowledge of female orgasms then, all I remember was her monving my head until I was mouthing a sort of still nubbing at the to of her slit and of her going a bit wild as she ground harder against my mouth till she sagged and pushed me away.

Bella was breathing hard, I was a wrecked heap at her feet, her knees buckled and she was touching herself, her fingers worrying Mary Ellen, rapidly masturbating until she fell to her knees, her free hand grabbing my shoulder, her flushed face inches from mine and then she was gasping and groaning and I guessed she must have been having a big cum, like I had just had.

We gathered ourselves together, I actually felt dirty, soiled and guilty but somehow elated at what had just happened and my head was spinning with mixed emotions of right or wrong, Bella broke in on me,

Listen to me, if you want to do more of this then school holidays are coming up soon, you know where I live, you could drop around some time and we can have more fun, anyway just as a reminder...." at this point she pushed her wadded up knickers into my hand "you can use these to sniff as you have a wank, I've had them on for a few days so........"

I kept he knickers of course, and I also took up her invitation and visited her regularly for months, learning a lot about just how demanding and dirty minded the opposite sex was.

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