Younger Sister's Beautiful Breasts

by John (Colorado)

My younger sister started developing breast when she was twelve. She was very proud of them and wore things that showed them off. She would often go around the house wearing just panties and a tee-shirt tied below her breast and cut to show off her cleavage.

She knew I was looking at her and would flaunt herself as I tried to pretend I didn't notice. I had discovered masturbation and often thought of her when beating off. I knew I shouldn't feel that way about my sister but I couldn't help how she turned me on.

When we were teens our parents went to visit some friends and we were home alone. I was watching TV and she came in her panties and tee-shirt and sat on the couch next to me.

She said I have seen you looking at me. Do you like what you see? I asked what she meant and she said "You like looking at my tits I can tell, would you like to see more?" I told her I found her to be the prettiest girl I knew and would love to "see more".

She pulled her tee-shirt off and I was looking at her beautiful firm young breasts and it made me so hard it hurt. She asked if I wanted to touch her and I reached over and when I touched her I came in my pants.

I lay her back on the couch and as I felt one of her breast I started licking and sucking her other. She was breathing hard and said she liked how it felt. She said she would like us both to take off our clothes. We did. I wiped my "wetness" on my underwear as I undressed.

I had seen pictures but this was the first girl I had seen. She was beautiful and had soft hair growing above her pussy. She said I could touch her if she could touch me. We lay down on the floor next to each other and I "touched" her as she "touched" me.

I told her to hold me and slide her hand up and down and to squeeze my balls with her other hand. It was great! She told me to suck on her breasts and I licked and sucked her nipples moving from breast to breast.

I was rubbing her pussy with my hand. She told me to slide my finger between her pussy lips and she was slippery and wet and it made her moan. I had read sex magazines and read about oral sex.

If she "touched" me much longer I was going to cum again, so I moved down between her legs and kissed her pussy. I started licking, sucking her and sliding my fingers into her as she squirmed and moaned. She came "latter she told me for the first time."

I moved up and sucked her breast and then up to her face and we kissed as I moved her hand back down to my penis. She stroked me and squeezed my balls and I came and she rubbed my cum on me and her. I guess this is incest. We never had intercourse.

But I loved pleasing her orally and she would masturbate me, she never performed oral on me. I loved her to sit on and fuck my face. I liked when she would move up and let me lick her ass. I would beat off as she fucked my face as I licked her ass and shoot my cum on her back. We still get together when we can although we are both now married.

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