Trained Servant

by Janae (San Antonio, TX, USA)

My wife and I were both retired.

She still had a nice body and very outgoing.

I was slim and actually smaller than my wife.

I had always crossdressed and was spending more time dressed being retired.

My wife had met a man and begun an affair with him without my knowledge.

She had warned me that if I kept crossdressing so much I would be sorry.

I ignored her thinking she really would not do anything.

One evening she told me she was going out with the girls.

This was usually a 4-5 hour escape that gave me time to dress.

After she left I immediately got dressed in my maids uniform and started my chores.

Without warning there was my wife standing in front of me.

And there was a man with her!

I stood motionless as I heard my wife introduce me as Maria.

The man had a big smile on his face and told my wife "He makes a pretty maid".

He knew I was a man and her husband.

I was told to bring them drinks in the living room.

I was then informed my wife's new lover would be moving in.

I was being reduced to their live in maid.

The new man of the house moved in and our basement was now the maids quarters.

My wife lover took control of my training.

My wife loved watching me have to submit to him.

One of the most devious things he did to me really made me give in.

First I was bent over the bed and a butt plug was inserted up my ass.

Then I was made to tuck my tiny penis and balls inside me.

My wife would then use theatrical tape to secure them.

Then I was put in a very tight girdle which further forced my genitals farther inside me.

Then came the Tamara pantyhose. Just like cocktail waitresses wear.

Then my DD falsies were glued on and a Playtex 18 hour bra.

My traditional maid uniform and 3" black pumps.

A pretty brunette wig and make up had me appearing as nothing more than a common household maid.

Then I was taken to the work out room.

I had earphones inserted in my ears. Then my wrist were tied to each side of a treadmill.

The earphones began playing hypnotic messages of how I loved being a maid and serving as a submissive.

Then the tread mill was turned on forcing me to walk in my heels. I would be left in this situation for hours while my wife was being fucked by her lover.

This scenario would happen everyday. I eventually thought of myself as nothing more than their maid.

I was ordered to stand in front of them and tell them I was just a maid and enjoyed serving them.

My wife's lover even had me sign a legal contract where as I was being employed by him as a maid.

It was a 2 year auto renew contract that only he could terminate.

I was not allowed any sex but at times was made to watch my wife being fucked.

My penis and balls are forced up inside me so much they will barely come out when freed.

My wife's lover has told me he is going to keep us this way for the indefinite future.

He wants me to remain a man and I am still married to my wife.

This is to just warp my mind further as I watch this man take my place living with my wife.

All the time I find myself unable to control my fate of serving them willingly as their maid.

And enjoying every minute.

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