My Sister's Husband's Mom: Part 2

by Steve (Ohio)

My sister's mom in law and I were having wonderful sex for 2 days and we had got to a point where we were both dressed in stockings and a nightdress both fully made on her bed up she had encouraged me to let her put my legs up over my head so she could help me suck my own cock. She guided the huge head into my mouth what a fabulous feeling as my glistening slippery great cock slid into my mouth stretching my lips until they made a popping sound as my lips slid over the glans then she started to rock my legs so my cock went in further each time she rocked me as she took my huge balls in turn sucking them into her mouth.

I felt a finger caress my bud then she reached for some lube coated her fingers then slid one in past my sphincter I let out a loud moan as I have never had that before as she worked it in and out as I sucked my cock. She said you like that don't you I nodded, have you ever done that before, no I said but I felt like I wanted to when a friend and I sucked each other a couple of times but he moved away so it never happened.

Then she opened her bedside cabinet and produced a huge lovely looking dildo out lubed it and put the head around my bud, I moaned aloud as I knew what she was going to do then she slowly eased the head in my bud mmmm it was amazing she stopped when she felt the resistance at my sphincter, do you want more she asked mmm please I said and felt it push into me then slowly she put shed it in and out then she moved up sat her sopping wet pussy right over my face squirming on it took my huge cock in her mouth and worked that huge cock in and out of my bed.

It was ecstasy all that sex happening at once, slurping her pussy as she sucked my cock, faster and faster she fucked me with that big cock then I almost screamed as a huge wave passed through me as my bud was orgasming and I shot my spunk, loads of it in her mouth dribbling down her chin as she rode my face and shuddered as she came to, then she got of and we kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity. Wow I said that was amazing she said I think you would love to be fucked by a real huge cock I just nodded.

I had to return to work unfortunately and she said please come back won't you I said of course I will, I can't wait to be with you again. The week went by and on the Friday I had a shock I was called in to the CEOs office and he said unfortunately we have to let you and a few others go due to the down turn in business so I went home a bit worried as to how I was going to keep my apartment. I rang my sister's mom in law she said don't worry you can stay with me until you are sorted I said that was fantastic , thank you so much. She rang her son and told him and he was ok with that so I packed my things in the morning and went to hers, I did not know for how long as my position is specialist and there aren't many openings in this county.

I arrived at hers she gave me a massive hug and a kiss but only a brief one as her son was there, we chatted for a while about the situation then her son left happy as his mom was not alone, he felt she was safer. After we waved him goodbye she turned to me then kissed me properly mmm she cooed then led me to her bedroom, now do you want to be my man or she said with relish my sexy girlfriend I said the latter good come with me opened her wardrobe I have bought some more things this last week but especially for you.

She then led me to her bathroom ran a bath, lets bathe each other shall we I will wash your hair first, then lovingly washed it then we soaped each other all over kissing as we bathed, we dried each other then put powder on and some scent then she selected lingerie all in powder blue, big semi sheer panties and bra with some breast forms she had bought, suspender belt, lovely silky stockings, silky slip. She dressed in similar all soft and sexy, she took off the towel she had rolled my long hair up in led me to her dressing table then she put my hair up in rollers and a lovely chiffon scarf, then I helped her do the same to her as she instructed me how to.

Then she made me up completely it felt so sexy as she pressed against me as she did my hair and makeup and all our lovely silky nylon attire slithered against each other. My she said look at that huge tent you have made in your panties and its leaking so much I can't waste that lovely juice dropped to her knees and pulled out my huge cock and put the head in her mouth really sucking it, moaning like crazy I love your great big cock as she slurped, gobbled and wanked it in her mouth.

Then she got up dropped her big panties, put them over my head with her sopping wet gusset over my mouth then she got astride me and put the head of my rampant cock in between her big pussy lips and sank down on it completely, oh god fuck me then she bounced up and down. It was heaven as she bounced up and down in our nylon heaven, I can't get enough of you Stevie then she got of turned around and said please fuck my ass put a bit of lube on as she backed into me and my cock slipped into her bud.

OOOH then she impaled herself squirming onto my cock then started to buck furiously as she rubbed her wet pussy. Then she collapsed back onto me shuddering in orgasm, life was getting more and more exciting the more I was with her . We cleaned ourselves up then she took the curlers out of my hair brushed it out then picked out a fabulous blue and nightie silky scarf tied my hair up in a turban and I did the same for her.

Then she produced a lovely chambray soft full dress with poppers up the front, a pair of lovely white heels, there she said my girls set for the day. She said Stevie I have fallen in love with you and I said I have with you also, we kissed for ages then sat and chatted as to what we are going to do. So I am waiting to see where this is going to go and wondering what she has in store for me. More to be read later.

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