My First Live Broadcast

By Pink Thing (Hollywood, MD)

Please know that this is my experience of my first official broadcast of myself getting off that i shared with the world.. it's just a recollection of the events, so it may be boring to some.

A few years ago I downloaded Periscope on my phone without knowing much about it. So one day while edging home alone while wife was at work, I got a crazy idea that turned me on.

Let me say that i dress to perform the way i like to look...I do alot of cosplay tyoes....if it happens to be what people like, so be it, if not, thats ok too. I perform for vids that i watch over& over.

I had posted a few pics of myself crossdressed on a few sites & got positive feedback (ie cumtributes), so I wanted to see how many ppl I could get watching me toy my hole& jerking off.

I picked a day where i knew I'd be alone for a few hours because when I edge, I like to take hours. I chose a Saturday & set up the phone across from me to broadcast. The computer was set up out of site to show me pics I'd know would keep me hard in case I got stage fright.

After an hour of dressing up & setting up, I was ready. I hit the broadcast button & laid on the couch...I hooked the phone up to a tv so I could read the remarks, requests etc.

Within 5 minutes I had 125 ppl watching me...forget about fulfilling all requests, so I just started doing what I like. My wife always keeps them painted because we both have extreme foot fetishes...and got likes by ppl watching me suck my toes.

The likes actually started to get me hard, so I decided to move to my hole....1 finger got me a few likes, by the time I was 15 minutes in, I had a mouthful of my toes & 4 fingers up my ass...but also had about 2500 ppl watching me.

As I went on, I gained more confidence & started teasing them to jerk off to me while I performed. My voice actually changed to become more feminine "dirty."

I had prior to starting put a thin rubber cock ring on my balls & cock to make them look smaller. I love TS girls with small parts. I got a few comments about that as well, which was a totally turn on.

I had just gotten a potato toy from Spencers recently that I didn't really find very satisfying until that day. I decided to give it a try... After having 4 fingers up my butt, I didn't know if it would even give me a tingle, but after slowly spreading my gape for the camera, I slipped it in & turned the vibrator on.

I lifted my leg up so ppl could see me pushing it in & out. I even showed off my soles for the foot ppl. I started thinking about some of the cumtributes I got on the other sites as the pics & vids played on the computer to ppl totally blowing their loads to me.

I could feel myself getting warm at that point & started squeezing my prostate just imagining. I started to drip a little precum which instantly made me hornier. I started letting out a few grunts & "oh yeahs" as I picked up speed.

For the first time ever, I was nearing a hands free cumshot because of how many ppl I knew were getting off to & with me. The last I looked I had a bit over 3000 watching...I closed my eyes & just slowly squeezed as I pushed the toy in & just began dripping.

It wasn't a normal orgasm. It was amazing...I had to start jerking it to keep it going. It was so thick & just oozed out of my cock onto the couch. I could see all of the hearts on the screen which made it last that much longer.

All in all, it was very very satisfying & I still do it on occasion. I hope u all liked my story.

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