Busted By The Boy

By Brian (Pacific Islands)

It all started when my dear ex partner decided I should be on a sex starvation diet but not being the type of guy to have a bit on the side I used to masturbate about four or five times a week, my ex was at work and I was at home on holidays when I decided to get on the bed an wank my self off, I knew my 18 years old stepson was at home but thought he was playing with his xbox, I did not bother shutting the bedroom door and as I was about half way through masturbating he decided to walk past the door, busted.

He walked in and asked what I was doing so being to late to hide what I was doing I decided to tell him, I said I am masturbating and with that he asked if he could watch being sexed up so much and quite enjoying the fact that I had been caught caught I said sure jump up here on the bed with me, he watched me rubbing my cock and to my surprise asked if he could feel it of course I said yes with that he started stroking it and said he liked doing it, he then slipped his own shorts off and showed me his cock to that I asked him if I could feel his, sure he said so I started stoking his little four inch uncut bald cock.

As I had been cut I had great fun playing with his foreskin, he noticed a lot of precum oozing out of my cock so I put my finger into it so show him how sticky it was, to my surprise he wiped the precum off my cock pulled his foreskin back and wiped the ozze all over his knob, so here we are him stroking me and me playing with his sweet little dick, just then we heard a key go into the front door lock so I pulled the sheets over myself and he put his shorts back on, it was his older brother that paid us a visit.

That night we had tea as a family and after tea he asked if I could show him my cock cumming so I made an excuse that I had to go to the local shop for a few things, he came with me, we found a nice quiet place I then removed my shorts and underwear he did the same, he straight away grabbed my cock and started to masturbate me meanwhile I was jacking him off, he started to moan and I saw a small amount of clear semen dribble out of his cock, I said don't clean it up as you know the way you rubbed my precum on your cock well I want to wipe your cum over the end of my cock, I did this and while he played with my balls I shot a huge load of cum all over myself and the car seats, he said it was great and we should do it again.

Not so as when we got home his mother started asking questions and he blurted it out that he had masturbated me and I had done the same to him, well she went nuts and it made out relationship very bad, well that was not the end of the story as she had to visit her sister on an nearby island she also took her son and I was left at home, she was away for about two weeks and when I picked her up at the airport she was so sexually wound up that she started playing with my cock while I was driving home, when we got home and I was asked straight into the bedroom, I asked what the fuck have you been up to I have never seen you so sexy.

She told me to shut up and shove your cock into me she had repeated orgasms and I nearly blew my balls off, she was still sexy when we got to bed that night and I asked her if she had been playing up on me, she finally told me that she had been fucking every night while she was away so I asked who with.

With she told me that I had showed her son a homosexual way of having sex so I showed him the hetro version, I said what are you talking about she said well I asked him what you had done with him and got pretty sexed up with what he told me I then showed him mu pussy and said that is what you need to play with not cocks, in shock I then asked her what happened next and she said I undressed him got his cock nice and stiff and showed him where to put it, I said fuck me his dick is only about four inches long with that she said she had several beautiful fucks with him and told me she loved his balls banging against her vagina while she had his cock stuck right up her, she told me that he came in her pussy every time and that she loved ozzing her female pussy juice all over cock and balls, I could not believe what she said but I knew she was telling the truth, needless to say we fucked each others brains out that night but soon after I decided to move back to the mainland to be honest our relationship just fell to pieces.

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