Milking.....It Does A Body Good

By bigdaddykingdavid (USA)

Since I'm a married man, I watch porn and jerk off a lot. After many years of this its hard to find something that makes me hard. It seems like I have to keep raising the kink level another notch to get turned on while my other half is going the opposite direction.

Not long ago however I ran across something that drove me wild and has made our sex flame ignite again and burn red hot. I was flipping through random porn sites and categories online and I came upon a scene where and ugly old woman was in this big room. the only other things in the room were two massage tables with a naked man laying face down on each one.

In addition to the hole for their faces to go through, there was a hole near the waist area for their cocks and balls to drop through, much like a glory hole only horizontal not vertical.The final objects were two round dinner plates which were on the floor below the men's cocks.

The old woman was talking to them about the most naughty and filthy things I had ever heard, and that is hard to accomplish. she would kneel down and stroke the men at random times , or walk in front of the table and near their head and pull up her dress . She would then lay on the floor and slide under enough so that they could keep looking downward and see her spread legs and pussy.

She would play with her pussy in all ways possible while telling the the men she needed their fat cocks deep inside its wet pink hole and fucking in and out hard. She then rolled out and went on to do things like fingering herself and placing the wet finger coated with her pussy juices to their noses and ordering them to smell the sweet scent of her cunt before they taste it.

The woman kept alternating from one man to the other , saying and doing the the filthy things I have wanted to hear from a woman all my days. She randomly sucked or licked each mans cock or keeping them on the edge of orgasm until finally One of them cried out and begged her to let him cum because he needed a release.

The old woman went under and pulled hard on the cock and talked nasty, telling them they better dump all the milk they have in their balls for her at once. And each man did exactly that. They groaned loudly and their bodies began to jerk and spasm .

The camera went below as the jets of cum spurted from their cocks while they too jerked and twitched uncontrollably . I don't care how old or ugly the woman was, she was able to tease and coax more man goo from these men than their high school prom dates.

I was enthralled and immediately removed a leaf from the dining room table and ran to the garage to get a leftover scrap of wood about the size of the table leaf. I used a hole saw and made the hole for my cock and balls. My wife was working at this time so I was free to set it up properly. I used cotton and tape to create a padded ring around the hole for my comfort.

I placed blankets and pillows under the table for her comfort as well. I then went back to my computer in hopes of getting more information on the category this man milking might under, mostly because I didn't know what about it exactly turned me on so strongly. The also didn't show what the old woman did with the plates of man milk and I had several ideas what I would want her to do with it.

Maybe she got on hands and knees to slurp the plates? Maybe she stripped her clothing and poured the plates on her face , letting it ooze down her saggy old body and rubbed it all over? Maybe she made each man slurp their own plates clean? maybe slurp each others plate?

I learned there are many way to perform cock milking as it's called, the most common being a man on a table with a table cloth hanging to the floor A woman goes under the table to tease the cock in various ways while unseen. There are deeper levels involving machines, anal insertions to stimulate the prostate, multiple persons under the table cloth , and various objects used under the table .

One woman even slapped the dangling cock between licks and kisses The possibilities are endless I suppose. When my wife came home i showed her the video and explained how aroused it made me. I nearly begged her to try it with me just once, and she reluctantly agreed.

We tried many things and had awkward moments at times but we now have it down to a science as far as what we like and want during our cock milking sessions. My wife has found an outlet in which she can now express her sexuality while giving me some of the things I always wanted to enjoy with her sexually.

We don't use a table cloth at all and I place a mirror so that I can watch her slap, suck, nuzzle and tease my dangling cock until I shiver and beg for her to finish me off. Usually she has her legs spread wide apart with her feet on the chairs allowing me a direct view of her wet pussy as she fucks fingers it with her fingers or a toy. She comes before me usually and talks so naughty.

By the time I orgasm, I'm a whimpering begging mess but then I explode in an orgasmic experience like nothing I could have ever imagined possible. Its beyond words and I now think it's the combination of certain things like teasing, anticipation, edging, forced patience and much more that makes this such an exciting thing to do. Each person can modify it in any way it pleases them.

My wife recently mentioned bringing the table cloth back and having a friend join her under the table. I will never know who did what to my cock under there that made me dump a gallon of cum and rendered me a steamed noodle.

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