Maid For Good

by Lynn

My girlfriend Joan has always known of my crossdressing and somewhat lets me dress on occassions. Her girlfriend Darlene also knows I dress but has never seen me, although she has joked with me about it.

One weekend Darlene came to stay with us which were not unusual. After a few drinks that night Darlene started in on my dressing. Joan even started kidding me as well. Darlene said she wanted to see me dressed and Joan agreed.

Being we were all retired and lived in the country it seemed safe. Darlene told me to wait and presented me with a bag. She said she wanted me to dress in these clothes. I went to the bedroom and opened the bag.

The clothes were a maid uniform. Darlene's mother owned a maid service and these were clothes the maids wore. A knee length gray dress with short puffy sleeves and a princess neckline. A apron and a maid cap also.

As I looked over these items Darlene entered the room. She told me to strip. She retrieved a corest and put me in it. By the time she was done my 33" waist was reduced to 29".

I have always been small in the crotch and by pushing my balls up inside me and wearing a SPANXX bodyshaper over my cotton panties I have a smooth crotch. On with my C cup falsies and playtex 18 hour bra, then comes coffee colored control top pantyhose.

Darlene helps me on with the maids dress and zips it up. She set me down at the vanity and applies a full face of makeup. I have very short hair and Darlene begins coating my head with a jell like substance. I object but she places a brunette wig styled very professionally. The length is just below the shoulders with many curls.

To my astonishment she tells me she has just glued it on and it will hold overnight. With nothing I can really do about it Darlene has me done the apron tied with a bow in back and positions my maid cap.

I am then presented with 3" black pumps to put on. Darlene lets out a big smile and tells me I look fabulous. Without warning she takes several pics of me. I am then taken out to be presented to Joan. The look on her face is one of amazement. She begins to laugh and tells me I should have been a maid all along.

Both girls then tell me to sit. I am instructed to serve them for the week end and will be called Anita. With Darlene holding the pics I did not have any choice. The rest of the evening I served them drinks and was given some chores to do.

Joan would not let me sleep with her and at bedtime I got another surprise. The makeup would not come off. Darlene and Joan laughed as I was told it was semi permanent and also the glue on my wig was good for a month.

The week end passed and Darlene left but Joan is still making me stay as a maid. Darlene called and told Joan she showed her mother the pics of me dressed. Her mother is short a couple maids. She said I looked so good she wants to use me in her business.

That means I would be working as a girl doing maids duties in strangers houses. The mother wants to set me up for daily or week end jobs. Unbelievable Joan has told me I had better do it.

She said since I like dressing so much it is time to experience a working girls life. So I start Monday as a housekeeper/maid employed by my fiancés girlfriend’s mother.

This seems to be getting out of hand as I am no longer allowed to sleep with Joan and she has been staying out late. Darlene has even had me start taking her birth control pills. I want to stop but being in dresses full time is so comfortable. Maybe Joan was right. I need to be a maid.

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