Nosey Boy

by Don (Shreveport)

When I was 18 years old I was living with my aunt and she was gay and I got suspended from school and I was looking through my aunts VHS tapes and I saw rocky horror and for some reason I went into my aunt's room and got a pair of her lovers pantyhose and lacy panties and put them on and then I found myself looking in the mirror wearing nude pantyhose black lacy panties and her day Duke short and I played in the house like that all day.

So I stole some of my aunt's lovers pantyhose and lingerie and I found some pictures of my aunt's lover lisa in sexy lingerie so what did I do I took them to school and of course a teacher caught me with the pictures and a pair of her pantyhose and lacy panties in my back pack.

Lisa was so pissed off and embarrassed and when we got home she beat my ass and left and several hours later she and her girlfriend returned home I was asleep they came in the room and told me to get up and go into the living room and wait.

I was scared to death she came in there with several big bags and said since I wanna embarrass her and steal her clothes I must wanna be a girl I started crying as she said I was expelled from school for the last 3 months and they said here and handed my several pair of tights and several dresses and she said I will have to dress as a girl till she said other wise.

After 30 mins of me begging please don't make me do this she said nope come here as I did she grabbed my arm and said put these white tights on I said I don't know how so she put them on me as she did my lil cunt got hard and they both started lol and they called several of their girlfriends and told them I was wearing white tights and Lacey panties and some blue Jean shorts and a pink shirt, she gave me some of her older lingerie for me to sleep in.

The next morning I woke up and when I saw what I was wearing I got hard and my aunt was yelling for me to come eat breakfast and I said I can't and when they both came in the room I was so hard and they didn't think it was funny lisa left the room and came back with pad and some packing tape and as she told me to pull my tights down did and as she put that pad on me I got even more turned on and she tuck my lil dick and used packaging tape to tape it down.

I couldn't believe how I looked and she told me to come in her room and I was walking bow legged she said sit down as I did I had kinda long hair she stared putting it in pig tales and then she said now time for your make up and as I saw myself I was so wet and I asked her why she said cause I like wearing pantyhose and tights and she said it was ok.

After she put a lil make up on me she said time to go run errands and when they told me to go put my shoes on they were really gonna make go out dressed like this I was scared to death as we were in walmart we walked into the girl section and they made me pick out more little skirts and shirts and yes pantyhose and tights and they even made me try on several of the skirts in walmart everyone actually thought I was a girl.

Later that day Lisa said here go put these pink tights on and this blk body suit I said for what? They laughed and said I was now taking dance lessons as I walked in the dance class several girls I went to school with were there and after they realized it was me they were all lol and I heard one of the girls say I thought boys had a dangling where’s his at?

That's when Lisa said he’s wearing sanitary pad for women as the girls were all lol and when they asked why I was wearing pink tights and a bodysuit Lisa told them of course my guy cousins and girl cousins all made fun of me and lol that I had to wear women's clothing.

All the older women in my family just teased me after the summer on Christmas several of the women in my family bought me tights and barbie dolls several months went by and I saw a pair of the pantyhose I had to wear and got so turned on.

I actually went and put on my pink tights and my body suit and was playing in my room and as my aunt and several of her gay girlfriends came in the house they all started lol and my aunt said yea that's my lil sissy nephew he like wearing pantyhose and tights and as she said that I realized I wasn't wearing a pad and they all saw me getting turned on so I ran out the room.

Several years went by and the girl I was dating was on dance line and she caught my trying to steal some of her pantyhose hose I told her I was gonna use them to make a dummie to sit in the woods to fool ppl.

Well over the years I realized I have a fetish to be dressed up as a lil sissy slut and be pegged by women and men from time to time, so that day when I was 18 years old changed my life forever it’s hard for me to have sex with a woman if I'm wearing pantyhose and lingerie and they have to fuck me.

Thanks for letting me share.

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