Caught, The Wife Story

by Simply Carmen (El Paso, Texas)

One day, just like any other day, I woke up in the mood. I was feeling sexy and in need to feel my legs covered in black nylons while wearing sexy panties. It was hard to contain myself. Still in bed I began to touch my whole body, my hands weren’t enough to ease my quivering body. I knew I was alone and decided to take it a step further so I pulled those sexy clothes from under the bed and did exactly what I had in mind.

Black thigh high stockings, black thong and high heels. I was feeling good, excited and hot. I had to keep the fantasy going by doing my makeup. I was all done and ready, dildo out and a condom in my mouth. I began to suck on it sliding the rubber down the shaft with my lips when a sudden and unexpected return walked in the door, it was my wife.

She found me dressed up and ready to get fucked. She looked at me and paused, I could see that even her breath was on hold but didn’t look surprised. I was stunned but she slowly walked toward me, ran her fingers through my hair down to my face until her thumb reached my lips.

She touched them carefully so as not to mess my cherry red lipstick. She stopped and said, “You finally gave me the opportunity to see your secret.” And added, “I love it, my sissy!”

Aren’t you mad? I asked. Mad? I’m gonna show you how I feel and there’s nothing you can do about what’s about to happen, she said. I didn’t know what to do, what to say, she as well had a lesbian fantasy to fulfill I thought.

She became aroused, excited, and even horny. I could see her hard nipples through her blouse as she stood beside me and grabbed my ass and squeezed it over and over. She was getting worked up and I would not dare to stop her. I was getting hard and my ass hornier as she pushed me onto the bed with my ass up in the air and began to put her fingers under my thong, rubbing my ass, teasing my asshole with her finger and whispering into my ear with a dirty talk that made me wanna moan.

Then she asked, “How far would you like for this to go?” I never thought how far she will take this so she stopped and went through my clothes and picked an outfit and told me to put it on, it’s time to go she said. I was confused and nervous, I didn’t know what she meant but I still put on this skanky white skirt that I happily wear time after time in the privacy of my home.

As I’m walking toward her as she’s waiting by the door she snaps a picture with her phone and said, “You’re to do what I say and if you don’t...” The rest of her statement became blurry, I was being blackmailed by my own wife. I don't know what she said next but I just agreed so she opened the door and we got in her car.

She thought it would be a good idea for me to come out of the closet and let the whole town know. She drove us around till she found the busiest street and intersection and began looking for a parking space. She decided that we would stand on that corner like two girlfriends having fun and since I did not have much of a saying I agreed. We parked in a busy store parking lot and walked over to the street sidewalk. We stood there as the cars passed and those male drivers stared. She began to grope my ass and kiss me and didn’t stop until she thought of her next move. The world was watching.

Next, she thought it would be fun if we went dancing. We had not been to a club for a couple of years and she thought it was appropriate considering the occasion.

We walked into the club, lots of people, lots of guys waiting for the opportunity to get some ass, I became extremely shy and was ready to let her blackmail me instead but she didn’t let go of the idea, which it was now going too far. We went up the stairs to the balcony, where to my surprise it was full of men, this wasn’t getting better, this was becoming a disaster, a mistake.

My wife, very passive, tells me to dance, tells me very excited, “my husband, my best friend, can now be my best girlfriend”. I began to dance with her and I was happy she was accepting my choice of cross dressing and I was happy I didn't have to hide it anymore but I didn’t know the limit.

The music is loud, it is getting hot and my skirt keeps on cropping up almost covering only my waist when suddenly I feel this strong manly hand up my butt. It was an agonizing feeling I was on my way to become a slut. This guy was drinking, we were all drinking and didn’t attempt to stop him. My dick hard as a rock and began to wonder about my bisexual life. I was even more amazed that my wife was willing to share me with other people. I could not believe what happened next.

When the music stopped I asked my wife if we could leave and she smiled and walked out with me, I asked, can we go home? She looked at me and replied, “Let the fun begin”. I had no idea what she meant or what was next but we drove home.

Once we were home, she put on some music and we continued to party and had some more to drink. She disappeared for a moment and upon her return she says “I hope you’re ready” as she’s wearing this massive strapless strap on that I had no clue existed. I sat on the sofa as she teased me with it. She put it on slowly and began to touch my legs and my whole body once again. That morning I was not expecting a whole day of events but I was ready.

She walked me to the bedroom and gave the greatest fuck. I was, for the first time, experiencing the thrust of a dick and the hands on my hips pulling me closer and closer. It was ecstasy.

Simply Carmen

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