Disobeying Mom

by Kim (Clovis Calif)

Mom consistently admonished me for dressing up in her attire and makeup as a child. I guess I started as a teen although I remember jerking off before that. My sister had a thing going on with her step father. She was always a "daddies girl".

I caught on when I heard sounds coming from her bedroom. I suspected as much when she started calling me lover. I didn't understand what she meant until later. Mom and sis used to get into arguments frequently and mom used to cry.

One night when we were alone I went in to mom's bedroom to ask her why she was crying. She told me that my sister consented to an affair with her dad and sis said it was going to continue. I asked mom who was attending to her needs. She pulled back the covers and showed me a penis smooth stainless steel vibrator.

She switched it on and handed it to me. It pulsated and felt curiously nice. I put 2 and 2 together and finally understood mom was using it to relieve stress and tension as dad was busy with my half sister.

"Mom, someone should be taking care of you if dad isn't doing his job" Mom already hinted at starting something like dad and sis were into as it fit into the whole 'situation" Mom had no one and the only thing I had was mom's wet panties to sniff and stroke my hard cock with. Dad had left some hot paperbacks in the bathroom.

This was the 1970's and VCR's and CD's weren't invented yet. Some of the salacious novels were very graphic and denoted themes of lust, some of which were highly descriptive. These paperbacks were about families involved in all out incestuous relationships.

At 18 these forbidden topics make my cock hard and I looked forward to grabbing my mom's wet panties, going into my room and wrapping another pair of satin panties around my stiff penis and whiff mom's damp silky pretty pink panties as I thumbed the pages of the depraved descriptions of just how the mother's and father's seduced and coaxed the children into sucking their cocks, their pussies and of particular interest how the mom's got their son's young penises in their wanton and needy sucking incest loving vaginas again and again.

Mom and sis always tossed their moist colorful silken panties and nylons where they would easily be found by dad and myself. Pantyhose had just come out and although mom preferred stockings and garters sis was using her Legg's Sheer Energy Pantyhose and sometimes Hane's Sheer Elegance Pantyhose.

She went to college and could not afford such nice things so dad left presents for her. Mom had a few items, but nothing as soft and satiny and so feminine as the items dad got my half sister. After sis turned 21 he bought her a new mustang in fire engine red with white leather bucket seats. He said she "deserved" it. I suspect she delivered well.

You should have seen her in her blue bikini, he was so sexy. The car made her hysterically happy and she hugged and kissed her dad with passion. Mom didn't say anything about the Mustang and even drove it. Mom had the goods on dad about the affair and threatened to divorce him and take his considerable wealth.

Dad was a successful RPh and made good money. I helped out at the pharmacy and once in a while "spilled" some of the pills and pocketed them. Back then Quaaludes or methaqualone a sedative hadn't been yet removed from US pharmacies and was a kick ass high we enjoyed. I broke a bottle of 500 pills and they had to be disposed of because of the shards of glass among the pills. Yeah, it was party time. I gave some to sis as she enjoyed a good time with her friends too.

One evening when my folks were out sis and me took a couple of 'ludes to find out how good they were. These were from Lemmon pharmaceuticals and were the best quality on the market. Mom and dad would be gone past midnight so we decided to pop a couple and go swimming in our backyard pool. Sis looked hot in her bikini and I wore my speedo's. We found some Southern Comfort and mixed it with 7up. After a half hour the Quaalude's started to kick in. Wow, the world seemed so wonderful and exciting. No wonder they took these off the market.

We found dad's personal stash of drugs and porn and popped a couple of black beauties-d-amphetamine capsules. Feeling so high we decided to go inside and carefully look through dad's porn stash. Sis knew how to assemble the movie projector from before and put on a movie. We popped a couple more Quaalude's and were on cloud nine.

I heard the uppers make you horny because sis grabbed me and rubbed my cock and put her tongue in my mouth. Now I knew what she meant by calling me "lover" The film flickered and there was my sister in nylons and a silk chemise with high heels sucking dad's cock. The sound was high quality as I could hear the slurping sound of my sister sucking dad's erect cock.

Soon my pants were down and sis was showing me exactly how she got so good at this act of perversion. We were so high I didn't care. It felt great. I started to feel myself come so I stopped sis.

"What's wrong" she asked me. "Nothing, I just want it to last a little longer-OK?" Just then Mom was on the screen and she was fingering my sister's cunt with two finger's! Mom was asking if my sister liked having her pussy finger fucked. Sis nodded. Dad was sucking sister's hard nipples.

"Fuck sis, you had sex with Mom?"

"Yeah, now you are gonna stick your hard cock in your sister's wet pussy little brother!" Before I knew it my 18 year old cock was sawing in and out of my own sister's sopping wet vagina.

"Oh, LITTLE BROTHER! FUCK YOUR BIG SISTER LIKE DADDY!" The drugs made us insane with lust, I didn't care anymore that sis had incestuous sex wit her own mom. The films were hot, we put on another. This one showed men dressed as women with other men dressed in women's lingerie, high heels, makeup,wigs...They were young and very pretty women.

Other women were dominating them, humiliating the men-ordering them to suck and fuck each other. "Is that what you like little brother" my sister held up a pair of nylons and ordered me to put them on. She put a pair of her wet panties to my nose and I inhaled. I put on the nylons-these were pantyhose though and she helped me. Soon she was applying makeup and a wig on my head.

In half hour I stood up and I don't know if the drugs made me do it or what but I was amazed at how pretty I looked. The time got away from us. The door opened and Mom and Dad walked in. "WHAT THE FUCK!" Mom smiled and told dad to come into the bedroom and talk about it. "But Dear, they were having ....you know". They went into the bedroom and came out 10 minutes later. "Your father and I were talking and if this is what you want to do we insist that it should be the entire family involved in this". "Come into our bedroom."

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