My Sister Helped Me Become A Gurl: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Even while we both lived at home my older sister had caught me multiple times dressed up in her panties and bras or come into our only Bathroom catching me smelling or licking her dirty panties! Unlike other tales I have read about, my sister never threaten me or expected some sort of compensation! While she scolded me each time but after a while she became less angry and at times it even appeared that she was either allowing me to continue or even encouraging me to continue!

This encouragement began when I started noticing her dirty panties left in our Bathroom laundry basket became . . . well let’s just say that they were much or fragrant than before! I would not only find pee and poop smells but also larger spots and even streak’s! What I found most amazing was I began to find them quite wet but not from her pee, which I could still smell wildly, but from her cum! She had to have been masturbating in her panties and then wearing the panties to allow her cum to drain into this new prize just for me!

The next thing I noticed was when I found a pair of her panties and the matching bra IN MY underwear drawer! Wow I thought I don’t even have to risk going into her room to put them on! So with this exciting event I began wearing her panties and bra under my regular clothes not only at home but also during the day too . . like when I would go to school or go shopping! This all was working great until that fateful day when I had an appendicitis attack and was taken to the hospital for treatment! My mother worked at this hospital so she was notified and was right there when they brought me in. This act of love should have been met with equal love in return BUT she was standing there when the nurses began to undress me and what did they all see . . . the cutest pair of sea blue panties and matching lace bra!

“What in the world do you have on Bob?” my mother screamed! “Did you take your sister’s underwear you little pervert? You just wait until your father hears about this young man . . . or should I call you young girl?”

Hearing my mother ranting and seeing how devastated I was one of the nurses took her out into the hallway and was actually scolding her for her mistreatment of me! The other nurse leaned down next to my ear and whispered, “It’s ok dear . . . I’ll put your pretties away and no one else will see them . . . trust me honey!”

It was urgent that I was taken into surgery so the next thing I knew I was in my room after staying in recovery for over an hour! When I opened my eyes I saw my sister setting next to my bed holding my hand!

“Bobby I’m so happy they got you taken care of before things went terribly wrong!” Debbie told me, “I know your feeling terrible right now but I have a little surprise for you love.” With that she took my hand and brought it down so I could feel the panties I had on! “When I got here a nurse took me aside and told me how mom acted stupid to you and then asked me if I knew about you wearing a panty and bra! I told her that they were actually mine and I had given them to you to enjoy . . you know . . to live out your little fantasy!” Debbie then told me that as soon as she had shared those facts the nurse hugged her and gave her a kiss on her lips telling her she had done the same thing for her little brother back in High School!

We continued to visit when my mother came back into the room and she seemed like a different person . . . she didn’t appear to be angry . . . and didn’t even mention the panties or the bra that I had been wearing earlier! Later my father came to visit me and he too was all smiles and encouraging me to get better so I could get out of the hospital! A couple of days later when I was being released the nurse was so nice to me. She told me it was time to remove my catheter so she pulled the covers down, slid my panties off and then removed the catheter from my penis.

“You have such a cute little clit!” I heard her tell me. Then she took my dirty panties and put them in my little bag and picked up not only a clean pair of panties but again the matching bra! “Your sister Debbie dropped these off for you early this morning and asked me to help you dress for you return home young lady!” This nurse helped me finish dressing and once complete she took me out in a wheel chair and told me she would accompany me to the front of the hospital. Once there I saw my sister waiting for me with a big smile on her face!

“You ready to leave Bobby?” She asked me? She pushed me out to her car and helped me get in. “Sweetheart just so you know we’re not going home . . . but heading to Becky’s house. I have talked to mother and father and they have agreed that we would get an apartment and live there together until we both graduate college and possibly longer if we want too!” Debbie also told me that she had spoken . . . in detail with both Becky and her mother about my love of female lingerie but told them nothing about my love for her dirty panties . . . she even told me she really didn’t mind it at all! “Bobby I actually find it not only interesting but sort of a complement that I enjoyed my smells and taste so much." She continued saying she had seen my cum in her panties when she went to wash them . . and actually had tasted my cum too!”

When we arrived at Becky’s her mother was waiting for us at the front door! She greeted us both with a big hug and a kiss! She then showed us the spare room we would be sharing for the time being. There was only one Queen Size bed but that didn’t seem to trouble Debbie one bit! We got unpacked and Debbie read me the Outpatient Instructions telling me that for the next week my dressing would have to be changed and cleaned twice a day. The first couple of days Debbie it was there to assist me. But the third day she had classes into to the evening so it was Becky who assisted me in the morning and her mother that evening!

“Bobby I’m happy to help you out any time dear!” Becky told me. She told me to stand still and she slipped my shirt over my head and lowered my pants and my panties to the ground. “Debbie has shared everything with me and mom to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible.” With that that she slipped her panties from under her dress and handed them to me! “Enjoy sweetheart I know they are extra nasty with an special surprise for you dear . . Tom and I fucked last night and his cum has soaked into them too!”

So Becky cleaned and then redressed my surgical wound and then she started tickling my penis head! “Does this make your little clit feel good honey?” Becky all but whispered. “I know when I diddle my clit it drives me wild so let’s go for it for a little while!” She played with me until I pushed out a little bit of cum which seemed to make her quite happy! Then as she told me “Good job Bobby . . . you did real good sweetie!” she took a finger getting my cum on it and put it to my mouth “I know you enjoy the taste of cum don’t you sweetheart!”

The afternoon went ok but when I was using the toilet Becky’s mother walked in, I had locked the door by the way, and told me it was time to change my dressing! So I finished peeing and stood up as she told me to just carry my pants and my panties and she would help me with them later! She took me to her bedroom and told me to lie down on her bed. She came back with the items to cleanse and bandaged my surgical wound and actually had completed the task just like a professional! Then she lay down next to me on her side and started talking to me.

“Bobby I just wanted to tell you how pretty you look in your panties and bra! She, like her daughter, shared that they had been told all about my love of panties and bras and she went on to even encourage me to not only to continue but to expand into hose and dresses too! Just when I thought this couldn’t get any better she stood up and took her jeans off and then her panties. She had them in her hand and I knew she would give them to me to smell and lick when she tossed them onto the bed and climbed up placing her pussy over my mouth!

“Bobby dirty panties are one thing . . I mean I like them too . . don’t tell Becky . . but nothing can be better than the actually source of the smells and taste you seem to enjoy so much!” Mrs. Thompson said! She road my face for several minutes before I heard her begin to moan and she started pushing out her tasty cum into my mouth! “That’s it little girl drink your mommy’s cum and lick her hairy pussy you little slut!” It took her several minutes to calm down before she climbed off my face and again lay next to me! “Bobby please forgive me sweetie,” She begged me, “I just got carried away because you make me so horny!” I didn’t say anything but she finally rolled over and kissed my lips and then helped me step back into my panties and pants. “Young lady I see that you have some cum on her clit! too.” And with that mother like daughter she got it on her fingers and placed it in my mouth for me to enjoy!

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