Exposed as a Sissy by my Wife: Part 1

by Joanne Watters (Auburn, Indiana)

I told my wife about my dressing up as a woman while we were still dating. She had me dress up for her & model my outfits, which at that time out numbered my male clothes. After that, she would have me dress up for her every time we were together, I was in heaven.

She started helping me with makeup & choosing outfits, after about two months, she started having me go out in public with her. Once I was comfortable going out, we got married, she begged me to wear the wedding gown at our service but I was not ready to come out to my family & friends at that time.

Once we were married, she had me wearing panties, bras & pantyhose every day, even under my work clothes. She made me change into Joanne the minute I got home from work & I had to wear a nightgown to bed every night.

I will never forget the day when, after we were married six months, I came home from work, took a shower & went to the dresser to get clean panties & a bra & found that all of my male socks & underwear were gone, they were all replaced with panties, bras, pantyhose & nightgowns.

After getting dressed, I asked my wife about my missing clothes, her response was, "well you really don't wear any of them anymore, do you?" I told her that I wore my socks at work to hide my pantyhose & she just said "you don't need to hide anything". She then told me to get in the car, we were going out, I told her that we usually go out at night & it was still light out, she just laughed at me & told me to get in the car, so I did.

She drove us to the mall & told me we were going shopping for some slacks, blouses & low heeled shoes for me to start wearing to work, I was speechless but when she said to get out of the car, I did so with no hesitation. As we walked thru the parking lot to the entrance doors of the mall, my wife told me I looked cute, I was wearing a blue denim mini skirt, black tights, red turtle neck sweater & black, three inch, pumps.

Once inside the mall, my wife asked me if I enjoyed dressing as a woman, of course I answered, did you ever wish you could be a woman all of the time she asked ? Well, yes I said, I thought I told you that once before, why do you ask ? My wife replied, because I have a surprise for you, once we are done shopping. I could not help wondering what that could be.

The weekend before Halloween, my wife told me she had made an appointment for me at the salon she goes to for 9:00 Saturday morning, she said she would take me. Friday night, my wife had me remove all of the nail polish from my fingers & toes before I went to bed.

We got up at 7:00 & my wife had me wear a pair of capris, A cute top & a pair of open toed wedges for my salon appointment, I felt naked without any makeup on & told my wife so, she told me not to worry, I wouldn't be without for too long.

We went into the salon & my wife went over & talked to her stylist before she called me over to the chair, my wife introduced me as her sissy husband who wanted to be a woman, the stylist looked at me & laughed then she told me not to worry, when I leave there no one will ever know that I am not a real woman, this made me nervous & excited all at the same time.

I sat in the chair at the sink as they washed my hair, from there I was led to the stylist chair where she started working on my hair. There was some cutting done then something that smelled terrible put onto my hair before they wrapped my hair in foil & put me under a hair dryer. When they led me back to the chair, they had my back to the mirror, as they removed the foil & started styling my hair. Another woman came over & began working on my toe & finger nails.

Both of the women finished at the same time, I looked down & seen my toes with a very bright red polish on them, they actually looked like they were wet, they shined that much, when I looked at my hands, I now had fingernails that were at least three quarters of an inch past the tips of my fingers & polished the same bright red wet looking polish as my toes. The stylist saw me looking at my hands & told me not to worry that, the nails are acrylic & won't come off for at least a month.

She then said they were going to start doing my makeup, she told me to just relax & enjoy. The first thing they did was scrub my face, after that some kind of mask was applied, once that was removed I felt them putting something warm on my eyebrows then rubbing them, then extreme pain as they ripped off whatever they rubbed onto them.

She did the same thing to my other brow, that was it for the pain, the rest of the time was mostly done with brushes. When she finally said I was done, she asked me if I was ready to see myself, I said I was but before she could spin the chair around, my wife came over & said she had on last finishing touch for me.

She handed the stylist something then they both took an ear & removed the studs from my ears, they replaced them with hoop earrings, when they were done they spun my chair around to face the mirror, I was in shock, I had to touch my face before I could believe that the woman looking back at me was really me.

I really looked like a beautiful woman, my brown hair now had lots of blond streaks & a lot of curl to it & it was cut into a woman's style, my ears now had three hoop earrings in them, the first one was a gold, oversized hoop, the second one, a gold hoop about half the size of the first one & the third one, a gold hoop, even smaller then the second one, I loved how they danced in my ears every time I moved my head, I couldn't get over how sexy my eyes looked, my eye lashes were covered in a very black mascara.

Both upper & lower, my eyes were lined heavily around my whole eye with black eye liner, my eyelids were covered in a pretty purple eye shadow, above that was a silver eye shadow that covered the area under my eyebrows, my eyebrows were now super thin lines that had a very high, feminine arch in them, after seeing this, I knew there would be no going back to being a male, at least for a month or so.

My lips were lined in red & they had the cutest bow in them, they were filled in with a bright, wet looking, color. I loved looking down at my feet & seeing bright red toes peeking out of the open toe of my shoes.

The stylist brought me out of my trance, she told me that they had put lash extensions on my lashes, after they dyed them the blackest black that they had so I was not to be surprised when I take off my makeup & my lashes remain long & looking like I still had mascara on, also she told me they injected my lips with collagen to plump them up.

She told me that, if I liked my new look, they could do this again & make it permanent, I smiled & looked at my wife & asked her what she thought, my wife suggested I wait a little to be sure this is what I really wanted, the stylist said "why don't you sit back down in the chair & we will tattoo your eyebrows on for you & you can decide later if you want more to be permanent."

I practically jumped into the chair, my wife reminded me that this would be forever, I would have this even when I dress as a guy, in my best female voice I said, who said I was ever going to dress as a guy again.

When they were done I looked in the mirror again, I couldn't believe I was going to look like a girl forever, my mind was already made up to get all of my makeup permanently put on & start seeing a doctor to start hormones, I jokingly said to the stylist, can you do anything to make my boobs bigger ? my wife looked slightly shocked, the stylist said, I take it you like your new look ? no I said, I love my new look, we paid & left the salon.

On the ride home, my wife said that I really did look beautiful, I thanked her & told her I couldn't wait to get home so I can put on a dress & pantyhose, then I said, if she didn't mind, I wanted to take a walk around the town. My wife jokingly replied, who are you kidding, you just want to go find a man to be with, I looked at my wife & said, what's wrong with that & smiled at her.

I called off of work on Monday, Halloween was on Wednesday so my wife decided that I should go to work on Tuesday as Joanne, she said that if I wanted, I could talk to human Resources & tell them I was going to become a woman, I told her that I liked that idea.

My wife told me we were going out to her friends party on Halloween & I agreed. It felt great going to work Tuesday dressed as a woman, I wore a grey business suit, a white blouse & grey open toed high heels with an ankle strap, not one of my co workers was the least bit surprised, a few of the women told me how good I looked & I could see lust in the eyes of some of the men I work with.

I talked to HR & they told me they would look into what they had to do, since they never had to do this before, I thanked them & left their office. When I got home, I told my wife about my day & she seemed happy for me that is until I told her that I really wanted to be a woman forever & start dating men.

My wife suddenly became angry & asked me if I was gay, I told her no, that girls go out with guys, my wife yelled at me, you are not a girl then glared at me, I decided to tell her the truth.

I said, look at me, do I look like a man to you, I like how I look & I am going to go back to your salon & get all of my makeup permanently tattooed on my face then I am going to find a doctor who will help me get on female hormones, my wife called me a faggot & stormed off into the bedroom. I touched up my lip stick, grabbed my purse & went out to the car.

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