Mommy's Sissy

by KIm Cummings (Clovis, Ca USA)

MOTHER was very domineering and insisted upon strict adherence to her specific instructions. All males at birth were began upon a regimen of feminization. Women mother insisted were superior and feminine attributes far more desirable than male characteristics.

Although men were feminized they were kept fertile for insemination. At puberty, boy's learned to be submissive to females. Bowing to their feminine superiority males became docile and frequently were given conjugated estrogens along with large amounts of erectile dysfunction drugs to allay the side effects of the skin softening feminine hormones.

Women were often given testosterone to supply aggressiveness and raw strength. Upon ovulation, females were weaned off steroids to allow male insemination after the feminine men were educated on mothering and nurturing. The time of fertility was indoctrination of men into all out intertwining of feminization with drugs and allowing a temporary period of males given the opportunity to take limited control of females.

SISSIFICATION was absolutely mandatory for men once fertilization was completed. Women had artificial phallus's attached permanently. Men were subjugated to inferior beings adapted to reception of females phallus on a regular basis the appendage of superior female pseudo-penises. The males learned to accept their feminine counterparts deep within each receptacle.

Feminized males were given massive amounts of feminizing hormones and immediately their skin further softened, their behavior increased to become ultra feminine and the mother's ensured that any masculine behavior was shunned. Punishment was swift. Humiliation was total and looked upon as proper behavior modification for unfeminine traits.

Females were still able to do those tasks best suited for true females but, men well feminized and "prissy and sissy" were coveted and completely adored as well as rewarded. Women took all real control over most matters. Men were soft and frequently were intimate together. Shopping for fragrances or smooth silky and pleasing pretty adorned shimmering legwear and now that men had and preferred large breasts, feminine men enjoyed sucking other men's breasts.

Men also enjoyed the act of going down on each other's small but errogenous clitty-cocks. Small amounts of sperm usually was ejaculated in their panties and pantyhose but it was the friction of silky satin and nylon against each other's feminine gussets that created a endemic societal fetish that men were taught to enjoy and offer their partner in a estruss related smooth sensation on their nipples and their sissy clitty's from the sensuously provocative lingerie all feminine men were obliged to adorn themselves in.

Women easily brought sissified men to climax by rubbing their hands quickly up and down feminine men's silky covered genitals. Vibrator's were used to excite the sissy's into submitting via using exciting words and extolling the sensuous nature and expressing the overall feminine attributes of the sissy's demeanor. Causing the sissy to squeal and scream when excited was tantamount to seducing and causing the sissy's panties to moisten and their nipples to harden.

Women were referred to as "ladies men" if successful in causing the sissy to cream her panties or pantyhose. Fingers often were rubbing silky cock-clitty's in expensive all silk panties or nylon and spandex hosiery. Anal sex is considered okay if gloves are used. Prophylaxis is recommended for prostate stimulantion. Before phallus insertion a douche is given.

Hygiene is a feminine trait much approved of by all. Drugs are allowed, but only to facilitate increased pleasure and GRATIFICATION. Cordless vibrators are usually inserted in the sissy's sensitive internal areas to show women's dominance over sissy's reluctance. Rape on feminine men is not a violation of their rights. All female's sexual freedom is guaranteed and is a inalienable right.

Sissy's are obligated to pleasure the superior female. Offerings to suck female clit is considered a privilege and most mother's teach this early on to PREPUBESCENT males not fully feminizated. Growing up the mother's often show their young prefeminized boys just exactly how to suck their mom's vagina and her nipples. They quickly become accustomed to pleasuring their own mother's upon demand.

A snapping of mom's fingers is a standard standing order of mom's who need stress relief via oral gratifying. Often the mother's panties are used to masturbate the sissy's cock-clitty if the boy is very good at sucking their mom's vagina and nipples.The glorification of the sissy's feminine behavior as a loud squealing and extolling mother's extremely humiliating sissy virtue is considered a extremely satisfying adventure in mom-sissy sex.

Gang related sissy sex is tolerated if mother is the apex of the attention and is glorified. Mother's immediate needs are first and foremost. After mother is well satiated the sissy's are allowed to do as feminine sissys are expected to do. Suck each other's "cunnies" rub each other's panties and pantyhose against each other's pleasure areas to create sustained smooth friction until a combined simultaneously desired friction fucking is consummated.

MOTHER should also recommend other ideas such as using erotic language to cause excited sissy's to get all wet and hard. "Mommy says: all sissy's should caress smooth silky panties and pantyhose". If necessary mommy may use any device she deems necessary to get sissy clitty-cock wet and erect. Using mommy's strap on is good if it has a ejaculation emitting expulsion enhancer to simulate filling the sissy's tight little fuck hole.

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