Delicious Dainty Drawers

by Mama's Boy

Mom got tired of her son's deliberate outright theft of her expensive undies. Knowing full well it wasn't about to stop anytime soon she simply devised a scheme to substitute her intimate items with a nice selection of lingerie and footwear in her son's size and liking.

Besides she thought it could lead to a few fringe benefits as well. Playing upon her son's fetish for pretty pantyhose, panties, among other naughty interests she could in all likelihood convince him to switch his primary fetish for a secret relationship of interest to the benefit of each other.

Her husband was not around much being a national representative who was gone much of the time. Besides, her son was in the sexual prime of life and if he was dressing in feminine attire it could be possible he was bi-curious and that wasn't to her interest.

Little by little she purchased a vast array of online lingerie and high heels she knew would please her effeminate son's primal urges to wear gorgeous feminine garb. The masturbating in them had to be switched to not just using them to cum in but to better yet cum in her.

Could she bring herself to commit this naughty and perversely wanton behavior with her own son? So sinful, so profoundly socially unacceptable, so very satisfying....

A few trips to lingerie shops and adult book stores helped her find the videos, literature, and various silky sensuous types of attire that would invariably make her irresistible to her son's ever erect penis.

Her plans included some choice reading material. Naughty novels about families with mothers who sought out kinky, relationships with their submissive son's desires to delve into certain elements of forbidden yet highly desirable elements of somewhat unique acts.

The packages were arriving almost daily now. The teen was curious. He began intercepting them before the mother could put them away. It didn't matter however, he simply put them under his bed and wasn't the least bit shy about trying them on and even taking selfies of himself.

Cosmetics and wigs came too to complete the feminine look she knew he desired. He wondered though why these intimate items seemed to fit him so well. He was tall and these items seemed to fit so well. At some point, he knew his mother was submitting to his "hobby". Gaining courage, he now wore the pantyhose, panties and bras under his regular clothes. At night he went full on "En Fem".

The vibrators mom bought got a lot of use. Occasionally, the boy left his bedroom door ajar wanting to have his mother "accidentally" discover his cross dressing while he "relieved" himself.

The mother began dressing more provocatively in silk robes, sheer to the waist pantyhose and especially high heels that were at least 5 inches in height. Her makeup was on the heavy side with her lips intentionally very moist with lip gloss.

As time went on, the boy could be heard clicking in high heels on the hardwood floors. The pornography was found in his room. The mother's plan seemed to be working. The increasingly horny mother was spiking his orange juice with Cialis and amphetamines also.

He was growing bolder as was the mother. He seemed to have erections more frequently now. The mother asked questions more sexually based. The boy often complimented his mom's choice of lingerie and shoes saying how attractive she looked.

The mother reciprocated by saying things like: “Is that a banana under your pantyhose or are you glad to see your mom in her pantyhose?” The kisses began to get more passionate and involved tongue.

Her demeanor got outright flirtatious. The videos were based on titles like "My MILF Mom" The boy was constantly erect and was sweating profusely. He actually even rubbed himself in front on his mother who grinned but pretended not to notice. Her own hands also would caress her nylon clad legs. Her panties were obviously wet.

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