Secrets of a Closet CD

by Malcolm (UK)

I had not dressed for many years, not since we had got married.

I had wondered if I had actually grown out of it, but the desires had crept back in and once again I had started to dress in secret.

At first just putting on her panties then a bra too, then a dress.

I knew Sheila would never accept it. We had a good life together and I felt I could manage both aspects of my life.

And so time went by, my hidden stash of clothes grew to include wigs and makeup.

Sheila had developed in her career and would spend more time away with work which gave me more opportunity to dress and even to take rides in the car, always after dark as I knew I could never truly 'pass'.

The more I did the more I wanted.

My fantasies became more intense even to looking at men online imagining dressing for them letting them use me.

Eventually the temptation became too great and I joined Craigslist.

I posted a few pics and exchanged messages.

Some were in my area and wanted to meet.

At first I declined, but when Sheila was away I gave into temptation and visited a guy at his place.

I was so nervous being dressed in front of someone but he put me at ease and I relaxed into my feminine role.

I was wearing a floral dress with a petticoat.

Underneath I had on a cream coloured set of bra panties suspenders belt and tan stockings.

My breast forms gave a natural shape and my auburn wig flowed down to my shoulders.

He liked my cream heels and complimented me on my makeup and overall appearance.

It felt strange but pleasurable when he kisses me I felt like girl on her first date.

I wasn't even taken back when he stood before me, dropped his pants and presented his semi erect cock to me.

His reassuring voice telling me how sexy I was, calling me his girl, made it feel just natural to touch his penis, to stroke it, kiss it, taking in its taste, the pungent aroma and then to slide my mouth over it.

He was pressed right up to me now.

My hands roamed around the base of his cock feeling his balls stroking his thighs.

Jims cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged a bit.

His hand rested on my head, I reached round my hands on his buttocks and pulled him to me pressing his knob into my throat again.

He was gasping, crying out profanities.

I felt him tense and then a warm gush of fluid flowed from him.

As I gulped down he withdrew.

I saw the slit still oozing semen which I licked off.

He told me it was amazing which made me feel proud of giving him so such pleasure.

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