Brother In Laws Surprise

by Pink Thing (Hollywood, MD)

It all happened innocently enough in April of this year. My wife & I learn that her brother (20) has a foot fetish. We both have them as well. It sits in the back of my mind for a few weeks.

I happen to mention it on occasions while we're having sex because I also cross dress because of my various fetishes & my wife will "pretty me up" & worship my feet while she gets off.

Soon, she starts teasing about him jerking off on my feet. That becomes the main fantasy for a few weeks until June when he needs money to buy his girlfriend a birthday present.

My wife already knows what I'm thinking, so I start sending him pics of my feet...but I don't tell him who's they are & it's only from the ankles down. She does such a good job painting them that u can't tell they're a males feet.

He asks me who's they are & I say it's a girl I know. He obviously likes the way they look, so we go to wife's parents for a party in early summer & everyone is "relaxed" aka drunk.

I showed him a few more pics on my phone, then a video my wife did of me beginning at my feet in heels & slowly moving up til u see its me in make up, a wig & a nighty. At first he seems totally shocked...and as I show him another vid of her fucking me with a strap on while worshiping my feet, he seems kinda turned on.

Finally, I showed him a video of I made for a guy online showing off my feet & ends with me exploding on them & licking it off while wifey films. That pretty much seals the deal. I asked him if he still needed that money for her gift. He said he did & I said text me Sunday. You'll be home alone Monday, maybe I can help u if u help me.

That Monday morning after both of his parents& girlfriend went to work, my wife drove me over. It usually takes me about an hour for her to make me up, so we arrived early.

Just because I thought it was kinky, everything was going to happen in their parents room. By 10 am, I was ready. After calling her parents & his girlfriend to make sure we weren't gonna have any unexpected visitors. Everything was a go & she went downstairs & told him I was ready.

We did have a few drinks to take the edge off due to it being his first time doing this & a few in me usually make my orgasms more intense & seems to thin out my cum so it squirts higher in the hopes that it reaches my mouth on impact.

I could hear him coming up the steps, the window AC was on so the room was comfortable. I was sitting on a recliner in which they had in the corner of the room. I was in the reclined position so my foot slave could have easy access to my feet/heels.

He came in & closed/locked the door. I pointed to my feet...he knelt down without any delay. I could feel myself getting hard already. He kissed each of my toes thru the open toed heels.

"Like em?" He nodded that he did. By now I was so hard from knowing he was aroused by my feet that I had to pull my thong to the side because it hurt so bad. Dripping too.

"You doing that's making me wet." He looked up & saw me throbbing. He stood up & pulled his shorts off...he apparently was just as aroused. He went back to my feet. He began taking my heels off. I couldn't even think at this point. I actually had to bite my finger to keep from shivering at the site.

I closed my eyes & just went into a zone. Maybe it was the alcohol, but the feeling of his tongue between my toes had my heart racing. I spread my toes for him & he started jerking. That made me lose it.

"Come up here." I did something that was NOT supposed to happen...pulled him to me & started jerking him off & cleaning his precum off. He must have read my mind, but he turned around & pulled my thong over & began to tongue my ass.

My ears started ringing at this point because I knew he was lubing me up for what was next. I pulled myself out of the chair, pulled the thong off & got on the bed. He crawled across the bed & got in between my legs. I was shaking & so ready to explode.

I lifted my legs up & he pushed in. He was slightly smaller than a majority of my toys that I use, or wife uses on me, so he slipped right in....ALL THE WAY IN. I could actually feel it go up into my stomach. It was way different than any toy. He started pushing & I lifted my feet to his face & pulled him deeper into me.

I could feel with each push that he was getting harder. I was as well & started dripping. I wiped it off of my stomach & licked it off of my fingers. I could still smell the precum from earlier that was on my fishnet gloves. I could tell he wasn't gonna last long. "Leave it in." I think that may have been the breaking point for him.

He slowed down & began pushing deeper. That instantly made me hard whereas before I was flapping between my balls & stomach. He switched angles too & began hitting my directly hitting it...I could feel myself start to drip & let out a gasp which instantly made him start to squirt up my ass....feeling that made mine go from a drip to a full forced explosion.

The first 2 shots landing right on my face & instantly got eaten. I spread my toes as wide as I could for him while he was cumming because when I cum in his sister, that makes me cum way way more. I jerked as fast as I could feeling my nuts seem to go up into my stomach due to the intensity. We both easily came for nearly 35 seconds.

Unfortunately in our lust, we didn't grab a towel, so from me squirting all over myself & it dripping down, the bed was covered. And as soon as he pulled out, my ass emptied his cum everywhere. I did get him to get a pic & short vid of my gape with his nut dripping out.

It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life & his girlfriend won't let him anywhere near her toes, or up her ass. He has on several occasions taken "rides" with my wife & I to get cigarettes....of course, we usually take a detour to get my feet covered by his warm cum....which feels really good this time of year when it's cold out. Hope u all enjoyed. story...yeah.

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