Looks Like I'm Mommy's Boy

by Mama's boy (Clovis, California)

Mom was intentionally seductive, her needs were insatiable and unrelenting, mom's pretty attire was so attractive, her legs long in luxurious pantyhose and always in high heels.

Daddy's attention was with my older sisters pleasure, mom knew turnabouts were fair play, after all with daddy doing sis mom knew as I did that now was the time to act.

Mom was a real milf, the guy's all said I was so lucky to have such a hot mom. I had to agree. Mom’s attire was just short of slutty, but since mom had long legs and luscious breasts she easily could pull it off.

Mom’s vast array of high heels and lingerie along with miniskirts and a propensity to flaunt her natural attributes she frequently strutted around in her scandalous outfits.

Mom’s sexuality went both ways, dad too liked younger guys sometimes, I sometimes let dad do as he wanted. I would wear mom's panties and pantyhose and her peep toe patent leather high heels.

Daddy saw me and said I looked so cute, he sat on my bed and slowly put on a new pair of mom's nylons, he asked me to feel the smooth material of the expensive pantyhose.

I caressed his cock through the pantyhose and soon I was sucking my dad's cock. I knew mom was listening because I heard her breathing outside the door.

"Daddy, mom's here" daddy said he knew and told mom to enter.

Mom's expression was one of wide eyed lust. She was wearing only her nylons bra and panties along with very high heels. She immediately started licking her lips and insisted I stop sucking daddies cock.

I complied, mom's panties and pantyhose were obviously wet. She wantonly stepped up to me and felt my cock through my pantyhose. I squealed as mom's adapt hands-on approach got me aroused.

Dad started harkins off with mom's nylons. I was needing to get mom on the bed.

"I need you mom" she slowly but surely sat seductively on the bed. I always liked mom's satin sheets and had put them on my bed too.

"Mommy requires your talents sweetie" I rubbed my stiffy through my nylons then mom's pouty mouth was soon sucking my teenage cock.

Daddy was encouraging me and mom to "go for it" "mommy needs you this instant!" before I realized it my incestuous cock was inching in mom's dripping pussy.

"Mommy I love you."

"Mommy understands my son."

My sister was now interested in the hot action too, she began by doing her daddy as I was doing mommy.

All of us were once more engaging in a family orgy of nylons, high heels sensuousness via sexy feminine attire.

"I love your nylons son" mom expressed her love of silky smooth panties and pantyhose as well as high heels. We all were dressed to fuck. Mom’s pussy was drenched as I slithered in and out of her accepting cunnie, sister's pussy got a good tongue lashing.

"Mommy thinks that her sissy boy's cock should become a regular visitor in mommy's cunnie." I wholeheartedly agreed.

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