Dressing For My Neighbor’s Wife

by Dave (Hamilton, NJ)

An interesting development in my ongoing sex only relationship with my neighbors wife occurred last week. For a year we’ve had about a dozen “quickies”. She loves oral & so do I.

The other day I asked her if she would be open to being kinky.

She said, “I used to be really kinky before I got married. I did lots of stuff.”

I pushed her to tell me some of the kinkiest:

“Well, ok, I think we can trust each other so I’ll tell you everything. I love licking pussy, & rimming a guys ass. You know I love being rimmed & anal & I know it’s your favorite.“

After she told me some more, I told her to sit down and watch me get dressed. I opened my drawer of DD’s stuff and laid out what I wanted to put on. Dressing in front of her got her playing with her clit.

I handed her my 9” dildo to use. The look of devious excitement on her face was only outdone by her mouth opening wide as my toy slid deeper in her pussy. I continued dressing while she pumped herself to orgasm.

Standing there in red 4” heels, black stockings with a black suspender belt, black thong, a red lace silky lingerie top I took my dildo from her and licked it clean of all her juices then I sucked on it, taking about 6” down my throat.

She asked if I was bi-sexual so I told her I’m a lot of things. Today I want to be your sissy cross dressing slut. With that I gave her the lube, got in a doggy style position on my bed.

Right away she started tongue fucking my ass. She was great at it. She started probing my ass with the dildo then pulling it out to lick my gaping hole.

After 15 minutes of this, she started stroking my cock in rhythm to the pounding she was giving my butt.

To finish me off, she sucked my cock while holding the dildo with all 9” all the way up my ass. I exploded in her mouth. I then quickly moved to kiss her before she swallowed so we could snowball my cum.

She’s going to go buy herself a strap-on & harness, I can’t wait for it. Literally, I couldn’t wait so I went out last night and got some hot guy who loves cross dressers to fuck me like the cock sucking cross dressing sissy slut I am.

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