New Job Physical Exam: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I just turned 26 and very happy to be able to finally go to work after completing eight year service in the US Army. I knew applying for this new job I would have to take the required Physical Exam. At least they gave me an option of using their Facility Clinic or a Local Clinic from their approved list.

The first Local Clinic I chose was just one block away from the office I hoped to be working at. Once I arrived, I was taken into Exam Room #3 and told to strip completely and set on the Exam Table so they could begin. I guess I was a little surprised when the Lab Tech Rachel not only took all my vital signs and information but then began the exam.

“Well Bob now that we have all the basics out of the way, I’m afraid that . . well Bob . . it appears that you have Undescended Testicles . . that’s when testicles have never dropped into the scrotum they are meant to reside in.” Rachel said.

“Yes I’m aware of that and have just learned to live with it!” I shared.

“Live with it . . are you aware that in cases like this the male normally experiences a much lower than average size cock . . I mean penis; reduced sperm production; lower sperm quality; decreased fertility; and the inability to achieve an erection! It is also reported that most men suffering from this symptom even develop . . well as we can both see . . I mean from your examination . . develop breasts! Have you been able to father children or do you suffer from the inability to achieve an erection Bob?”

“No I haven’t been able to father my children . . but why wife Susan . . well she took very aggressive measures . . you know she . . well she found a friend that would fuck . . I mean impregnate her upon request! And yes I have never been able to achieve a hard on . . I’m so sorry . . an erection in my life . . and as you have clearly pointed out . . I do have breasts!” I replied hurt!

“Well then there are a couple of services we can provide,” Rachel continued, “to help get your testicles to drop down out of your body . . and work like testicles and not ovaries . . you know so you can be a man. The first Option is our Direct Massage approach. Using this option the patient lies nude on our exam table and a Lab Tech . . well like me . . would accomplish the Direct Massage of your cock . . well you penis in this case. During this approach our patient would achieve an erection and with the expected orgasm along with the massaging of the area above and around the penis . . it relaxes their pubic region and allows the testicles to descend on their own!”

In more extreme cases Bob,” Rachel shared, “where our Direct Massage doesn’t obtain the desired results we then move to our second Option which is our Penis Milking & Prostate Massage. If you have never heard of Penis Milking our Lab Tech would grabbed hold of the patient’s cock and pull it back between . . well . . no actually Bob there is no way . . I mean you need a cock to grab . . well your little girl clit just won’t cut the mustard . . now will it honey! Now don’t cry Bob . . here’s a tissue for your eyes dear . . We could still apply our Prostate Massage digitally to stimulate your prostate . . do you understand what digitally implies . . the Lab Tech would then use her fingers to massage your prostate . . you know by fucking . . no I should have said by pushing them in and out of your asshole . . your anus . . does this make sense Bob?”

“Yes, I think I understand and hope that I will only require the Direct Massage to get my testicles to drop down into their proper place!” I replied.

“Well Bob,” Rachel commented, “the term “proper place” may not totally be the correct terminology in your case . . I mean our human bodies have ovaries that are up inside your body providing hormones that are required . . you know for . . well for the development of breasts . . and some have testicles that reside in the man’s scrotum . . well you seem to have the ones . . you know that reside up . . maybe where they belong . . well enough for now. Let’s get you started with your Direct Massage sweetheart!

Since I have been sitting there fully nude for the last hour all I had to do was to lay back on the Exam Table and just relax! As Rachel left a different person came into the Exam Room.

“Hi Bob my name is Toni and I will administer your Direct Massage today!” She told me. “I’ve been in our Break Room with the other Techs and we have all listened in on your and Rachel’s entire discussion . . so I understand all of your female issues!”

Toni didn’t waste any time as she poured massage oil onto my abdomen but she must have poured out way too much. Her oil ran down around my penis and down between my butt cheeks!

“Oh shit . . I mean oh my . . honey . . I tell you what since the oil is already in place for your Prostate Massage why don’t we just jump right to that option . . I’m saying . . I feel for you and so why don’t I give you both Treatments for the price of one!” Just slide down and put your feet up in these OBGYN stirrups so I have good access to your pussy . . I mean your anus and we can begin.”

As I slide down I felt the oil flow up my back . . it actually felt nice! Toni helped me place my feet into the stirrups and then she fastened a little strap around both!

“Ok Bob,” Toni continued, “I don’t know if you have fingered your asshole . . sorry anus or if your sweet Susan ever fingered your pussy . . well . . you know fucked you . . anyway Bob the important thing is for you just to relax and allow me to insert my fingers into your pussy and begin massage of your prostate. It might feel a little strange but this option is to get you off . . I mean provide that stimulation required for you to have an orgasm . . which in turn flexes those pubic muscles . . the ones that help hold a vagina and uterus in place!”

Why was Toni using all of these female terms describing what she is doing while applying these Treatment Options to me.

“Bobbi I have to watch myself because once I get going . . you know fucking . . I mean massaging your prostate . . well it gets me thinking about the porn my father had . . oh yea me and my girlfriends used to raid his porn stash and did those fuck films get us off . . lapping at each other’s pussies . . oh shit there I go again . . Bob please understand while this is my job . . I . . I sometimes I get excited in what I am doing . . does that make sense?” Toni moaned as she continued with my Prostate Massage. I think I lost count after the second finger she was pushing into my asshole . . but this option was great . . I was so lucky that Toni accidentally put too much oil on my body to save me money! And how good I felt with her also rubbing on my penis . . oh ya!

“Bobbi so tell my how your feeling with me fucking your pussy. . well massaging your prostate and diddling your clit!” Toni said moaning!

“Miss Toni why did you call my penis my clit?” I asked her.

“Well Bobbi in our Medical Training we are taught to identify body parts by their correct nomenclature . . and since I am rubbing your clit . . well your penis for you . . it doesn’t feel like a penis . . I mean Bobbi really yes its little head is sticking out . . like a clit when it is stimulated . . but like your pussy the rest of it is inside of you . . you understand all of this don’t you . . should I explain more sweetie?” Toni asked as if she was an instructor!

“Well Miss Toni,” I began to speak, “I know my penis is very tiny and yes most of the time it does withdraw completely inside of me . . but now that it feels so good . . you see . . he’s coming out . . right?” All the time I was speaking to Miss Toni continued to fuck my pussy . . I mean my asshole but what I didn’t know was she now had 4 fingers of her right hand pushed into my pussy while she was using her left hand to diddle my clit!

“Oh Miss Toni . . oh . . ah . . yes . . my God . .!” I moaned!

“Good job Bobbi I can see about 1/10th of an ounce of semen coming out of your clit head.” Miss Toni praised me, “But Bobbi that isn’t nearly enough of an orgasm to flex those pubic muscles you needed sweetie . . so . . we’re going to have to increase the stimulation you receive in hopes that this will finally work!”

I felt Miss Toni remove her fingers from my pussy and then she left the room but shortly returned with Rachel!

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