True Story Second Encounter on the Farm

by Paul Griffihs (Bristol)

Following my first week at my new summer job I go to sleep at night dreaming of my next time with Albert. The next week we get together some lunch hours and go back to his caravan I love to lay back on the bed with my head back over the edge of the bed Albert dangles his pendulous thick cock in between my lips I lick it then slowly let his beautiful huge glistening head slip through my lips as it becomes erect in my mouth.

Then he rocks back and forth as I slurp and gobble his beauty until his cock is right down my throat and his gorgeous huge balls caress my face covering it with his huge soft warm sack. Then Albert leans forward and we suck each other of until his massive cum oozes out of my mouth, heaven.

I could not wait until Sunday we have much more time, Sunday came and we sat chatting and dinking cool cider as I peered through his porn mags. I found one mag it was all trannys with huge cocks and breasts dressed in stockings and suspenders, lingerie and things it really turned me on and Albert noticed, he said that has really got you going I just nodded and smile.

Albert asked if I have ever dressed up as with my lean figure and long black hair he thinks I would be attractive. I admitted trying on my mother’s underwear and clothes. he held my face between his hands kissed me and said would I like to do it now.

I said how and he opened his wardrobe and there on one side was women’s clothes some wigs and shoes, then he opened a drawer and put my hand to the soft pile of panties ,stockings and things he said there now you know my secret, I let out a little whimper he said come let me dress you.

He pulled out a pair of very big white silky knickers matching suspenders, bra and a beautiful slip he raised one foot and slipped it into the silky panties and slipped them up my legs and slipped them up over my huge erection then put the suspenders on me.

I sat down as he carefully rolled up the stockings and slipped them over my feet rolling them up my hairless legs, my cock throbbed as the feeling was electric Then he said put out your arms as he put the white bra on me then put some breast forms in them.

Raise your arms he said then slid the gorgeous super soft slip down over my head, god it felt amazing Albert slid his hand up and into the knickers and wanked me a bit, you love it don’t you he said I just nodded with my head back in ecstasy as he put my co ck in his mouth and sucked me a while.

Then he produced a pair of white stilettos luckily the same size for me and slipped them on me. What shall you wear, how about a summer flouncy dress and pulled one out of the wardrobe it was beautiful with a flared skirt tom and bade me step in to it.

Then he took out a fabulous square big silky scarf brushed my curly hair out then put my hair up in a beautiful turban fashion. Now a little make up then he sat me down and applied the eyeliner rouge and lovely red lipstick.

Now twirl so I did he said you look fantastic as I swooned with these new feelings flowing through me as I walked and twirled, never felt so wonderful.

I started to cry with these feelings sweeping through me Albert pulled me to him put his arms around me and said don’t cry my darling just let it happen and he kissed me lovingly it was wonderful I sat him down then pulled his shorts off to let his beautiful huge cock free as it grew in my hands then I sucked it lovingly as he caressed my head. I realized he had opened a new chapter in my life and realized I loved him.

Albert led me to the bed turned me around lifted the dress up and kissed my behind then slid the panties down to my knees and kissed my rosebud putting his tongue in me and sent me into orbit.

O my darling I want to fuck you so bad as I raised my butt high in the air to accept his beautiful cock. He slowly eased that lovely head up me and fucked me lovingly as I thrust back in unison in total abandonment.

We stopped I led him down on the bed took of the dress and facing him took hold of his beautiful cock let it slide back up me. I wanted to see his face as we made love and he wanked me as I impaled myself on his cock until I came internally and our cocks oozed in unison. I could feel his warm juice filling up my inside and did not want it to stop.

We licked and sucked each other clean then fell into each other’s arms and went to sleep. When we awoke we kissed and chatted and Albert said you can do that whenever you like and I will dress up to and that was the start of a truly loving relationship.

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