'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 5

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 05: In Trouble

Reaching home, I looked at the clock and panicked. Mom was due home any minute. Then I looked down, and to my horror I still had Karen’s dress on. Karen and I were both having so much fun I forgot all about being in her dress. I ran to my room and threw the shopping bag on my bed and proceeded to take the dress off.

Reaching behind me for the zipper I tried to pull it down but it was ‘stuck’! Try as I might it wouldn’t come down. I couldn’t get the dress off (or anything else for that matter). In a panic, I sat down on my bed and tried to think of a good story to tell my mom. I almost had a good one when the front door opened and mom called ‘Brian I’m home, where are you’? Oh boy, I was in big trouble now; oh she’s going to ‘kill’ me.

My door opened and, as usual, in walked mom. There I was, sitting humbly on my bed, in Karen’s frilly dress. Mom put her hand to her mouth in horror when she saw me. After her initial shock she regained some composure and started yelling at me ‘What the hell (Mom never swore) is this Brian? My boy in a dress. What are you a gay faggot?

Oh my God! I tried to explain that Karen and I were playing when she said I was ‘cute’. A pretty boy like you should have a dress. Then she said “would you like to try mine on Brian’. I really want to how cute you are in a dress. Giggle, tee-hee (I’m trying to make Karen into the ‘bad guy’). So I agreed to try her dress on, we played awhile, then for some reason she got mad (you never know why a woman is mad with you) and stormed out of the house. Leaving me here with a stuck zipper.

Oh Brian (Mom’s voice softened) I understand now. But I have to ask ‘Do you like the feel of lingerie? The feel of the ‘frilly’ dress? The ‘swish’ of the skirt? Oh son, tell me, I can help. ‘It was nice mom’ I admitted (did I hear mom right she’d help me. My dreams coming true).

Stand up and turn around son and I’ll get the zipper down. Pulling it down she then proceeded to take my dress off. Oh, she exclaimed, what a pretty slip you have son! And I just love your full petticoat (just wait till she see’s I’m wearing her panties and bra).

As predicted, when she removed my petticoat and slip, and saw her lingerie on me she had a fit. And I was feeling sorry for you when you’ve actually been raiding my lingerie drawers. But mom, I stammered, it was just today (I lied; it had been almost 2 years). Mom had already guessed the truth; her son was a ’sissy’. If she ever found ‘Barbara’ it would put ‘the icing on the cake’.

OK sissy come with me to the bathroom (now I was naked and prancing around with my ‘ding dong’ swinging in the breeze). I couldn’t see mom’s face but she had a huge smile on as she drew the bath water. ‘Get in sissy’ she commanded in a stern voice as she added ‘bubble bath’ to the water. I got into the girly tub, with bubbles a foot high, and looked at mom.

Mom was smiling down at me and said ‘That’s my good sissy. Now play nice and I’ll be right back wash your hair.’ But mom, I protested, I’m almost 14 and I know how to wash my own hair. But mom didn’t hear me; she was already out of the room. Oh I just loved the bubble bath and I was in the process of making myself a big set of bubble tits when I heard mom coming. I’m back my lovely’ did you miss your Mommy?

Then she stated ‘Oh you should know that I found your doll last week (Horrified I thought ‘she found ‘Barbara’’ Oh no) and I knew you were up to something sissy. So I bought you some Camay Soap (a girls soap), some Prell Shampoo (another girly product), and a bottle of Scented Baby Powder (so I’d smell pretty). I didn’t say a word but was secretly a happy girl (giggle).

Mom started right in on my hair (pretending not to notice my bubble tits) running her fingers through my curls. ‘Mom that feels so good, don’t stop’ I murmured. Then she rinsed it and proceeded to set it in curlers. Standing by the tub she turned the shower on to rinse off my bubbles (tits). I toweled off and then she put the standard ‘Turban’ on my head.

She then led me to her dressing table where she applied (Cum Fuck me Red) lipstick and red finger nail polish on my fingers and toes. With my hair finally dry mom removed the turban and combed it out to a nice sheen and ‘Boyish’ girl’s style. Oh you look so beautiful Brian, just like a real sissy (what does a real sissy look like I wondered).

Opening her closet door she pulled out a Girl Scout Uniform and handed it to me. Go put it on and take this with you. It was a flowery box, it smelled pretty, and in it was full of lingerie and nylons. I had tears in my eyes when I gave mom a ’thank you’ hug. Notice what your ‘Den’ number is dear…….69.

I could hear mom laughing as I ran to my room to get dressed. I too was laughing as I put on the nylons, garter belt, bra and panties, slip, green ‘A’ line skirt, white blouse and tie, and finally the Girl Scout Merit Badge Sash and Cap. Looking in the mirror there was a pretty girl looking back, oh yes,yes, I am a pretty girl.

I couldn’t wait to bring Karen’s dress back to her wearing my Girl Scout Uniform. Karen will be speechless when I tell her my mother got it for me (giggle). But that’s tomorrow, right now I had to go see mom for my final inspection. So walking like a Prim Little Girl I went to mom’s room, put my arms around her and gave her a big kiss.

Now sissy, she said, what is your female pubic name? Without hesitation I answered ‘I like ‘Patty’. OK, mom said. Patty it is. Patty I’ve decided that summers coming and we need a fashion shopping trip. How about next Saturday then. We’ll go fashion shopping, Patty. Oh yes, yes mom, I’d love to go dress shopping!

I thought I had died and gone to heaven and didn’t know it. I was a happy sissy (Giggle). Thinking about Karen, I had to remember to wear the ‘butterfly’ tomorrow (Giggle). Oh yes my favorite ‘toy’ (Tee-hee, giggle).

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