Encounter in the Park with another Man

by Stephen T (Bristol, Wisconsin)

I was walking to a park I had never seen before and asked a guy that was walking his little dog if I was going the correct way, he asked if I was meeting someone I replied no he said what a shame. I thought a strange answer then he walked with me to the park, he was about 55 and attractive for a man and i sensed a sign of light make up and a little feminine walk.

He said he walked there every day but today was different as a few things had gone wrong. There was a seat half way around and we sat chatting and he said he lived close by in a large apartment looking down I noticed a tell tale bump in his slacks and realized he had stockings and suspenders on.

This did not surprise me as he looked like he could pass for a female if he was suitably attired and made up. I smiled at him intrigued and he said would you like a coffee at my apartment and nodded and we walked half a kilometer to his place.

When he got in the door he bent right over to let his dog of and you could see the waistband of a pair of pink panties and a matching top of a pink suspender belt, I reached out and just pinched it lightly he said d you know my secret and does that bother you I said not and he said would you like to see the whole thing I nodded and he said give me little time so I sat on the couch drinking.

Twenty minutes passed then I heard the sound of heels on the wooden floor as he came into view, wow I said you look beautiful head to toe in a beautiful pink sheer flowing chiffon nightie covering his pink stockings big pink silky sheer grannie panties and bra with large full breast silicone falsies blonde curly wig tied up with a pink chiffon scarf and pink bedroom heeled shoes.

To top it all his cock was making a huge tent in his nightie showing his fabulous huge mushroom headed cock he took my breath away as this was a first for me to be in the company of another male. He asked me if I was shocked I said no but you have awoken something as I had the biggest hardest erection I have ever had.

He paraded and swished around in front of me then sat opposite me on another couch and moved across to him got on my knees we both bent forward and went into a very sensual kiss as I could not help myself and took out his beautiful cock, looked at it smelt it pulled his foreskin up to create a big pool of precum then slowly pulled it back down.

His lovely precum coated his huge mushroom and I swooned as I took this beauty in between my lips and slowly slid it in my mouth, I was whimpering as I was gobbling and slurping his huge cock as I bobbed up and down on it. I have never done it before but loved it.

Then he said get undressed and we moved into his bedroom and a lay back with my head over the edge of the bed and he placed the lovely nightie right over me as I got up under it and he placed his huge cock between my lips again the taste was divine as he pushed it down my throat until his fabulous great balls draped over my nose as we sucked each other’s cocks I thought this is for me I am in ecstasy.

He said my I can’t believe my luck finding such a sensual person like you and this your first time with another man. We kissed some more then he said would you like to fuck me I just nodded and said but what I really wanted was that feeling inside to be fulfilled by feeling his lovely slippery huge cock up me, so he said bend over on the bed which I did so willingly then he rubbed his big slippery cock head around my bud added some gel then very slowly eased the head in.

I cried with emotion as I felt the wonderful sensation as my bud opened and stretched to accommodate his monster cock head, he stopped pushing it in for a minute to let my insides get used to this beauty and asked me if I wanted more I cried oh please I want your beautiful cock right up me and feel your cum fill me up.

Then he started to work in and out and stop every now and then to get used to him then began to pump it in and out until I could feel its whole length filling me up as I came internally and he came and I could feel his lovely warm cum filling my belly, it seemed like loads as it tickled back out of me.

We exchanged places and he put his lovely round butt in the air and I put my cock at his bed and he was lubed and it slid in gently as he began to thrust back on me until our thrusts met as we fucked each other then I turned him over bent his legs back over slid my cock up him again and wanked his cock at the same time.

Never been so satisfied by a sexual encounter in my life and I came in him never cum so much in my life. Then we just collapsed in each other’s arm then kissed for ages slept then started again as I could not wait to suck his beauty again.

We sucked each other in a 69 until we both filled each other’s mouths then kissed and swirled our cum between us then swallowed and licked each other clean. We now have a regular meet every 2 weeks at his place and he said next time he wants to dress me up, can’t wait to see what that will be like.

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