Revenge On Ex-Girlfriend Goes South: A Spiral Down A World Of Hypnosis

by Alan X (San Francisco)

So where to begin?

A couple weeks ago the girl I fell in love with broke up with me by filming herself sucking another man and having her virginity taken away all because I refused to eat her out on command when she asked. Heart broken and depressed, my girlfriend said it was my fault for not being able to please her.

So to get back, I found an older man and let him use my mouth as his personal pussy and let him treat me like an absolute whore so I could film it and send it to her. She got really mad and disgusted but the problem was that I liked it. I enjoyed how mad she got when guys fed me their protein every time I was hungry and feeling vengeful.

I began to really enjoy it. I would tell them "Lets make my ex girlfriend as jealous as we can. I want you to treat me like your absolute bitch when I’m sucking your cock" and enthusiastically they would pound my mouth away.

Then one day one of the guys who had me sucking him off regularly but we hadn’t met for a while messaged me wanting to train me better in sucking cock and had me watch hypno sissy porn as homework on how to look cuter when I sucked his cock. At that time I thought I was still straight so feeling fully satisfied on how I had gotten back at my ex, I decided to try to stop sucking dick but I couldn’t stop going home and watching hypno sissy and fantasizing about his cock.

I kept watching it for over a month trying to fight the urges of sucking cock but I had to eventually give in again. Thats when I had to text him "Ever since you got me into hypno sissy porn, I cannot stop craving cock. I feel like I just need to get it out of my system. I need to suck your cock dry, please". That night we met up and I sucked his cock like if my life depended on it, as if I was hungry for that cum.

After that day I felt ashamed and confused if I was still a straight man or this man’s sissy cocksucker. I started to feel disgusted for being used as a sissy cocksucker since I was straight, it felt revolting and shameful. But every time he showed me his cock or told me he wanted to give me a feeding I would get so irresistibly horny for his cock and cum I would break down into a sissy cocksucking cum eating slut again.

What he began doing was trying to find ways to keep me permanently aroused so I can be a cock hungry starved sissy slut at all times. I knew what he was trying to do. He learned to embarrass me infront of camera by making me beg for his cock and sucking it uncontrollably then cum in my mouth and repeat the same process. Near the end he would have me cum on his cock so my horniness would go away and he would record me shamefully licking my own cum off his cock feeling degraded and back to my original straight self again.

After that I decided this had become enough and I decided to pull the plug and stop sucking his cock. After 3 days of ignoring his messages, he sent me a picture of his dick saying he was Horny and wanted to feed me. He told me he needed me and that his cock needed me. He said “you were born to suck my cock, I need you on your knees where you belong, feeding on my sperm like a good girl".

Thinking about it I couldn't resist the offer of being this man's personal cocksucker, I did want to continue pleasing this man and being his personal whore but I also hated the idea of being a man’s personal cocksucker since I was straight. He messages me again with video of me sucking his cock then him forcing me to cum on his cock and continue sucking on his cock shamefully with my sperm on it. When I saw him degrade me like that in the video my mind went wild. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life, I loved how he humiliated me when my straight side came out.

I began to notice how I was developing two personalities, my straight normal side and my sissy cock and cum addicted side. One thing I couldn’t stop enjoying now was how he would humiliate my straight side, I loved how he took charge like a real man reducing my masculinity to nothing and was forcefully feminizing me. On the one side, deep down I was yelling for help I wanted to date women again and be normal, however, on the other side, I couldn’t stop enjoying it.

He then messaged me one more time telling me to pick now or forever hold my peace. “I need my personal sissy cocksucker right now. Come slut and feed on my sperm and let me make you feel safe between my legs again. Come make love to my cock and put that mouth where it belongs. You don’t need women to feel happy, all you need is my cock in your mouth and my sperm. Come now slut and abandon your life as a straight man to live as my personal cocksucker come now or live forever without my cock from here on out because I will find someone to replace you.” I was fighting every urge to text him, the person I was, was no longer me.

I was mad that this man took advantage of me simply trying to get back at my ex and in the process converted me into his personal sissy cocksucker.

The next day I shocking ran into my ex. Deep down I was praying she could save me from my fate by hoping we can find a way to move past what we had both done to each other she said she was to hurt and damaged by what I did. She said “no I don’t want anything to do with you anymore, I don’t want you anymore, you’re useless as a person”. Still feeling the hurt from the initial break up because I still loved her deep down I couldn't resist anymore, I reached my breaking point. I texted him "guess I am ready to be your sissy cocksucker. Can we meet tomorrow?"

He didn't respond for a couple days so I panically messaged him again hoping he reply. I had just lost the two love of my lives for sure. I was determined on getting one of them back, the one who made me feel the best. I messaged him again "Hi Master, I have been training myself to be a better cocksucker and being your personal sissy. Please respond I want to be your cock sucking bitch and have you face fuck me in the bathroom while your using the toilet. I’ll suck on your cock while eating dinner. I'll lick your balls and swallow your sperm while you watch T.V. I want to be your personal cocksucking cum swallowing pig! Please daddy I’d do anything!! I want you to lubricate your cock by spitting on it so I can taste it. I want you to shame me and humiliate me for sucking you’re cock. Please let me be your personal cocksucking slut I’ll do anything!

After I officially declared my love and dedication to serving him as his personal cocksucker. He recorded himself fucking my mouth saying how useless I was as a man and that the only thing I was good for was sucking the cum out of his cock. He sent my ex multiple videos on how he was taking care of me and putting me to use and that he was very thankful to her for had it not been for her, I would not be on my knees as his personal cocksucker. He knew my ex still had feelings for me and I for her but he enjoyed humiliating her by showing her what he had done to the man she loved and the man she screwed over.

He began brainwashing me to hate her even more and the less I began to love her the more I began to enjoy humiliating her by letting this man send her videos of me feeding on his sperm since had feelings and now felt guilty about what I became.

Since then, she has tried to reach out to me and let me know she is sorry and she loves me but the issue is I am now his personal cocksucker or at least was until I moved to the bay area just recently, we were forced eventually to go our separate ways since we both were moving. Now I am no longer interested in being with women, I am looking for someone a kinky older man preferably who can make me into their personal sissy cocksucker too and continue to hypnotize me.

I am looking to film something sexier and kinker this time. Maybe we can film me sucking your cock then me cumming and continue to suck the sperm off your cock while I shamefully suck your cock and regret every second. Maybe you can send my ex a message and film you degrading me and making fun of how thanks to her she has turned me into your personal sissy cocksucker.

If you’re up for the job message me at alan x 97 at 0uT l00k dot com. No spaces between any of them.

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