The Drugs Made Me Do It

By Anonymous

I never would have submitted to this looking back. The drugs made me do it I told myself later as mom sucked my cock, getting it hard again like so many times before.

Now mom was different. She was used to my hard cock and the pleasure it brought her.

"It's time son, your cock is good and hard."

"Mom, we have to talk, I don't know if we should keep this up."

Shut up bitch and put it where it belongs as she admonishes me calling me pathetic.

I now had the upper hand though, mixing midazolam and xanax in her mashed potatoes. The powerful sedatives incapacitated her and the hypnotics rendered her highly suggestive to my commands.

"Your grandson asked about you mom."

"He's decided he wants in on the incestuous action"

"NOOO! not my baby she slurred.... " Opening her legs I then sucked my son's cock until he was ready to fuck his grandma.

"Fuck your granny son"

"Yes daddy"

He gleefully wanted to impress me by taking his first fuck with his still sexy grandma. I took the time to give my sissy stud son 80 mgs of Cialis and 100 mgs of Adderall.

"Stop it," my mom said in an intoxicated state.

I added some KY jelly to get mom's pussy good and slick.

"Fuck him mommy," I used a vibrator on mom's clitty to get her aroused.

Soon my son made me proud pummeling his grandma with his considerable length. My wife joined in sucking mom's tits and offering suggestions.

"Mom, fuck know you want to, now's the time."

MY son withdrew from his grandma who seemed dismayed. However my son was now fucking my wife his own mom who loved his athletic cock in her wanton cunt.

The amphetamines and the Cialis was working fine as 2 hours went by. My wife who I referred to as "mother" was grunting and grinding against her son's long smooth erection. We all were of course all decked out like sluts, makeup, heels, hose.....

Mom And Her "Special Son"

Mom always said, "If anyone suspects, deny everything." That was the case when dad saw us together. Mom and I were wearing some really nice lingerie and high heels when dad walked in.

Dad also had a hot fetish for pantyhose and high heels and was wearing a silk nitety and high heels too. Dad obviously wanted in on the action.

"Suck your father my son," I took him in my mouth licking the tip. We were engaged in gay sissy incest. We were both acting like little girls, mewling and squealing.

Mom's eye's were wide open and she was turned on like we were. I had fucked Mom many times but this was different. I was a lesbian with a clitty cock for my sissy daddy now. "Her" cock was hard and I wanted it in me.

"Please Mom, tell dad to fuck my sissy pussy!"

"Fuck our baby" Mom told her.....I felt the smooth cock slick with precum enter my needy sissy pussy.

"OHH, yes Daddy."

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