In Love With Both Mother And Sister...Mother Hates It

By Darin.Lee (Springfield,IL..Sangamon City)

Me and my sister were brought up in a tumour and troubled house hold,lots of violence. I know it sounds weird but we were like an adult couple at a very young age. We held each other passionately, we kiss passionately we even had sex but of course we shot blanks. I won't get into that though and I'm going to leave the details of that out of the story.

We did it quite often. Even back then when we were involved in that she would say things like I love you and please don't ever leave me. No problem ever very early age being naked around each other or seeing each other's genitalia. Like I told you in my previous story mother and son and love for 42 years.... I tried to love story...

I started having desires for my mother at about the age of 15 and almost having sex relationship with her in her bed when I was 18 but I never made it with her and instead jumped off in her bed sheets while laying in bed with her. Me and my sister. I remember one time when we were over at her Father which is my Stepmother's house she finally wanted to do it for real cuz we were finally at that age or we do feel the pleasure of orgasms.

She got naked and lay in the bed and I went over to her set on the bed with her and rubbed her vagina for a while and then H&H sip of her sweet sisterly passion nectar. She was so wet that have any liquor vagina insert my fat loving brother cock and her sweet sisterly pussy. All of a sudden the doors from opening and instead by younger brother and one of his friends and we had to stop immediately shaking trembling and very frustrated.

Mom was jealous and I know that now and tried everything to come in between me and my sister. Little did I know at that time that she wanted me to. But I found out soon after and she did very well to try to become the prominent woman in my life over Amy. This went on for a while but I wasn't saying it at the time and I was hot after Mom but I masturbated a lot over each of them.

Even still today all these decades later they both are still the object of my masturbation I decide to rub one out. After the all the attempts and threats to separate us so we can never see each other again because we did Rebelle a little bit started coming on to me stronger.

She would even taking with her when she went out and she would never go home with him in from the bar it was always me and her and her driving home in the car being very flirtatious and wanting me to sit next to her as she drove and I probably should have I probably should have play with your titties stuck my hand up her skirt and down her pants I'm headed that f****** pussy but I didn't because I was only trying to get her to drive straight so that we could possibly get home safe and I could f*** her.

Anyway things started getting ugly but was never said that that is what it was for the thing started getting ugly and even sometimes physical between her and Mom and one day I stepped in and that was it. I was ripped from the home by Mom and all my s*** packed up in a bag probably drove 65 miles from home and dropped off and she made my sister go so that she could see and watch what was happening.

I've been home to visit over the years but that was the end of it right there. No more meme sister going together like we had planned since we were young. Many times I went back home to visit my sister was very very suggestive. One time when I went to visit and she had a newer apartment and I went over to visit her there for the first time and hadn't seen her for quite a while and she had developed into one hot sensual sexpot.

God I wanted her bad.. after a couple drinks and some light conversation she look me in the eyes as she stood in the arm of the chair next to me and nearly in my lap and told me big brother, I'm not a little girl anymore and I'm not a young girl anymore either I'm a grown woman and I love sex I love to f*** and I love to do it all and she started telling me things that she liked and she says well you make yourself comfortable and I'm going to go to the shower and take a bath.

She did and when she came out she was so Central and smelling so good and so hot and I'm certain she wanted to f*** but that was interrupted so we had to squash that that evening. A couple years later I went to a newer apartment that she had moved to and came back home to the area that I am from and visited her.

As we sat in her living room she came and said of me heart of the chair and started showing me pictures of explicit pornography and every time she flip the page you made sure Ashley flip the page that her head would drop right onto my cock and I was so turned on I'm so excited and I should have picked her up and carried her over to the couch and pulled off her panties which I'm sure she wanted inserted my big fat brotherly cock to her and made love to her.....

I would just love to have her sister the juices draining down my shaft not to my balls & I explode inside her she's recently been making contact because it's been a long long long Hiatus and since we've had any contact whether by social media or in person but she hearts and loves my pictures on Facebook and she don't say much else.

I have decided that once I get home though the state that I'm going to ask her out and start taking her on dates and taking her concerts all kinds of fun things taking her out to dinner being the perfect gentleman pulling your chair out making special surprises for her giving her sweet gifts and complimenting her all the time and basically treating her like I would any other girl that I'm trying to woo without going on too strong.

After a while of the heat building within her she will come on because she has before in this time now that I'm older and understand what is going on I will hesitate not I'm picking her up and carrying her over to the bed entire body is like an error in the passion in your voice moaning into my area which sweet Rapture and abandon.

I will write more and keep everyone informed of the progress..... My stories are not fake and I hope the lovers of this kind of taboo subject matter really enjoy the stories as they are very authentic and I will make this happen because I have spent 42 years in this lust and wanting this between the two my mother is getting old and she will be here much longer but I have a pretty hot sister and I'm sure that me and her could work on developing a relationship together and I can see the possible reality of this desire coming to fruition.

Thank you for reading.

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