My Perfect Sister

By Harj (UK)

Yo I’m indian and had a arranged marriage I’m happy with my wife. My sister who is one year older than me (we both in our 40s also had a arranged marriage and was happy.

I live about 100miles from my sister so we don’t see each other every much, for the past ten years or so me and my wife and the kids have been going on holiday with my sister and her husband and their kids.

I never noticed how sexy and beautiful and perfect my sister was until last time we went on holiday to Dubai which was very hot.

I started to notice how sexy my sister was when my sister was wearing only a see through white short dress and if I looked hard at my sister I could see my sisters black gstrings and bra and my sisters body was perfect.

I started to imagine I was making love to my sister instead of my wife, then on the last few days of our holiday everyone was at the swimming pool but not my sister so I said to my sister’s husband give me your hotel keys and I go and get my sister.

As I walked into my sisters hotel room I could hear the shower the bathroom door was open I started to masturbate looking at my sister showering then wiped my sperm on my sisters gstrings which was on the bed.

I hid behind the wall and my sister came out of the shower naked and started putting on her makeup by this time I stripped naked walked up to my sister and my sister was shocked and said what the hell are you doing.

I said I am in love with you and threw my sister on to the bed holding her arms spreading my sisters legs apart and started licking and sucking my sisters clit.

My sister struggling a bit I put my 8” cock inside my sisters Fanny and made love to her every way possible and shot my sperm inside her at least seven times.

After we both got dressed and went to the swimming pool to meet the others and since then my sister hasn’t said anything about it to anyone.

It was the best sex I ever had.

Mom And Me
Rick (USA)

I was in my bedroom and mom was in bathroom across the hall washing off at the sink with the door half opened she knew i was in my room looking.

Standing there in just her big white panties she finally came in my room and said hook my bra for me and she seen my hard cock thru my jeans she turned around and i grabbed her tits from behind.

Being 18 I was already having sex with girls, I forced her down on my bed face first she softly moaned no, Rick but I pulled my jeans down and she just laid there without my hands holding her down.

I pushed her panties to the side and went in her fat hairy pussy, my hard uncut cock pounding away doing her doggy style and slapping her ass a few times as I was about to cum I whispered to her you are my fat pussy slut from now on.

To my surprise she said yes I am your fat pussy slut and anything else you want to call me just put your hot cum deep in me, I cummed hard and this went on for years from the time I was 18 till 29.

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