In Love With Mother For 42 Years....A Tragic Love Story

By Darin.Lee (Springfield,IL..Sangamon City)

Some things I'm going to leave out because of stipulations in the Forum. My mother tried to seduce me one night I'm sure but it all started a couple years before that. I had started getting a little wild and running the streets in my small Hometown and I going to keggers at the County Line and partying my ass off.

I remember it all started when I watched a movie late one night on HBO how about a mother and son who spend each moment alone with her teaching him how to make love to a woman. I found it very interesting and intense and masturbate intensely to it but, of course I was doing a lot of masturbating at that time as a Young Man.

I remember May nights standing at mothers door having deep intimate conversations with her as she lay there and I'm sure I could hear slight little smacking sounds from between her legs Greg I used to come home at night and go to my room and lay in my bed which was right there by the door with the door wide open and lay on top of my bed.

No covers over me strip completely down with my fully erect cock exposed and I could swear on more than one occasion I would hear two or three footsteps right at the edge of my door where she would have had the perfect view at my masturbation and senile and I swear I could hear movement like she was touching herself about me and her making love.

As time went on she used to run around the house and very skimpy t-shirts and never wore any panties and I have many many flashes of her Buxom voluptuous beautiful round ass. She would sit on the couch like that with her beautiful legs exposed and that t-shirt it just barely cover the bottom of her ass you should have been an Asian pepper legs up and then straighten him out and had me sit on the floor next to her while she was on the couch and she would send her legs over onto my knees or my lap wiggle her cute feet and hand me a bottle of lotion and tell me to give her feet a massage.

As I did I can look up her legs right into her beautiful glistening vagina. For some reason when I look back now every time this happened I could see her pussy was very moist. I love saying that like glistening Dew forming all around her incestuous flower. She would come into the bathroom when I was in the shower or in the bathtub and pull her pants off and her panties and sit on the toilet and it sometimes peek around shower curtain at me to speak to me.

Other times when I was on the toilet masturbating and I'm sure she knew when those times were she would bust in on me claiming to have to get dressed or ready and she would put on her undergarments in front of me exposing her beautiful Arch Back and a big part of her beautiful Buxom ass she would have me help her with the Fabrics in the garments, getting them on and off and zipping and clasping stuff for her so I knew her body well and that's how I know she had one of the most gorgeous pussies I have ever seen, even to this day she has most beautiful pussy I have ever gazed upon.

As things escalated one night or actually one day she sent all my brothers and sisters to their father's house who never could stand me because he knew that she loved my father but my father was a run around and was faithful to no woman but she was in love with him and then I was born. Born to fall deeply in love with a woman who gave me life.

Anyway she sent my brothers and sisters to their father's house I swear to God I wish things would have turned out differently that night because I would have said his no-good jealous ass several pictures of my loving and incestuous cock buried deep inside my mother's vagina. I hate him for the way he treated her and the things he done to me. He was very abusive and hateful.

Anyway that evening came it was me and her alone in the house it was a very quiet evening. Mother came to me and told me she wanted me to sleep in her bed with her that night. Something she had never done before but, she was very aware of my bludgeoning sexuality and how I even seduced older women who are babysitters for my siblings. I was always allowed to come in later because I was the oldest and I would f*** the s*** out of the babysitters who were also nearly related to me but what.

She acted jealous of that when she screwed me over it and it wasn't but a week or two later that I ended up in this situation in her bedroom with her. She had me go to bed before her and when she finally did leave the kitchen to go into the washroom to prepare herself for bed she took and unusually very long time and that to me struck a chord. Could this be the night I've been dreaming of, could it really be getting ready to happen, I can only hope.

I love this woman and I wanted to make love to her. After what seemed like a very long time she showed up at the entrance of the bedroom and nothing but a very thin and skimpy t-shirt that just barely covered her ass by about 3 or 4 in. My arousal was so intense as she stood there before me. She crawled into bed with me and turn her back to me and pushed her ass out towards my groin and lay there in a spooning position.

God she looks so good with that shapely ass being accentuated by the shirt that lightly laid over the top of it. I put my arm around her underneath her breasts and spend it here for a while until my cock was so hard it was twitching and I had to pull away from the spooning because I wasn't sure what she wanted and if I was wrong I did not want to be scorned or rejected by her because I was in love with her.

Even though I pulled away I laid my hand on her ass Ultra lightly and slightly rubbed it and then I moved it down and cupped it around her pussy barely touching it to where I can feel her peach fuzz in my hand got moist from the heat radiating from her beautiful vagina. My cock was twitching at this point. I laid there for a while thinking of how I can make my move on her and my cock was beginning to hurt because it was so tight and I gave in and rolled over my back to her back both facing away from each other and I stroked and pumped out the most massive load onto her bed sheets.

When I was finished she asked me what I was doing over there and I told her I was scratching and sheepishly yawning Lee type of voice as if she knew it was too late because I was spent and ask me I wish you would stop. I now know what that statement meant. She didn't want me to be spent because her intentions I believe was to make love to me that night and that's exactly what I wanted and I messed it up. Mom was a goddess. A very beautiful hot sensual woman and I wanted to be her lover and her man.

Even more so than her son I guess. I don't mean like mother teaching me out of f*** once or twice I'm talking about a permanent ongoing relationship as a husband and wife if you must. Mother is older today and is nearly 70 years old has a much bigger ass is still around as ever and Buxom is ever. Either way because she is my mother I was still roll that beautiful ass over on her hands and knees and make love to her wet soaking orgasmic pussy until I release and fill it full of my incestuous cash it for her.

Some people say incest can harm a couple's relationship as relatives but I believe not doing it after being given the hopes of it. I know now that my mother has been in love with me for every bit as long as I have been in love with her and I know that but any feedback on this would be good and I would greatly appreciated. Ladies who have made me experience this, can I ask you a question? Was my mother trying to have a relationship and start a relationship with me. One that is very intimate and very sensual has two lovers an unofficial husband and wife. I wish I would have taken her away when I was younger man and went to another country. I would have married her maid love her every night and father children with her and start a family.

Ladies was my mom trying to start an ongoing relationship with me? Also do you think is possible also do you think it's possible even now that she's 69 that there could possibly be a sexual relationship between me and her? I would love to make her golden years as fruitful and happy as possible with my thick fat and loving incestuous cock thank you for any input I cherish all of you. There is nothing wrong with any of us with these desires. We are just like everyone else. You cannot help who you fall in love with oh, there is no manual for that..... I don't know about the rest of these stories on here or how this works and I haven't mentioned no names but this is a very true story and I have spent my life and wanton lust love and passion for this woman.

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