In Love With My Cousin

By Kyle (Ohio)

My cousin and I were always close since we were kids, I’m 2 years older than her.

When we had family events we just hung out together and not with the other cousins, we’d play house, ride bikes and go swimming.

As we got older the playing kids games stopped but we still would always hang out just us.

We would still go swimming and that’s when we started to be attracted to each other, but she didn’t know I was with her and I the same.

But every time we would say our goodbyes we hug and kiss each other on the check but we came close to kissing on the mouth.

I would always get giddy when I was around her and little did I know so did she. Things started to change when I got married, she became distant. I asked why and she would say I was crazy.

Well my marriage started to fall apart my wife was cheating and using drugs. But my cousin was there for me.

She invited me to go to the bar with her and her friend, we drank then she told me why she was distant, said she hated my wife because she came between us.

Well it was time to say good night I gave her a hug then she kissed me on my mouth and put her tongue in too. I did the same and left it at that.

My “wife” was at work the next morning my cousin stopped by to talk about last night asked if it bothered me I told her no because I’ve been attracted to her since we were teenagers.

We started kissing again she reached in my shorts and started to Jack me off I kissed her neck started to finger her.

She dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock, didn’t take me long to cum right in her mouth and she swallowed all of it and it was a lot years of wanting this and it finally happened.

I had her lay on the couch and I licked and sucked her pussy like a mad man she came but I didn’t stop I kept going on licking till she came 3 times. We kissed goodbye because my wife was on her way home. More stories later.

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