Played Out

by Janae

I had married into money. My wife was beautiful and we lived in a large house in the country. I had never met her parents and they were against our marriage. I also rarely was allowed to mingle with her friends. I guess it was because I was skinny and kind of geeky. That is what made are marriage so weird.

Now almost 2 years together she had grown tired of me. She had divorce papers drawn up and was ending our relationship. With no money or job she agreed to let me stay at home until I could find a place to go. Then out of the blue her father called and was coming to check on her. She told me he would beat me to a pulp if he caught me there.

As I begged her for help she smiled and told me she had a plan. The previous Halloween she had bought me a maids uniform but we did not follow through with the idea. She told me if I wanted to stay I would have to become her maid. Since her father had never met me it would be easy to pull off she said. After refusing several times she told me to leave.

Seeing I had no choice I agreed to become her maid. I had no facial hair and fine hair over my body. She completely shaved me. Even giving me a little triangle muff around my small penis. Then she had a friend come over. My shoulder length hair was permed and curled into a nice feminine style. My eyebrows were plucked and my toenails and fingernails were painted a glowing pink. C cup falsies were glued to my chest and I was fitted with a boned corset that reduced my waist to 28".

I was put in a Spanx shapeware girdle which forced my penis and testicles up inside me giving me a flat crotch. A playtex 18 hour bra held my new breast in place. The maid uniform was traditional. Just above the knee black dress with fluffy 3/4 sleeves. An apron that tied with a big bow on the back. I wore taupe control top pantyhose and 2" black open toe pumps that exposed my pink toenails.

A lacey maids cap topped off my uniform. I felt so humiliated as both women laughed at what they had done to me. I really did look like a rich womans lady maid. To add to my humiliation my wife made me let her video me. She made me tell her that I had always wanted to be a woman. Also that I was never happy being her husband and had dreamed of serving her as a maid. She told me this was insurance in case I was thinking of backing out.

I had almost a week before her father was to show up. This gave my wife and me time to adjust to our new lives. My name could no longer be John so she began calling me Anita. Her story was I had been hired from a maids service. She had me cleaning and serving her 24 hours a day. I had to perfect my make up and uniform to pass her inspections.

I had to modify my voice and tried speaking with a higher pitch. My wife said it sounded weak but cute. So the day came when a knock on the door had me standing face to face with my wife's father dressed as an obedient maid. He was a large man with a rough but business like attitude. I let him in and my wife hugged and kissed him.

Looking at me she said, take my father's luggage to the guest room Anita. I curtseyed and replied yes madam. I heard her father say he was glad to see she had finally gotten a maid as I walked off. For the next several days I served them hand and foot. I was passing myself off as the maid. Her father was not giving me a second look.

After 2 weeks was the final blow. I was told my wife was moving back to her parents in New York. She had talked her father into bringing me with her. Her parents had a mansion and I would be added to the current staff. I rejected this but she reminded me of the videos she had. I had already signed the divorce papers and our marriage became officially over.

We moved to her parents and I was turned over to the head mistress. My ex wife had told her who I really was and that she did not want her parents to know. The head mistress thought that my predicament was creative and I deserved it. I now had a more feminine style maid uniform that showed more leg. I also now wore 3" pumps all day. I eventually fell in to my routine of serving and cleaning.

My ex wife would rarely even look at me and I just became one of the maids. I did have my own room as I mostly served my ex wife on her end of the mansion. She introduced me to the gardner knowing what that would start. He began calling on me in my quarters at night. He was a muscular Mexican American.

Unable to deter him he began spending time with me. It did not take long for him to start romancing me. I tried to resist but he was so strong. He would hold me tight and kiss me so passionately. His tongue invading and caressing my mouth. We would make out like this while watching tv in my room. There I was being held with my head on the shoulders of a man. I had no idea my ex wife had told him my true identity and he was fine with it.

Over time I found out. Our make out sessions evolved into intimate love making. I routinely found myself in between his legs with his erect penis pumping my face. I can now take his entire shaft in my mouth while he rewards me with his delicious cum. He also like fucking my cute little ass.

I find it tough to walk some mornings as he really gives me a pounding. So this is my life. Trapped as a submissive maid with no chance of escape. Sealed in a relationship as the weak girlfriend. My ex wife has even given him permission to take me out on dates. What happens if I fall in love with him? Oh well, at least I have a job.

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