Late Night Surprise

by Francesca Vera (Forney, TX)

My wife is out of town for this week. This morning I had nothing on my calendar. So last night I went and shower around 9pm, used my wife's electric razor to shave my body smooth. I then used her body cream giving myself a nice smooth feel all over.

I went to her closet and pulled out a cute black short dress with the skater cut. I pulled from her lingerie drawer her matching black lace bra and panty, her thigh high off black stockings and her 5" high heels are a little tight but doable.

Then I went to my closet and brought down my shoulder length blond wig. I sat at my wife's make-up vanity and did myself up. By 10 i was ready for anything that came my way, and I wanted a nice cock to cum my way. So picked out a black clutch purse and out I went.

I headed to Cedar Springs in Dallas this is the Gay area of the city. I hit a couple of clubs but nothing was happening in my favor. I danced with a few guys, had my ass pinched a few times. I did mange to have a few drinks around 1am I decided to call it a night.

I drove home and parked out front and walked around to the side door. the heels were making that wonderful clicking sound of hitting concrete. As I was about to make the turn to the door i hear a voice say you look very sexy tonight. It scared me to death I couldn't see who said that.

Then i see in the darkness a body emerging from the yard next door it next door neighbor's son who was back from college for the summer. This kid is now 19, 6'1, well built. he walked up and placed his hand on my ass, nice is all he said. he lifted my dress and cares my panties.

Then he said I bet your good, he took hold of my left hand and placed it on his crotch, and it had a hard dick pushing to get out. he pulled me and kissed me hard on my lips, my hand was now squeezing his dick. we broke the kiss and I lead him to the backyard and showed him the lounge chair.

I pointed for him to sit down and lay back, which he did, I then sat next to him and undid his jeans. When i pulled them apart and exposed his boxer his dick popped out. It had a nice head on it, I pulled it free and it was 7" cut. before I could say a word he grabbed my arm and lowered me down for me to suck him which I did.

I knew i wanted him to fuck me with that hard cock. I sucked him for all i was worth but he didn't cum, I got up and walked over to the other lounge and got on all fours with my ass pointing to the end. he got the idea and got up and walked bounce over to me he lifted the dress and yanked the pantie down.

He spread my cheeks and shoved his dick in between my cheeks. He hit the mark and shoved hared going into me. It was bit dry but it a few pushes for my body lube to ease it up. He placed his hands on my hips and proceeded to hump me deep and hard. I lowered my head into the cushion and that felt so much better.

I could feel his sack slapping my sack, then he digged his nails into my skin, it hurt but I wanted to feel his cum shooting into me. Then i felt his head swell up and followed by his cum blowing into me. He stopped moving and just stood there as his balls empties their load in me. He stayed there until he started to go soft and slipped out of me.

I called him over to face me and i opened wide and sucked him, he couldn't stand the sensitivity of it but I didn't stop, he got hard in my mouth and I kept it up, then he said yes oh yes and let me have his second load into my mouth.

I was in heaven, i sat up and was pulling my dress down and waiting to be told how good i was, when he fixed himself up and said dam you good, I thought your wife was good you are 10 times better then she is.

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